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  1. I want them knocked out at the semi final stage by WBA, so we can really take the **** at Wembley.
  2. Would it be the most damaging win we've had against them in modern times?
  3. We seem to lurch from one PR disaster to the next. I'm all for charitable causes, but Webber needs saving from himself, far more than the average youth from any background needs the help of an individual with misguided, cliched beliefs. The club should nip this in this bud, but the obvious problem with that is the involvement of his wife. You couldn't write this sort of crap.
  4. Lets go to Wembley on a tsunami of green and yellow optimism
  5. Love the fact that you think Knapper hasn't been doing anything, just because you haven't had a text from him detailing private discussions he's been having with other clubs. Wagner may not be everybody's cup of tea, but my God we have some absolute cretins looking down from the stands.
  6. Nowhere near good enough without the quality of Pukki and Buendia to create and score for fun. Like Idah, he has been badly exposed by inconsistency and dreadful final product when he does manage to retain control of the football.
  7. You think the pandemic was a good time to build? Are you on something?
  8. Maybe your knee jerk highlights why you were in League One for four years. Knapper is a data man. Let him gather enough to act before making uninformed judgements.
  9. It’s a very convenient storyline isn’t it. There seems to be some residual bitterness over her shift to green and yellow from the dark side. She seemed be having a lovely time with Sheeran after the game. I think the Webber thing has stung a little bit more than anyone realises. She was obviously convinced that he was the real deal in every respect. No doubt the off-field stuff provides huge comfort to her when financial holes are filled with smart transfer business by the sitting SD. As fans we really are spoiled only having to worry about results. It’s a huge responsibility and legacy to be in charge of.
  10. Silenced the scummers 2nd half. Couldn't hear the zombies after we scored.
  11. Morsy needs a little dig. He isn't as hard as he thinks he is.
  12. Very much this. Even if we lose we need to ensure Morsy is carded.
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