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  1. Unless it’s a further season loan in PL to the benefit of all.
  2. QPR are in a good form and not surprised they beat Brentford in local derby game.
  3. He’s has more twists and turns in his locker than an Agatha Christie novel.
  4. EMI is maturity. Perhaps it’s dawned on him that the tactics we employ are based on unity and working together with or without the ball. I would like to think the old Emi which weakened the team at times as he laid prostrate on the ground uninjured but remonstrating to the Gods is gone for ever. I thought last night we played very much like a Premier League team, last season we played like a Championship team in the Premiership.
  5. Here is an extract from the Telegraph Teachers in London are biased against black Caribbean and white boys from poorer backgrounds, new research suggests. Education think tank LKMco is calling for urgent steps to be taken to tackle the impact of social inequality on the two groups’ academic achievements.Unconscious prejudices affect the way they are disciplined at school, how their work is assessed, and the academic ability set that they are put in, its study found.It said black Caribbean boys’ attainment in London is 17 percentage points behind the London average for expected standards in reading, writing and maths by the end of primary school. While white male pupils eligible for free school meals are the lowest-attaining of the main ethnic groups in the capital — and the attainment gap widens as they move through secondary school. The report, which includes interviews with experts, teachers and pupils, calls for teachers and school leaders to be given the training to help minimise the impact of unconscious bias. It says: “Currently biases may affect black Caribbean and white free school meal-eligible boys’ experiences at school, where they impact upon areas such as setting and streaming, teacher assessment outcomes, and disciplinary measures such as exclusions.
  6. If is a type of goal that is sadly missing at the moment from out attack, the ability to offer threat from different areas of the pitch.
  7. If only they introduced a system of numbers on shirts to help identify players............
  8. When a new player comes into the club it takes time for them to acclimatise to training etc. In some ways Farke is protecting these young players who would have little time to train with senior squad and to throw them on in such circumstances could have a negative impact. Didn’t lose, still top, move on.....Farke will learn from this
  9. I’ll think of Stiepemann as a number 10, I can see him setting up Martin and Placheta with through balls.
  10. I presume that fitness and training are finely tuned and linked with tactics with the ball and more importantly without it. High intensity 10 yards sprint seem to relate to as much as not having the ball as with. As a team, but especially the midfield , mobbing an opposition player to regain possession and being in a forward position, is key to cut through a perhaps defence under pressure and outnumbered. Do this towards the end of a game is when we have had success as the opposition lose focus or mentally and physically tire. Strangely I have to say the Stoke team the other night looked a bit “frit” in first the half, for obvious reasons as they knew what we were going to do to them., tired or not. Injuries are a by product of our training methods but promotion will be justification of its intensity.
  11. Today was the first time I was unable to log on and view IFollow this season. Radio Norfolk
  12. Great goals........... but pin point crosses from this young man https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/richard-ledezma/profil/spieler/575367 put on a shopping list perhaps?
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