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  1. Hi I am currently in Holland and visited FC Dordrecht yesterday for the game against FC Utrecht’s B team. The match programme states that we have a pre season friendly arranged for Saturday 3 August at 2.30pm dutch time. It seems we’ve been developing links with this club through loan players and guess this cements the relationship further. Hopefully the club will confirm it soon.
  2. Jed Maxwell

    Tim Krul

    No you're right, immediately after clicking the submit button I realised I've become that person!! The Russell Martin thing wore far too thin, players need to deliver and not live on sentiment. I do feel Krul has delivered though and so it's okay to be a top bloke too!!
  3. Jed Maxwell

    Tim Krul

    For the first part of the season I really doubted whether it would work out here for Krul, and in fairness by his own admission he's had some 'dodgy moments', but I've become a really big fan of his and would be extremely disappointed if he didn't get the opportunity to start the new season as number 1. Whilst he has made some outstanding saves at times in the big games, he's also made some equally outstanding stops in matches we have been winning comfortable (QPR at home for example) and so naturally these tend to be forgotten quickly but shouldn't detract from how important he has been over the season and I'm really hoping the progress continues next season. Plus he seems a really top bloke too.
  4. Jed Maxwell

    Phillip Heise

    Does anybody know what is happening with our January signing Phillip Heise? I seem to recall he arrived with one eye on next season, although even with our superb form in the second half of this season slightly surprised he has not even made the bench and only made sporadic appearances for the under 23's (though could be wrong on that)!
  5. Jed Maxwell


    Ticket has now gone. Thanks.
  6. Jed Maxwell

    Millwall Ticket Available

    Ticket has now gone. Thanks.
  7. Just messaged you Spiros on the number provided. Thanks.
  8. Hi Just read your message. I added a separate thread a short while ago but I do have one spare adult ticket available for the Millwall game on Saturday in the upper tier. Face value £29, would need to collect from Wymondham. Please feel free to get in touch if interested. Jed
  9. Jed Maxwell


    Hi I added a separate thread a short while ago but I do have one spare adult ticket available for the Millwall game on Saturday in the upper tier. Face value £29, would need to collect from Wymondham. Please feel free to get in touch if interested. Jed
  10. Hi Due to illness I have one spare ticket available for Saturday's match at Millwall. Adult ticket, upper tier. Not looking to make a profit so happy to pass on for £29 face value. Would need to collect ticket from Wymondham address. If interested please let me know. Jed
  11. Jed Maxwell

    Legends Game

    I read there is talk of a rematch in the San Siro in December, please let this be true.

    A fantastic event, and a long while since I''ve enjoyed a game at Carrow Road that much!
  12. Jed Maxwell

    NCFC Average League Position

    Just worked out that NCFC average finishing position over last 56 years is 4th in the 2nd tier.

    Maybe we should just forget about our Premiership aspirations and accept, like the current board, that we''ll forever be mediocre!
  13. Jed Maxwell


    As for a new defender, Norwich have already done that business in bringing in Klose - January isn''t a great time to try and change all your defenders.

    It''s a brilliant time when your defence is as woeful as ours.
  14. Jed Maxwell

    How Many think we will stay up ?

    If we get the defence right and learn from the mistakes of the first half (ish) of the season I think we''ll be okay. My worry is that the same mistakes will be repeated in which case we''re gone.
  15. Jed Maxwell


    [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Jed Maxwell"]Four goals on Saturday suggests we''ve got the fire power and the fact can''t even get a draw says far more than I can write on here.[/quote]In isolation that is true, but it''s not the whole story, is it? In the 12 games prior to Saturday we scored 9 goals. Mbokani and Naismith do look promising, but an injury or suspension to either would leave us very light on firepower. Missing Tettey and O''Neil on Saturday was also a factor – I don''t think we will see Alex field such a gung-ho formation and system again this season.[/quote]

    I agree completely with what you are saying and in particular the lack of goals in the preceding matches but looking at the past 3 league games 5 goals scored doesn''t alarm me so much as the 11 conceded.

    You''d like to think that in normal circumstances as it were if a team had scored 5 goals in the last 3 games they would have picked up at least one win along the way.

    It''s done now though and what happens in the coming weeks is what matters.