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  1. Yes Gerry Harrison is still alive! The poor man could not win in his Match of the Week days. Norwich supporters thought he favoured Ipswich and Ipswich supporters thought he favoured Norwich!
  2. Sheffield United - because I always enjoy the Christmas games at Carrow Road. Portsmouth will also be interesting.
  3. Controversial?!!!!!!! Ye Gods - talk about self-delusion!!
  4. I sit in the Lower Barclay so I must have passed through her turnstile a few times. Really sad news - the death of a young mother is always tragic. My thoughts are with her family.
  5. I think this thread sums up the attitude of a lot of people - totally disillusioned with the England team after the worst World Cup performances since 1950.However I could never turn my back on England, and last night''s performance WAS a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.....
  6. They put it in front of the Barclay for the friendly with Everton. Everybody was puzzled about it. It must have been because of that bloke who ran on the pitch during the Newcastle game.
  7. And Newcastle''s crowd was well below capacity too despite it being their first game back in the Premier League. It looks like fans are finally turning their backs on greedy clubs who think they can charge them the earth and they will continue to turn up docilely like sheep.
  8. Also I think there is a general disillusionment with football after England''s absymal performance in the World Cup.
  9. £31 might be just about an acceptable price if you are young and single but if you are a parent who wants to bring their kids to the game then you can see the problem. Personally I believe that the price of watching football in this country in general is quite ridiculous. When I started going in 1970 watching football and going to the cinema cost pretty much the same. Look at the difference now.
  10. At least the cabs in New York are the right colour!
  11. He played against City at Carrow Road only last January. Really sad news and it puts football firmly into perspective.
  12. Am at the game and the scoreline is definitely rather harsh on City. They have looked really dangerous going forward and with a bit of luck could have had a couple of goals themselves.
  13. It''s a good idea but sadly it is unlikely that Man U or Chelsea would want to take part. In the early seventies we had the Watney Cup, which consisted of the two highest scoring teams from each of the two divisions in the previous season (although teams that qualified for Europe were excluded). It was played in the week or two before the season started and was very popular with fans - matches were even shown on Match of the Day. I remember Halifax beating Manchester United one year! (and this was the full Man U side with Best, Charlton et al).
  14. Saw the film on television on Sunday night. Did anyone notice that one of the archive clips in the film was of a game at Carrow Road in the 1960s? I recognised the old Barclay Stand with its Watney''s advert instantly! (I''m wondering if the match was Norwich v Derby in April 1969 - the Rams won 4-1 and City manager Lol Morgan was sacked afterwards) As for the film itself, it''s entertaining but definitely not to be taken seriously! And it would have been nice if they''d made some effort to get the hairstyles right - contrary to popular opinion amongst the younger generation, the scarecrow look wasn''t common amongst footballers in the late 60s and early 70s! Oh, and Johnny Giles was about 5 foot 5 - not the six footer he was portrayed as in the film!
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