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  1. Knapper this Knapper that! Is it a personal obsession? Sounds like you are a jilted lover
  2. Wow has 14 years of inferiority lead to this irrational obsession about our new sporting director? Jealous and sad.
  3. Neither Norwich or Canary. I’m afraid the wheels appear to have fallen off the bin / tractor. Probert out! Screaming obvious binner.
  4. Save of the season that. Got us out of jail after an awful half where the same old problems laid bare again. Yet again. I hope the introduction of sarge can turn this around but it’s a bit much to ask. Some of our players are so average league one.
  5. Thank you own goal! Is this Wagner’s get out of jail free card used or is this where he gets sacked like Farke?
  6. Rabbits in headlights. I’m not sure I can watch the second half. If Cardiff want to up it, we are looking at a Plymouth style hiding.
  7. There is plenty more proof that Placheta cannot defend to save his life. This is more or less a repeat of Sunderland. Surprised to take the lead. Not surprised to surrender the lead.
  8. Oh Wagner. That team is a Hail Mary, but at least Delia would approve.
  9. I see the real culprit as Webber. He who is sporting director should lay the foundations for standards and consistency and has done anything but. The club is a mess and it’s on his watch. I’m convinced he is doing it out of spite. Out the door now!
  10. The goals are rinse and repeat. Give ball away. No midfield. Goal.
  11. Schoolboy errors all over the pitch. The buck stops with Wagner. Poorly coached team regardless of being let down by experienced players and an inept sporting director!
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