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  1. Played well for the 20 mins then stood off way too much which handed the initiative over. This happens almost every game. I don’t know if it’s an attempt at game management or they simply run out of puff. Either way it is poor. And it happens in almost every match. Grounds for dismissal certainly but I doubt it would happen. Can we swap Smith for Carrick?
  2. Happy for Kenny! Wasn’t it at Rotherham he sustained the knee injury that put him out of the Scotland squad for the Euros? Much maligned as he is, I think he deserved his slice of fortune.
  3. I think we can file it under ‘marginal gains’ along with soccerbot. These marginal gains are very hard to see with the naked. I mean how does Gibson not manage to get anywhere near the ball from a corner.. in years? And sometimes you’d wish Hanley wouldn’t bother as he has such a 50p head! Our only plan seems to be as ever .. Kenny make a run to the near post.
  4. Oddly they make no mention of the blatant handball that would’ve given us a pen. Think the journo wanted to make it sound like it was close. The ref was near and had a good view of it too.
  5. A blatant dive. Hayden pulled out of the challenge too. Surprised the ref got it right.
  6. Our players were clearly being provoked, which seemed to be the Blades second half game plan. Which is what most teams would do when being outplayed. It’s easy to say but we needed to take the heat right out of it. Leadership and cool heads required. They need to learn from this fast!
  7. We played well for a whole half rather than our usual 10-15 mins. The difference was Hayden and having a left back. They ran out of puff. Some positives. Cantwell looking more and more like his old self, Pukki too. Gibson didn’t drop a clanger. But what has happened to Max? Brilliant block at the end but I would put Byram in if he’s not injured. Which he undoubtedly is. Gunn is getting better too. Progress is glacial but still long way to go.
  8. Farke was pants in the premier league and there can be no denying it. Much as I love the guy for his charm and desire to play attractive football.
  9. Relax and enjoy the Championship. It’s a highly competitive league unlike the overhyped premier. We are average at the moment along with the rest of the division. You could throw a blanket over them. Yes the Norwich perspective is a bit dour at the moment but at least we have a chance to improve over the season. In the premier we’d already have been relegated with nothing left to play for.
  10. Set up Josh for the goal. Don’t think he can be blamed for this defeat. The fault for this lies mainly with shoddy defending, players caught out of position - mainly Byram and others not covering. A proper left back would be a help.
  11. And yet, with gilt edged chances missed by Pukki and a host of other great chances fluffed not to mention the 2 horrible cack-ups at the back and you could argue we should’ve won the game comfortably. But you cant win them all eh? Still level at the top and Sara looking mightily impressive!
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