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  1. Well I am sure we all had a great day today at CR but one little chap had an amazing day and walked onto the pitch holding Andrew Surman''s hand. They looked after son and wifey great today and I am not sure which one enjoyed it most. The players were charming, very friendly, chatted with her and son openly according to the boss. Top marks Norwich City FC for a day that will be remembered for a very long time indeed...... The game..........I have never seen us play as I have seen today. We were total class and made on of Europe''s ''top'' teams look extremely ordinary. OTBC
  2. ........No not Wes...... Little son will be one of the Mascots tomorrow and to say he is a tad excited is an understatement. How the hell is going to sleep tonight god only knows. Funny thing is wifey decided she was going to accompany him and I didnt even get a say.....just because she has the hots for PL. So thats me on my own tomorrow, well other two tickets were soon bagged. Lets hope for a big upset..
  3. I have thought since season start that a point a game would keep us safe and and I stand by this. Last season at this stage bottom three all had 20+ points. Three wins and we are safe......IMO
  4. I was going to start something similar last night, but from ''there may have been issues earlier in the season but they look like they are well buried now''. Holt continued his run and turned to the fans.. Morry ran straight to him after the ball hit the net, big hugs...... Looked great to me.. Enjoy and good to see in the main we all seem to agree with this.
  5. I think we all would have taken where we are at 2.1.12 on day one of-the season. But one game at a time. There is a fair gap ahead of us but a very small one underneath. For me, I watched a live fed and think we were a lot better today over news years eve with a huge improvement with the movement off the ball. Whits looked good although made some worryingly moves forward with the ball, KoS2 is looking good also. The table says one thing though.... Being the 6th highest scorerers we can hit the net and goals are important but we must do something about keeping them out. Enjoying this season immensely OTBC and HNY
  6. There should not be a dry eye in the house after reading that....!!!!!!!! Thank for an excellent post and a I wholeheartedly agree. You can not do anything but lov the big man. Excellent and Ta
  7. During the match against Villa I looked at the up and coming games and thought we would do well to clock up anything else this year............ How wrong. QPR I thought the way we lined up it was our most least convincing match this season and we hit the result. Saturday proved if we play our way against the tier two prem teams we are just as good and very much better on Saturdays performance. I think we will take all six but as I posted recently Fox=Winning. It was great that so many share the same view and if we continue to play like Saturday.....anything is possible.
  8. Naive I guess to expect anything from him tonight, except excuses. Al was very positive and complimentary which was nice to hear. One day my fellow yellows we will get some REAL good recognition. NB...... I will not use = in any more threads. Ta
  9. This is the first thread I have started and there is general agreement.. Is this place becoming a tad friendly at long last. ..? Good points and agree with comment that we do play better with Foxy playing out of defence. I think I may hang around once again........it''s nice to be back Ta
  10. It was great to see us line up as we have of old and IMO David Fox is the key to our success today and in the future. He absolutely worked his socks off today and always offers himself as an option and outlet playing out of defence. He should have been MoM today. Keep it up Foxy
  11. Last home game Mori and Holty were having a right go at each other and then Wes got involved. The one thing we do have is a TEAM unlike a lot of the other tier two Prem teams who have the odd 2-3 big money has beens and some part players.
  12. Great result yesterday and atmosphere superb even in the J. I just felt at times we were making unforced errors and not as comfortable at times as we have. Having said this we have had the two week break and the season for me starts proper from yesterday. Our formation is very defensive and it would be nice to see the return of the attacking diamond at home to the lower teams to kill the game off as we could of earlier against Sunderland. All in all great start and a point a game is being achieved at this stage. Enjoying it lots
  13. All those heading up to the game, have a safe trip and really looking forward to hearing you on the TV. The journey up to this one will be electric I bet, as will the stop offs on route. Show the Manc''s what real support is and plenty of '' you stole our colours''........ Enjoy and keep us posted.
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