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  1. Willmeister

    Sky Sports Lunchtime Kick-off

    The standard of League 1 football is awful. Can’t remember it being that bad when we were there.
  2. Willmeister

    Stadium Expansion Latest.

    I’m pretty sure I read that we can’t put anything in front of the hotel as that is the only place that emergency vehicles can access the pitch.
  3. Willmeister

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    Boothroyd just said on BT that he rolled his ankle. Hopefully that means no ankle ligament damage.
  4. Willmeister

    Godfrey u21 captain?

    This is a ****ing disaster.
  5. My main worry is the lack of plan b. We were too easy to beat today. West Ham, stuck 8 behind the ball and then countered us. We had no answer to it and were slow and pedestrian all game. Hopefully just a blip today, but we have to use the ball much better going forward.
  6. Willmeister

    Travel last night to Crawley

    I came from Camberwell 30 miles away. Left at 5:10 got there just as kick off started. That bloody roundabout off the M23 took me nearly an hour to get through.
  7. Willmeister

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    It hasn’t been the Carling Cup since 2011-12 season. 2012-13 to 2015-16 it was the Capital One Cup. 2016-17 it had no sponsorship and was just the EFL Cup (as it is now officially known, rather than the League Cup). 2017-18 to present it is the Caraboa Cup.
  8. Willmeister

    West Ham tickets

    I got in at 9:37. All gone at that time.
  9. 7th May 1994, I was 6. Norwich 1-1 Oldham. Rob Ullathorne with the equaliser. It was the last game of the 93/94 season. Things went down hill quite quickly after that.
  10. I don’t know how people will be selling them as only Premier Members will have bought them and your ticket is on your card.
  11. Willmeister

    Pre-season friendlies

  12. Willmeister

    Adam Webster

    The inevitable has finally happened. The binners are now actually being paid to go and watch their sorry excuse of a team. https://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/460941/paid-role-for-ipswich-home-games(1st-team-u23)/#9 Perhaps if Webster does go, then the scum might actually do this themselves with the money they’ll make. They can the try and get a tiny bit of atmosphere and save the embarrassment of having attendances under 13,000.
  13. Willmeister

    Jordan’s coming home!

    Is overhearing something in a pub, going to replace that they were spotted in ASDA?
  14. Willmeister

    Nelson Oliveira

    Totally agree Hogesar. I don’t know if anyone has been reading the brilliant articles by Cory Varney (https://iwritethings23.wordpress.com/category/football-writing/the-story-of-series/), but one thing struck me when looking at some of the 17/18 highlights on these articles was how many relatively easy chances NO missed. Coupled with this, we also had one of the worst chance conversation rates that season. As Hogesar said apart from the second half of 16/17 he’s not really delivered for us. I think there is a great player in there, it just doesn’t come out anywhere near enough.
  15. Willmeister

    Playoff Watch - All Leagues

    Both teams seem to have decided not to bother with a midfield.