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  1. don't mind City. I grew up hating Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd so they are a lovely contingency plan
  2. Lazio were sniffing round him in January. We've no chance we should be looking at the top League 1 talent and try get that in for peanuts, find the next Whittaker Harrison Burrows is a player we should be all over
  3. Yes I hate them, completely bored of the coverage they get, they also have, or had some Marmite players, McClean, Foster. The two owners seem like nice, gormless enough blokes. But the club get way too much coverage now on your general weekend roundups
  4. Of the realistic options, I wouldn't mind Rosenior. Danny Rohl would be my number 1 choice if we could get him.
  5. we just didn't turn up tonight. Can't really be too angry as I don't think, judging the season as a whole, we deserved to go up. But the fanbase deserved a bit more than was on offer tonight I struggle to see us able to holding on to a couple of the players that dragged us to top 6. Whether that constitutes a full reset I'm not sure. The league looked very lop sided this year with the 3 teams that came down - I think next season should be a slightly more even playing field
  6. It's inevitable we are going to compare ourselves to our nearest rivals. Of course you can handpick managers that Wagner has performed better than. A better comparison may be the managers which have had a similar time frame in charge to Wagner, such as Rosenior, Corberan, Carrick and Rob Edwards.
  7. Even if true this is ridiculous. This is a bonus game for both clubs not included in any budget - 20-25 is enough, they are fleecing fans.
  8. North Wales is a very strange place, bet he **** himself when someone pointed out the camera
  9. controversial but I always thought Cantwell was overrated off the back of a couple of big goals. He was never the £40m player that he was touted for
  10. probably playing in the Champions League next season. Definitely a case of what could have been if he'd been in a functional team
  11. barring the obvious Liverpool and Arsenal - I find both fan bases absolutely nauseating when they are on a bit of a run, I hate them even more that I am forced to cheer for the lesser evil in my eyes in Man City, I would rather not cheer on cheaters but working with so many fans of the aforementioned two teams and just the all round online football discourse around them, Man City all the way Leicester - can't stand Vardy, yes what a fairytale for them but again all built on firing pots of money at it, and seemingly cheaters too. Hopefully all goes títs up Wrexham - yawn Port Vale - horrendous neanderthal fans
  12. obviously they wouldn't have shelled out on all the transfers in without that though
  13. Leicester's run in looks kind if they can get it together I fear for Foxes fans that their team has got complacent, started thinking they could put their feet up, its hard to get back on the bridle after you lose that
  14. horses cheat every day. Part and parcel of the game not every 2/1 poke drifts to 11/1 and gets strangled as its coming to win the race though. Do something like that and you carry the can for it
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