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  1. I could imagine a live link to Carrow Road and the commentator starting with... “Welcome to Carrow Road, where after 10 minutes of the first hall the atmosphere is a bit flat to say the least”
  2. ........and I’m sure he would have something to say about the “ support “ he received at Carrow Rd. A talented young player learning his trade who came to us after successful loan period at LO. Didn’t work, shame.
  3. The electorate were placed in an impossible position during the last election. "Between a rock and a hard place", an adage used to refer to a dilemma, a situation offering at least two possibilities, neither of which is acceptable. I voted Lib Dem for the last few election. Mr Lambs decision not to stand left me in that dilemma. It is not the electorates fault that Labour had a poor campaign and emerged as unelectable when it came to putting your X on the ballot paper.
  4. Voters across the political spectrum voted for the single most important thing that needed resolving at the last election. Brexit. The message was clear from Boris and he has honoured that pledge following a landslide result. I don't think anyone was taken in by him. The same goes for Trump, if he has promised jobs and increased prosperity to his supporters of middle America and delivered, then he will be re elected, despite all the negativity around his manner and style.
  5. The reality part of my brain agrees, but I’ll stand by a positive frame of mind as I’m sure Farke does until the end. If the PL is played out behind closed doors will this be of benefit to us or negative? I think it would be a positive, just a hunch.
  6. My point was that our results are on an upward trend. We often see a single win can spark a run of form. The result at Tottenham and beating a team managed by “ the special one” is one that can be built on. It’s not false hope, just take one game at a time. Over the years teams implode at this time of the year, those that keep their beliefs and trust in a manager can retain their status.
  7. https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/premier-league/form-guide/eight
  8. This is good advice. https://www.facebook.com/556472742/posts/10158456489102743/?d=n
  9. I was in Spain 20th Feb to 2nd March then came back to uk. Used the public transport to London on the 4th March and then to WHL, return to Norwich. I felt battered for three or four days later but assumed it was travelling. Mild fever, that is sitting watching tv and T shirt gets wet through perspiration, heating on low. Tired, going back to bed even though you'd just got up. No cough. The weirdest feeling was a wave of sensation that travelled up my back and an intense ache that targeted the neck and shoulder. Unsettling to say the least as the virus was showing in Spain. Partner felt the same but for her the fever was a worse, no cough. Self isolated for 14 days. All Ok now. Mild symptoms and we have no underlying health issues. When I get the opportunity to have a test I will have one as we care for daughter, a vulnerable adult. She is with us now because we believe we have had it and she is at less of a risk with us than her placement.
  10. At the 5pm briefing today all reporters raised questions concerning the PM’s condition. In hindsight they were probably aware of the changing situation a lot earlier and were trying to force Rabb to clarify. Which has now happened. Speedy recovery Boris.
  11. That’s what happens when you have too many beers and post in the early hours
  12. If my memory serves me correctly a young lad called Gary Lineker scored a hatrick at Carrow Rd for Everton. I was impressed.
  13. Paradiddle and it’s variations for drums........ Paradiddle Variations These exercises show the Single Paradiddle and it's varia;ons (#1-3). Each varia;on is created by beginning the paradiddle a division later. Firstly on the "ra", then the "did", and finally the "dle". #Single Paradiddle pa- ra- did- dle pa- ra- did- dle RLRRLRLL ra- did- dle- pa ra- did- dle pa LRRLRLLR did- dle- pa- ra did- dle- pa- ra RRLRLLRL dle- pa- ra- did dle- pa- ra- did RLRLLRLR
  14. One of the test re CV is to be able hold your breath for 10 seconds, or not (advice from a paramedic)
  15. Thishttps://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/apr/29/golden-goal-mark-robins-norwich-chelsea-august-1992
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