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  1. I was I the queue in time but there were no 2 seats together anywhere so gave up. My son quite likes his 50 quid key-ring though. Forgiveness will take time.
  2. For me it doesn''t look anywhere near going over the line. Optical illusion or faulty technology? The players seemed to accept it without a fuss.
  3. It is as it is. The club would never risk promotion this year. It would ruin the sustainable model they are trying to implement and the steady progress of our young players. The cup games have given us a glimpse of what might be possible a couple of years down the line with an exciting young and hungry squad in place able to have a tilt at the prem. That hope is all I’ve got to sustain me this season.
  4. Wonder what Tettey''s excuse for today is. Ref allowed Blades plan to work a treat, so he was a twunt. Hopefully we''ll sort out our goal threat before the window shuts. Oveall, tired, laboured, and a repeat of Derby at home.
  5. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="CJ"]For whatever reason Wilds has never been given a real chance at City, reminds me very much of Pritchard, who also for a while failed to shine due to being in and out of team. Anyone who has watched him play can see he has talent, realised his card was marked when couldnt even make reserve team at Burton! A loan to Cardiff will show all ambition for this season over, as manager said no pressure to sell let alone loan out good player to rival club![/quote]Maybe it''s because he''s a headless chicken with absolutely no ability to play as part of a team? Yes, I can see plenty of raw talent there, but his first instinct is almost always to run forward with the ball, then usually knock it 20 yards past the first player who tries to tackle him and then go chasing after it. It''s the exact opposite of the problem the Murphys had when they first broke through, where they were seemingly so nervous about making a mistake that their first instinct was almost always to turn backwards and play a simple pass.I know that a fast and unpredictable dribbler can be a real asset against tiring legs, but Wildschut plays football like I used to play Pro Evo when I was a teenager. More than happy to get shot of him and bring in a winger with a better balance of the two extremes I described above.[/quote] He’s a poor man’s Lee Croft!
  6. We can''t hold on to our young talent so I expect Madders to leave at a decent profit for us. Hopefully we will buy some players who can actually cut it in this league. Oh, and we need to change the way we play so we would have to ditch Farke but that won''t happen. Expect Naismith will depart for a nominal fee. It''s so grim.
  7. Player revolt and supporter revolt. Gotta change now. The way we started that game was an utter disgrace, totally clueless., far too tentative and scared. Just handed to game to them. I was livid after 10 mins. We managed to quiet our own fans! The players don’t know their jobs. That was Millwall, except at home. I am not looking forward to Millwall at home! Trouble up mill.
  8. My Lord this team. Olive just increased his value for January but it looks like half the crowd have gone home already.
  9. So relegation struggle it is. Don’t have much faith in our faffing about style to keep Us above the line. Miserable and inept tactics again. How the hell do we expect to score when there is No movement up?
  10. Cant understand anyone getting upset after this game. This was far from some of our abject displays.
  11. No. This season is transitional. I have seen enough from Farke to believe there will be an upturn after the New Year but expecting more of the same till then. It might not be enough to affect this season but there should be a steady improvement in our younger players at least.
  12. Much better tempo about us but once again never looked like creating a chance let alone score a goal. What is it with these intricate one -twos on the edge of their box, going nowhere, no threat down the flanks. Forest were rubbish and we should''ve got a clean sheet but for Zimbo showing his true level for their goal, beaten all ends up. Soul destroying sums it up.
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