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  1. No established manager in his right mind will take the job with the toxic atmosphere surrounding the club, generated by a few key board warriors and encouaged by much of the local media. As soon as the team loses a couple of games, the bile will once again start. Social media has a lot to answer for.
  2. Toxic being the operative word. A situation created by keyboard warriors and sad to say, supported by the individuals reporting for the local media.
  3. What a strange thing to say. Which of the cretins was allowed into the dressing room at half time?
  4. Yes the moronic 'fans' who are trying to undermine everything to do with the club.
  5. To placate the tiny minority of fans who find it convenient to use social media to create problems for the management and team at every opportunity? Maybe when the team was losing most games, they were able to claim some justification in their poisonous attacks. Now with some excellent results behind us, these few individuals are still at it and this atmosphere is spreading to the terraces. Be it, again a small portion of the crowd who are intent on destabilising the team while the game is actually in progress . What prospective Head Coach would be attracted to a club with such a toxic fan base?
  6. This latest Jonny Rowe 'report' is merely a Pinkun reporter taking something from another source and using it to stir the pot as him and his comrades have been doing all season.
  7. Be careful what you wish for. We could have gone for Rooney!
  8. Please get your grammar and punctuation sorted.
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/10868306/rangers-todd-cantwell-small-norwich-kid-premiership-poty/ If he had knuckled down at Norwich instead of acting the spoilt child, he would have got a much better move than to a team in a tinpot, two team League but then he wouldn't be receiving the adulation that he is getting now. Just wait until he starts sulking again.
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