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  1. Farkeball has gone. Buendia has gone. Even Stieperman has gone. We don’t play a style that suits Pukki anymore. We might as well have speed on the flanks and crosses in the box. We can’t dominate possession and pick out a pass to Pukki. We don’t move the ball quickly enough. It’s just all gone to hell in a handcart. They may not have much chance of scoring but as things stand, neither does Pukki. I can’t stand watching him running himself into the ground game after game for nothing. Feeding off scraps. He’s the only decent forward we’ve got but entirely wasted in how we play now. We have zero threat going forward so something just has to change.
  2. Gunn Aarons Kabak Sorensen Giannoulis placheta plm kenny Tzolis Idah Sargent There is no point playing Pukki when there is no one capable of passing to him.
  3. It's not just McClean though. There were shocking performances throughout the team. Most notably Williams who couldn't get near Saka on 2 goals. Gibbo still appealing a free kick and out of position as Arsenal score. Kabak being kabak. The list is endless. I thought Placheta was the only one to emerge with any credit from the game. Squared up to White - which was quite impressive given he is half the size!
  4. What, you egg! (He stabs him). Daniel Farke, in the back presumably.
  5. Possibly Webber got tipped off about the Villa situation and made his move decisively. Likely always had Smith high up on his list.
  6. I’m just relieved it wasn’t fat Frank. I think Smith will be a good fit for Norwich. We have thrown out the baby but without the bath water this time. Solid work from Webber. Onwards and hopefully upwards.
  7. It’s neither nor. They do well at Chamionship level. But the self funding thing would appear to be unworkable at Premier level. Either the owners change or we press repeat. Again and again.
  8. Villa almost playing in an empty stadium by the end. Self entitled fans throwing a massive strop. It’s not just here then.
  9. You should have stopped at ‘do not understand’.
  10. I wonder if the pension fund will be able to compete with Saudi United?
  11. I’m glad you are enjoying it. Turmoil, recrimination, inevitable relegation and championship mediocrity to follow. On a personal level I hope we get a win against Leeds and Farke stays.
  12. We’ll find out for sure soon enough. Could be that Brentford cause big teams trouble but struggle against minnows like us 😉
  13. A win against Leeds and all this will be forgotten! That’s how it is.
  14. You might get some bother from people sitting behind you.
  15. 8 million pound pay off. It’s feet up on the sofa with a piece of cake for old potato head.
  16. Makes a change from trawling through all the guff about how we are already relegated, that Delia should sell to a stinking rich investor. How we should stop the cautious approach and play * insert creative/forward player. Our transfer business is rubbish. Farke is clueless etc. Now all that stuff is pointless as it is painfully apparent what our shortcomings are in this league. So why dwell on it? Nice to see there are still people with hope out there for a change.
  17. I like it! Top v bottom you know it’s gonna happen. Seriously though Chelsea are in a false position. If it hadn’t been for Mendy’s heroics yesterday they’d have been on the end of a hiding. Tuchel is coming under a bit of pressure which could help us if we stick to our recent dour and dogged approach.
  18. It doesn’t have to be seen as 5 at the back. Kabak is stepping into midfield. Aarons and Dimi flying up the wings. It’s a flexible approach which also enables us to stifle the oppo when under the cosh. It’s a work in progress but I saw some good signs yesterday. We need to stick at it.
  19. There should be detention in the soccerbot first thing tomorrow morning for Sargent.
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