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  1. Not back on here to gloat. Thanks Bethnal Glad someone sees that we were not cheats. Also to the poster who says we have been playing with an ineligible player all season, well he was never ineligible. We are guilty of saying (but only saying) that we paid one amount for Faurlin when we paid another (actually said the deal was worth £3.5mil not that we paid that for it) If that''s a crime, well. Anyway I think the FA totally f''ckd up on this timing wise and maybe not everyone would agree but came to the right decision as we were never really guilty of anything (hence disproved). Definately right for the players and fans anyway. We or the players do not deserve to be punished for the backroom staff (imo Gianni should go, and asap). Hope you all enjoyed your day (as did we) and see you next year. Some good games ahead. Also hope Forest get promoted from the play offs as a Welsh team in the EPL, no way (well not until they start using English FA rules rather than go crying to FAW every time something goes against them). Over and out.
  2. [quote user="211203"]I''m loving this thread ! Textbook example of how not to Troll.   QPR would have been ecstatic to get 2nd place in the Championship when they came up from League 1 a few years back - or any year since 1996 for that matter.  But until this year they''ve been more involved at the bottom end of the Champ than the top.  They''ve been owned by some of the richest men in the world for a few years now, and have finally struggled to win the Championship.  And it could yet be taken away from them for cheating.  Guess they need to do the ceremony tomorrow as they might not get the chance later !   I think if I were a QPR fan, and they do actually go up to the Prem, I''d be more worried about how weak the team has looked recently and how much they''re reliant on one, erratic, player.  Not crowing about how they''re going to take 6 points off City when they got just 1 this season.   I''m proud of coming 2nd in the Championship in our first season back up.  I don''t really care what QPR fans think about it.  If we end up champions because QPR get docked points it''ll be nice but no big deal.  Our achievement is fantastic anyway. [/quote]Bit harsh, Norwich have done really well getting promotion 2 seasons on the trot and that i would be proud of whoever i supported, 1st or 2nd place.We haven''t had it easy as some think due to our over the top owners with big egos, changing our badge, mascot and many other things at the club (to their liking not always to the fans), bringing in new managers practically on a monthly basis when they don''t even get a say in picking the team. The 1st time a manager has been given control is with Warnock and love him or hate him (i definately wasn''t one of his fans before he came to us, but you know how it is). he has transformed this club in the last 14 months agreeing only to join us if he could be in complete charge of the playing staff.Re our attendances i admit in some cases they could have been better but you were a team who had just been promoted the previous season so had fans who were still elated, hence being able to sell season tickets easier.You are also a club which has no competition for fans being the only club in the area unlike us who have Premiership clubs Chelsea and Fulham in close proximity also Arsenal and Spurs just across London (3 of the top 6), try convincing kids who to support.Our ground at the moment only holds 19.000 so 16k - 18k attendances are not far from full houses and you know how some fans are (fairweather) we could have sold out the last 5 or 6 games 2 or 3 times over, it was only on stupidity that they gave the whole away end to clubs who couldn''t even fill halve of it that made our attendances so low.Anyway this is not an argument i just wanted to try and explain a little about the misconceptions people have with regards to our club.Hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow, we will try but it will be difficult with this hanging over us. We the fans do not deserve it, we hope they give Gianni a lifetime ban as if it was not for his stupidity none of this would have happened and as for the timing by the FA well thats another story.Hopefully see you next your for 2 good games, our owners say they will spend but who knows could be just boosting their egos again.
  3. [quote user="blahblahblah"]"what is it exactly you are going to parade?"The best team in the league !  Got to be better than the chunk of metal and a group of 30 year old mercenaries you''ll be watching down at that run-down piece of steel you''ll be sitting in.[/quote]I think you''ll find that''s the 2nd best team in the league, hence when your lot and our lot finished.Oh and those 30 year old mercenaries couldn''t have been that bad after all they managed to finish above you and everyone else, actually i think they even won the championship this year.But seriously have a good parade it will be good with or without the trophy (and i''m not being sarchastic).At least you''re getting one i think our council have asked too much for the cleaning bill, different story when it''s chelscum eh.
