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  1. He didn’t sign Lafferty. Neil Adams did in the summer of 2014.
  2. This is just a pre-match show. Won’t show the actual game I’m afraid
  3. Krul Zimbo Klose Godfrey Aarons Lewis Tettey Vrancic Cantwell Emi Pukki
  4. I’m the same. That money went out a long time ago. I’ve not budgeted for getting that money back. I appreciate that everyone is in different financial states, but I would waive any refund offered to me by the club.
  5. And to think that that was their ‘best’ derby of the decade. Absolutely laughable.
  6. The binners now also can’t beat our points total from 09/10 either. They are comedy gold. TWTD should be subscription based for all the entertainment it brings.
  7. If a bigger club wanted our players then they will leave even if we had of comfortably stayed up. I imagine that Sheffield United will have a lot of suitors for their players and if they survive comfortably as it looks like they will there won’t be much they can do. All our players are on long term deals. We hold the cards. I think we all know that most of this playing squad will not be here for the remainder of their careers, as like Maddison they will eventually outgrow us. That is the same for pretty much every club bar maybe 3 or 4.
  8. This thread is ridiculous except for a couple of sane voices. At the beginning of the season I was confident that this team had enough about them to survive and comfortably and actually thought we didn’t need to spend loads and that the strategy we were implementing was the correct one. I know that now looks unlikely, but I think a lot of that is down to misfortune with injuries and not getting results the performances deserves. I still think the strategy was correct. Nearly every player signed a new deal, which would have given them bigger wages and I imagine hefty one off signing on fees. SW has alluded to this. We also went out and bought some very exciting youngsters. Adshead was being chased by every club in the top 6 and Fitzpatrick is considered to be an outstanding talent. We have also tied down Famewo and Idah, both of whom I imagine will be playing a big part within the next 12 months. I think we would have spent £10m odd if the right players were available, but there’s no point just spending it for the sake of it. That’s how we got stuck with Naismith. We were also rumoured to have had a £15m bid accepted on deadline day for the French winger whose name escapes me, but he turned us down. The club have been open about the strategy and after last season SW and DF have my complete trust. They should have yours as well. This isn’t a short term project, it’s a long term project and even if it doesn’t work, we'll all still be Norwich fans, because if we wanted to watch a team win every week we would have gone and supported Man City or Liverpool by now. OTBC.
  9. My favourite thread on there is their highlights of the decade. Best they can muster is going top on Boxing Day then pissing it away and two equalisers against us in the playoffs. Could you imagine the best part of a decade was briefly equalising and then losing to your closest rivals in the playoffs?
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/global/ng-interactive/2019/dec/17/the-100-best-male-footballers-in-the-world-2019 100-71 revealed so far. Our very own Teemu in at 84.
  11. The standard of League 1 football is awful. Can’t remember it being that bad when we were there.
  12. I’m pretty sure I read that we can’t put anything in front of the hotel as that is the only place that emergency vehicles can access the pitch.
  13. Boothroyd just said on BT that he rolled his ankle. Hopefully that means no ankle ligament damage.
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