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  1. Agree, always found him to be fair and not afraid to make the big calls.
  2. God I hope their fans start fighting their players on national tv!
  3. Fans trying to attack their own players now. They really are the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Absolutely mad. Just take a quick look on that grief hole TWTD and they think that Lampard would see them as sleeping giants, that they’re richer than us and could offer him more money (even though we never offered him anything). This coming from the fact that we sold Buendia for more than their entire grotty little club. I know we all have tinted spectacles when it comes to our team, but my god some of them need psychiatric help.
  5. I really hope it is Knutsen. He ticks all the boxes for me and feels very much like a Webber appointment. I also agree about Farke seemed flat yesterday. Barely celebrated the goals and the ole’s at the end didn’t feel quite the same as they have in the past. I'm still really sad Daniel has left. He was a terrific bloke and our philosophy of hiring no ****** has to extend to the next manager. He was incredibly loyal when others might not have been. As fans we have to remember that loyalty is a two way street. Thanks for everything, Daniel. I wish you nothing but the very best.
  6. That pension fund is not going to write off any debt unlike Evans. This is all their eggs in one basket. If it fails, more than likely that grotty club will cease to exist.
  7. I’m really digging Billy Strings at the moment
  8. Reading are in dire financial straits. Anybody who is worth anything will be sold off in the summer. I hope that they might not play the likes of Joao, Olise (who will probably be too much for us, but would love for us to go in for him), Meite and Swift as they will probably need to sell all these players to stay afloat and the risk could be too big if they got injured.
  9. The farmhands are a really special breed. Over the last three seasons it’s been the following people’s fault in chronological order: Hurst Evans Lambert Evans Players According to them when Lambert was in charge they had the best players in the league and should be walking this division. Don’t forget that first season they were going to get 100 points and 100 goals. Now not one of them is good enough and everything is going to be fab when they have to sign at least 15 players in the summer. What’s even funnier Lambert was averaging 1.5 points per game over his last 10 games. Cook has only averaged 1 point per game in his first 10 games. If they had of kept Lambert they’d be joint 6th! Spare a thought for poor old captain fist bump finally looking for a job come July.
  10. Oldham at home, last game of the 93/94 season. 1-1 with Rob Ullathorne getting the equaliser. It was in the old South Stand and I was 6. I have vague recollections of the goal going in, but that’s about it.
  11. I’m pretty sure we were linked with Bielsa when Lambert left, before we appointed Hughton. With hindsight I know who I’d rather we had appointed.
  12. Pritchard leaving was the best thing that ever happened to us. We signed Emi on the back of him leaving and now have a £40m-£50m player on our hands.
  13. I have a Swansea supporting mate, who I’ve been winding up about how lucky they are, but I don’t think I’d want to get promoted if I was them. According to xG they are a mid table Championship side.
  14. I think 10 of them are on the pitch. They must have all won a competition to play because they don’t look like professional footballers.
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