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  1. Seems like the squad needs way more pre season training, as in AFL type pre season. It seems like the stamina just isn't there and too many soft tissue injuries.
  2. Salary cap. No talking back to, or touching any official. Instant yellow card. Tougher penalties for cheating...ie time wasting, diving, throw ins taken further afield. I'd like no offside rule.
  3. I have a load of photos. Ill dig them out when I get a chance.
  4. I worked in the Kingsway in 93 / 94. There were 2 bars indoors. Home and away. 'Twas extra loud when the singing started before a game. Worst away fans were.........Villa and Man City.
  5. More than likely the last Test in England for Warner, Uzi and Smith. I can feel a lot of runs coming from them. Smith averages 91 at The Oval. We haven't won a series in England for yonks so it's all there to play for, and a sneaky win would make retaining the Ashes even sweeter. That said, Warner is rubbish and I look forward to him no longer wearing a Baggy Green.
  6. Sweet, i do follow England when not against Oz.
  7. I had just got home from a gig ( Birmingham band Esoteric...Funeral Doom Metal ) and was shixxing myself as England got closer and closer. Still 3 to go. Underhand 👍💣
  8. Not sure if a thread has been started on this topic yet. I can feel the eye rolling from here. It is in my country this year and the England have a couple of games in my home town Adelaide. Are there any Norwich / Norfolk girls lacing up for 3 Lions? Is anybody coming over to watch a game or two? I for one am looking forward to it, as I have a soft spot for Sam Kerr.
  9. Well said Zac. I for one would not have done what my team did. The Australian National team has a win at all costs attitude that lost Darren Lehmann his coaching job, and personally, should have cost Dave Warner and Steve Smith their baggy greens. I have played games where this has happened and it does leave a hollow feeling. Within the rules yes, sportsman like, yeah nah. Not excusing Oz but we are not the only ones to skate that fine line between good hard fair cricket and what we are too often seeing now. It seems that the ICC needs to grow some balls and clarify rule interpretations, and what the spirit of the game truly means, and penalise players and teams properly. Thanks for not making it personal. I appreciate it.
  10. England cannot take the moral ground, they have behaved in exactly the same way in the past, see Colin Grandholme. Bairstow had a major brain fade, take out your anger / dissapointment on him. The behavior of Members at the lunch break was unacceptable as well. Maybe a few less brandies are in order. Reeks of petulant hypocracy.
  11. Hey guys, there are Australians on this forum that support Norwich. I am one of them. Am I right in thinking this is a football forum and not an England cricket supporters one? Yes this is an Ashes thread with TWO teams playing. A lot of you are reacting like spoilt children, a bit pathetic really. This cheating Aussies, no fun Aussies....never met one I have liked....really? Ive probably served half of you beers at the Kingsway in the early 90s before a home game, and been with you at matches after. Its just a game.
  12. You do realise that Murdoch recinded his Australian citizenship years ago? As much as I dislike Sky the man is American
  13. 20 minutes till lunch. Tricky period. Starc with the new ball
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