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  1. Block Y Seat 176

    Smartcard Update?

    If there is a problem, go to ticket office and they will issue normal ticket for admission.
  2. Block Y Seat 176

    Looking after the ball

    We have played very well in two games. Ruthless in front of goal and having good possession and excellent passing securing the wins. The majority of our games have been against teams who occupy the top half of the league. Injuries have disrupted our flow and I am not surprised at the current situation when form dips. Young players having a dip in form is part of the journey for all of us. Bring on the Villa, as a team City will bounce back and then we can relax.....for a couple of weeks in mid table.
  3. Block Y Seat 176

    Aston Villa Tickets

    I hope for your sake Villa return some of their allocation. That how I got a ticket for Newcastle. There did seem less pressure on the system today as the initial screen showed tickets in most areas. I usually head for upper tier Barclay and the section I clicked on had a dozen or so seats. It will be interesting if at the end of the season if they review sales and purchases by Premier Members whilst addressing concerns from fans who feel aggrieved with the present one. As we both do.
  4. Block Y Seat 176

    No more season ticket waiting list

    I too contacted NCFC in February requesting going onto a waiting list for a season ticket. This was their reply. Hi .......... Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately we have now reached our limit for selling new Season Tickets for next season, so we cannot sell any more at present, however there is still a possibility that we may be able to sell some more once our renewals period has finished. Please keep an eye on our website during the middle of May as we would be most likely to advertise any availability of new Season Tickets around that time. If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us again. Kind regards, Its fair to ask the question, why couldn't myself and previous poster be added to a list of those supporters wanting a season ticket? It would be very simple after all. Anyone aware of ST being available in May? I wasn't. If the club is pursuing a reduction in the allocation of Season Ticket holders, time will tell i suppose, but why not be open about it if they are? Y
  5. Block Y Seat 176

    Stunning season - at a cost

    No joy in watching Buendia play? Really. Really!Really!! Thats the most moronic thing i've ever heard.
  6. Block Y Seat 176

    Stunning season - at a cost

    UKIP Supporter
  7. Block Y Seat 176

    How much longer.....

    A couple of days ago i started watching the game highlights of all the games from the opening game of the season, one after the other. Its is interesting at the start of each game to see the team sheet and formation set out and then watch the game highlights. In this condensed form the evolution of the team, players and tactics became apparent over the months. Player positions changed, formation changed, and players were dropped or became out of favour as Farke adapted to the performances on the field and the results. The rest, they say, is history. Patience and Trust were the victors.
  8. Block Y Seat 176

    Relegated without Buendia?

    The best way to answer the point you raised is to look at how the team adapted to the loss of Maddison and the Murphy's under Farke. Sure the short term is obvious, the three game ban did have a negative impact on team but to suggest Farke couldn't come to terms with permanent or long term absence of a key is unfounded due to his and the coaches professional abilities in "finding another way to win" with the loss of the aforementiond "flair" players.
  9. Block Y Seat 176

    Farke's Fledglings

    The temptation to play the young players who have come through the system together must be high. Other older players may be more experienced but they are still trying to fit in. I am sure its a happy situation for the manager to be in. The most telling part of his recent interview after the QPR game was the attitude of Jordan Rhodes being on the bench. Not something you can imagine Olive saying. Onward and upward, wind beneath our wings!
  10. Block Y Seat 176


    with a Reading biased commentary. No pop ups and dodgy windows.

  11. Block Y Seat 176

    Great performance today

    There was a degree of chess playing  strategy today which the fans understood, we were playing a Pullis team afterall. Sitting in the Barclay during these passages of play i saw a huge hole appear in left midfield about the size of target that is layed on the pitch at half time. In other words our interpassing and movement created a chance for a devistating attack. The sort that Man City or Liverpool would spring forward on a  counter attack in numbers and score.
    I was really interested in what would happen in the next 20 seconds, Krul didn''t have any runners from defence into the space, the attacker ran back towards our own goal quickly followed by his marker, and then, within moments  the space had gone. We do have the quality to take advantage of this type opening over the coming season and i am sure we will. A very professionl performance today and unity returns to Carrow Road. Standing ovations to players being substituted is no bad thing.
  12. Block Y Seat 176

    Serena Williams

    I think her gamesmanship in winding up the partisan crowd backfied on her, even after the end of the match they were still baying for blood. Coach should have been sent out of the arena, considering it was a showpiece match, a final warning for disent and then punished with loss of game if she continued.
    Hope they look at the rule book at end of season and work out if it should be  zero tolerance for both sexes for all breaches of rules in the future. That should work.
  13. Block Y Seat 176

    Heads up - Wolfsburg streaming

    Thanks for the link. Out of interest i followed the link to the Wolfsburg web site and clicked on match day tickets.
    6 Euro, 8 Euro and 20 Euro. Mmm...
  14. Block Y Seat 176

    VAR doesn’t work

    The appeal could come from  outside of the field of play. ie coach or manager appealing to fourth official for review.