  4. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"][quote user="The 12th Devine"]Laugh out loud at second place? Err, yes, quite a lot this week as it''s the best joke I''ve ever heard for Norwich coming from where we were 20 months ago. Quite genuinely, I don''t even want the title by default, it''s got utterly no value for me as the simple fact of promotion after the plight this club found itself in is bloody phenomenal. QPR have been the best side overall, and why not, they''ve been gradually outspending most clubs in the division for three or four years now. There may have been no one massive spending splurge but they''ve been better off than the rest of us for a while now. For them promotion was more part of the plan, for us a miracle. So yes QPR have broken the rules and like Palace, Luton, Southampton etc, they will have to face the consequences, but for me I''d rather none of this had ever happened and we could just enjoy promotion without City fans getting greedy and wanting a title we haven''t earned or QPR fans coming on our board to have a pop when the only thing our club has done is defy all expectations.[/quote]   Very, very well said.   I would have been happier (if that is possible right now) if the whole QPR thing had never happened. The fact we are promoted means everything and I think become default champions might actually reduce the good feeling as everyone would just keep saying "you''re only Champions because of the points deduction" and over look the fact we were 2nd anyway and still going up. All you would hear next year is "Delia''s default champions Norwich" and no one wants that - not that I have an issue with Delia (Gawd bless her) but the tired cliches do annoy me.   If the case had of been QPR were doping all their players, or they were all cyborgs then I would have been more angry. But it is just a case of using an agent who despite being FIFA registered wasn''t FA registered, I don''t see how that gave QPR an added advantage. they didn''t gain any points by cheating; they are just shit at paper work.   As a caveat I will say if we were 3rd I would be baying for blood, as I would if I had a bet riding on this, I''m a football fan and by nature we are all fickle. [/quote]Back as promised albeit 1 day early. Looks like the FA have really fcucked up now with there postponement, could work in our favour.Bethnal, nice post and quite true we didn''t cheat, it wasn''t the players fault, i must agree though we were shit at paperwork in this case. Teach us not to do it again though.Enjoy your celebrations tomorrow, as far as i know we are being given the trophy tomorrow (it''s at ours now) and rules state that we cannot be docked points after the end of our last match, so unless they sort something out before the game it will be ours otherwise you may well have the trophy at your place or on Tuesday for your parade.
  5. [quote user="City1st"]"because they cheated" Not until the hearing rules as such ps history should teach you (as a woman) that being found guilty without a fair trial is not a good idea (though sticking Warnock in the ducking stool might be)[/quote]Until the Warnock comment i was quite beginning to like you.Good and bad in us all see.
  6. Hi Charles, what is it exactly you are going to parade?
  7. [quote user="norfolkchance1"]This was it: http://www.liverpoolway.co.uk/forum/ff-football-forum/84447-chelsea-fc-number-1-a.html And just about every football forum in country got hold of it.[/quote]Brilliant, bit unfair on the guy though, oh no hang on a minute, it''s not  unfair at all he''s Chelscum.  Anyone that does anything against Chelscum is fine with me, thanks for that.Funniest thing is he''s slagging off Torres and now he plays for them.
  8. [quote user="Proper Charlie"]You are a c*ck sunshine typical gobby laaandaaaner. See you Carrow Road my old fruit, let''s have a beer?? Shall we?? That is if you even bother to go the games or if you just glory hunt!! B*ll end!![/quote]I bet you were one of the cocks who grassed up to the ob who was who after the game outside LR this season. Very clever.I''ll be back friday and if we lose the decision i will hold my hands up, but looks like we''re now gonna be given the trophy Saturday and the decision not to be made until Sunday so who knows what''s going on, anyway see ya all back on here after the outcome and good luck for Saturday hope you enjoy your celebrations as will we (and that''s not sarcastic it''s meant).
  9. [quote user="Al Catraz"][quote user="LondonR"][quote user="San Miguel"] personally, i wouldn''t rise to this moron - nothing can take away the fantastic feeling of winning promotion to the Premier League. i take pleasure in knowing that we''ve got there without any disorder, corruption, or bad sportsmanship.  We don''t sign players illegally, and we don''t shy away from our debts. no one in all 4 English leagues has had a more exciting season than Norwich City - why would anyone want to support anyone but NCFC, i really don''t know OTBC! [/quote]I think you''ve got a touch of sunstroke old chap. Vaya a ver un Medico.[/quote] You''re a bit thick if you don''t realise that it''s you and your team QPR who are the ones with a problem. The vast majority of Norwich fans are exhilarated by the fact that we have won automatic promotion and are therefore currently the only team secure in the knowledge that we will be playing in the Premiership next season. TBH I feel sorry for the QPR fans because it''s not them who have hoodwinked the FA and got their club into all sorts of sh*t and I am not going to judge the majority of QPR fans on one looneytune like you who comes on here acting the idiot. I must admit to being a bit bemused because the Easter holidays are over so either you are playing truant from Wormholt Park Primary School or you are just retarded. [/quote]Sorry if i come across the way i do but as you said ''i am thick, retarded and a looney tune who acts the idiot whilst playing truant'' What more do you expect.Friday or sooner we will all know either way so let''s enjoy it while it last. Had my catch for the day. I will be back Friday and will take whatever you have to give me, but remember you have to be ready to take as good as you give.
