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  1. The two players involved Rico and Chet and recovering well in hospital.
  2. Sara has scored with headers this season because he timed his runs, Idah was in the wrong position, he just need to delay his run by a second or two. I thought he had some good touches prior to this. Shame, just more ammo for the haters.
  3. Less power more precision seems to be the way to go. Gibbs said after he scored his first goal his only thought was “ hit the target”
  4. I would expect a more direct style of play now that Pukki has moved on, should suit Barnes and players around him so long as delivery is in the right areas.
  5. Wagner comes across as a manager who is not afraid to make controversial selections. If Idah remains in the side it’s because he’s carrying out the role as outlined by manager which is of benefit to the attacking qualities of players around him making use of space created. I thought Pukki and Hernandez had better chance to score than Idah’s attempt under pressure from defender.
  6. The image reminds me of a table tennis player with eye on the ball about to execute a top spin smash. Look at the angle of his non standing foot, locked and loaded, BOOM!👍
  7. Kieran McKenna, he’s fairly local, won’t have to move house. Win win😂
  8. It was the lack of a third option in between defence and centre field I found exasperating. Gibbs seemed to fill this space at times in the second half.
  9. If we do get promoted I feel with Smith and Shakey in charge we will have a better chance of survival with current squad plus some midfield muscle. Tin hat on👍
  10. I too was chatting to a West Brom fan after the game, he was distinctive as well with 3” WBA letters in yellow and green centre stage on the forehead. I would guess he was well into double figures on fluid intake and the only points he raised that I could understand due to accent and alcohol was:- ”Bruce has lost the dressing room”🤭 and ”Our keepers ****e” I told home I thought they were 2 players short of a very good team and wished him well.
  11. ……let’s not forget the Season Ticket holders who stick with the club and form a solid financial base of support on which to grow from.
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