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  1. He was waiting for Wagner to shake his hand at the end and Wagner was making him wait for an age. So he gave up and went down the tunnel.
  2. Well it is at Poorman Road half the time, so that would account for the low ranking
  3. Absolute clickbait 😉
  4. For all the newer City fans, CDM stands for Central Defensive Midfielder. These are players that shield the defence and generally mop up possession. At Carrow Road they're almost as rare as hen's teeth.
  5. I bet none of them can pronounce the street names!
  6. I know a few Norfolk 'scousers' that have obtained away tickets. W@nkers 🤣
  7. Thanks numatik but @TheRock should take at least 75% of the credit for that
  8. Reminded me of this genius who I saw in Southampton recently.
  9. Rowe-Gunn Josh Sargent, currently the most capable curry
  10. GK. McLean LB. McLean CB. McLean CB. McLean RB. McLean CM. McLean CM. McLean LW. McLean AM. McLean RW. McLean ST. McLean
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