  10. [quote user="Jonzey"]''And as for the poster who replied to my saying that we will be taking 6pts off you next season with ''that will be like the 4 you took off us'' Actually it won''t it will be two points more. lol'' Ha ha, I think we''ve found this kids intellectual level. I was merely pointing out we took 4 points off you this season, one win and one draw. If you''re going to start an argument by saying you''ll be taking six points off us next season (good luck?!) it''s probably best to base that on having done well against us recently. Which you haven''t. Come back and say hello when we''re awarded the championship ;)[/quote]I admit two good games and we lost to a better team on the day, but in the end it''s all about the whole season and we are the ones who have finished top.The reason i state 6 pts next year is that our owners hopefully (& finally) be spending big, we will still be in the prem the following season where you will be back in the championship. Re me being a kid, you''re mum or sister whatever you do up there was probably still in her nappies when i started watching QPR,  LOL
  11. [quote user="San Miguel"]personally, i wouldn''t rise to this moron - nothing can take away the fantastic feeling of winning promotion to the Premier League. i take pleasure in knowing that we''ve got there without any disorder, corruption, or bad sportsmanship.  We don''t sign players illegally, and we don''t shy away from our debts. no one in all 4 English leagues has had a more exciting season than Norwich City - why would anyone want to support anyone but NCFC, i really don''t know OTBC! [/quote]I think you''ve got a touch of sunstroke old chap. Vaya a ver un Medico.
  12. [quote user="Death by Chocolate Starfish"]Today''s rumour is that you''ll be getting relegated. After all, the FA must punish clubs that encourage cheating. You are top because you fielded a player you bought using an unregistered agent, plus other charges. Tin-pot club QPR, always have been always will be.[/quote]Exactly what it is A Rumour. I suppose you believe the Sun too. lol Sorry but when did we actually cheat.And as for the poster who replied to my saying that we will be taking 6pts off you next season with ''that will be like the 4 you took off us''Actually it won''t it will be two points more. lolChampiones, Championes, ole, ole, ole.The trophy is ours, the trophy is ours,f off naarwichThe trophy is ours.
  13. [quote user="GinjaCanary"]I want to win the league. As well as the club getting the silverware, I''d get an additional £280 on top of the money I''ve already won for us being promoted [<:o)]   As an aside point - If QPR do get docked enough points for us to be champions, will they present the trophy at the game on Saturday (or indeed  have it for the parade on Tuesday)? [/quote]What trophy you plum, you haven''t won one, and just to give you a little bit of information as you don''t already know it, people from norwich being so far behind n all that. The trophy and winners medals were delivered to Loftus Road this morning as well as the Runners up medals being delivered to your place. Pretty much answers your question doesn''t it. lol
  14. We at Loftus Road will be celebrating being Champions, that means being the best team and finishing on top of the league. Hope you enjoy you''re party but there is only one team which will be lifting the Championship trophy come saturday and it won''t be you.Although if it makes you feel better you could always look at it the American way and call yourselves 1st Runner up LOL.Looking forward to the easy 6 points we''ll be taking from you next year though, so that we can be thankful for and at at least you''re English even though you''re inbreds. Oh well can''t have it all.
  15. You really haven''t a clue have you.We didn''t cheat at all, if you actually read the facts you would see what actually went on. Faurlin was never inelegible. The main problem is re submitting the documents.The club told the fans and the press the Faurlin Transfer was worth £3.5mil not once did we say we paid that for him (infact we only paid 600k). Many clubs tell their fans one thing and do another.If we are deducted points and you are made champions how can you really celebrate it? That''s sad.We have been the best team that is why we finished where we did and as Champions, and in our eyes always will be Champs 2010/11 no matter what.We''re Queens Park Rangers we''re top of the League (you wouldn''t know that feeling as have never been their this season)
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