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  1. Would now be on the train somewhere between Ipswich and Colchester worrying whether I can get the last train out of Paddington back to Bath and grinning at any Brizzle supporters who had made the same trip!
  2. Good old Susie Dent, I saw it earlier on twitter and posted it on my Facebook page.
  3. Post match, We stayed at my late ex-sister-in laws boyfriend's flat in Islington, he worked in the restaurant trade and after dinner he opened a bottle of Taylors 1961 Port and it's taste was the equal of winning at Wembley, a memorable day all-round.
  4. Just saw your message and apologies for my delay in replying, I'm in Saltford
  5. If the vaccine is effective, we can all return to watching live games and then I'm sure we will bump into each other again, I hope your son is staying safe in Brizzle, I live halfway between Bath and Bristol.
  6. Hi Pockthorpe, it was me and I was at the game using the excuse of coming up to see my stepson who was at Sheffield Uni, the game produced an unexpected result!
  7. Having watched us for over 55 years, its difficult/impossible to compare players from different decades etc but can I name some who should be considered for this team, Kevin Keelan, Ron Ashman, Terry Allcott, Ron Davis, Ted MacD, Martin Peters, Crooky, Grant Holt, Hucks, Sutton, and my all time favourite Kenny Foggo
  8. A generation before me but I remember fish and chips at Valories and the redevelopment of the Cattle market, Ricardo these memories are too valuable to be posted on here. Have you thought about publishing them?
  9. It was 45 year ago but I seem to remember that early in the first half "Bernie" got quite excited with a Pompey naval squaddie who claimed he was from Ipswich.
  10. I was on the Barclay that day, half way back and dead in line with the shot and I was at Cromer Links Pavilion on Xmas Eve and not at West Runton Pavillion to see the the Pistols. That goal is in my NCFC Desert Island disc goals never to forget top five.
  11. Sad News and my sincere condolences to your family and friends, the classiest player I've ever seen in the green and yellow, the opening goal that he scored in the 1980 3-5 defeat to Liverpool has always stuck in my mind even though "The Fash" got the headlines for his equalising goal. Thanks Martin and may you now Rest in Peace.
  12. Being in my early teens and standing on the Barclay with the First Division seeming so far away, he made my dreams come true . So sorry he has succumbed to the big D, my condolences to his family and friends and am glad that he is now resting in peace. OTBC
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