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  1. In a sense Jason shackell I thought he would go on to be a player who would always be playing for a premier league side although he did do well for us.
  2. Does anyone play pro clubs on Fifa 12 (xbox) ?
  3. If your buying for other people make sure they have a super membership aswell because your only allowed to buy one ticket per member which I didn''t realise! Can''t see you having any problems, If it was man city then you would.
  4. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="jed exodous"]2 hours 11mins to save our season[/quote]so Holt, Jackson, Snodgrass and Pilks wont score enough to keep us up? [/quote]No
  5. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Are any pubs in Naaaridge showing a proper east European satellite tv version of the Spurs game tomorrow or are those heady days now well and truly over?[/quote]I think ribs of beef still show games not 100% sure
  6. Does anyone know what time it is or if its on TV?
  7. I thought snodgrass was number 25 because when he signed my shirt he put 25 under his signature?
  8. Ajax''s number 27 looked handy and had pace!
  9. [quote user="Northluck C."]I take it that''s a neutral ticket? Money hasn''t left my account for my NCFC one yet...It''ll be fairly low. The bonus you have is, since it''s a shallow-sloped stand, you''ll only have one row of heads in front to peer over! I''m 6''2" and couldn''t see the goal line from row M last season (I was also so wide in P7 I was almost in the Thames...). Plus there''ll be no pillars in your way.[/quote]Nope mate, NCFC ticket
  10. I think he meant thats where it will be announced , it is on the twitter page
  11. Got my ticket today I''m row B, is it really low down so your level with players feet, or is it so your level with the pitch?Thanks to anyone who knows!
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