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  1. ''The Norwich Way'' is a slick possession based passing game which is attractive to the eye, a la Swansea or Southampton. This is being taught and emphasised across the Norwich academy and hopefully integrated into the first team as well. It is not so much an evaluation of how Norwich have played in the past, moreso how we wish the club as a whole to play across all age ranges up to first team. I''m surprised to read some posters believe that the first team manager will be told how to play, ''The Norwich Way'', as each manager has their own style. I would more imagine the board would choose a manager comfortable in playing this style or experienced in playing in this modern style.
  2. If it was such a good squad like people suggest, then why did AVB (who assembled the squad) get sacked and have a worse record than Sherwood this season? I do not understand why people would not be interested in him. I do however understand that he has not managed a team through an off-season, bought players in the transfer window or has much experience in management.
  3. They use both sites equally I believe. Away teams are often at Dunston, I saw the Man utd team bus there this season on the morning of our home match against them. I also know some of the loanees have stayed at Sprowston Manor this season during their spell at the club.
  4. Congratulations to Paige and the Knight family. She is definitely going to be one of the top female wrestlers in the next 10 years, in an area of WWE which needs some new development, Paige will certainly bring this from what I''ve seen. It''s great to see Norwich represented and with Magnus as TNA Champion too, great times long may they continue! People who don''t watch wrestling but express their opinion on it usually just don''t ''get it''.
  5. Glad the board are remaining calm in this situation. We aren''t in crisis mode ala Sunderland and Palace, however we are falling below targets so far. Remember how excited we were after the opening day draw against Everton, I hope for more of the same (but 3 points rather than 1)!!!
  6. Ironically Hughton seemed to get the best out of Newcastle when they were playing away!
  7. [quote user="ron obvious"]Lady on last Canary Call said he''d arrived at the pub where she was watching the ManC game, after the first goal had gone in. He was hobbling & wearing colours ( & cap). Was as gutted as all the other fans as the goals went in. Seemed a really nice guy & desperate to get back. Still, perhaps she was lying.[/quote] She wasn''t, a workmates of mine also saw him in there and had a pic taken with him too. I met Ricky two Wednesdays ago (work related) and at the time he thought he would be ready for the Newcastle game. Do people really think something suspicious is going on here? He was really keen to get going and playing again, clearly the management want him fully fit before he makes his return or it could make things worse. We did chat about playing home and away and Ricky said in Holland there really isn''t a difference so it doesn''t bother him, but he guesses it may affect other players a little. He doesn''t see a difference in the tactics between our home and away matches. He came across as a confident player but not arrogant, a good mix I think for a striker.
  8. He is suspended for Carling Cup so will be fit and ready next Saturday...look forward to it!
  9. I thought we played much better yesterday than we did against Blackburn, Villa and Arsenal. We defended better and won battles on the pitch. QPR never really threatened our goal - Ruddy made 2 notable blocks and one goal conceded. Pretty comfortable in my opinion.
  10. Damn, so did I! Which ex-Norwich player is England''s most capped youth international?
  11. QPR have wingers. Wright-Phillips will be hugging the touchline like a new teddy bear. Let''s play a 4-4-1-1, a la Bolton, Sunderland, Man Utd, Swansea. Same players as then, too. Their main threat comes from Wright-Phillips, so make him track back by playing a winger ourselves and an overlapping full-back, as we do. Also Taarabt, who I believe may be injured(?) and Faurlin.
  12. It was a Liverpool fan and although he deleted the tweets, you can still access his twitter page so they have his name and picture!
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