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  1. A good effort to be fair. Better than the normal creative standards of some Norwich fans. I.E hear a song sung by another team then change the words to suit ourselves.
  2. typical regular club cabbage dullards.....
  3. another 20 seconds of my life that will never return after opening another dull and pointless thread.
  4. Dear oh dear oh dear Seth. What a complete tool you are.
  5. Not so much a miss in the end i guess as mike milligan scored eventually, but 93/94 (maybe 94/95?) away v aston villa. I think eadie hit the post with virtually an open goal and mike sheron slammed the rebound onto the bar from about a yard out. Villa failed to clear and milligan then headed in.
  6. for me, englands limited world cup campaign will be just a minor distraction from the far more enjoyable cricket season.
  7. alright calsworth. Check out mustard lounge...its about the best norfolk has to offer in terms of any sort of underground music etc. cheerio
  8. Here you go Drazen...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boT0oNkWr0I&feature=video_responseAnyone remember the canary rock n roll we came out to late eigthies? that was truely awful
  9. No Dean Coney? Actually, competition for places is very high.......
  10. Terrible performance. Cant tackle and distribution is pathetic. The one time he wasnt hoofing the ball out of play (generally under non existant pressure), he passed across the back four apparently the only time in the first half southend had 4 players in the final third. Wiggins on saturday please.
  11. wow. Usually just a browser rather than a poster, today though feel compelled to say, brendan you are a complete turkey. I have found this thread mildly humerous however.cheers.
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