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  1. Surely unpopular view but Wagner should go promotion achieved or not. I am not against DW, I believe he deserves credit for achieving play-offs after what's been a very difficult season both on & off the pitch, but the problems haven't gone away they're simply masked by the achievement. Of course he won't be sacked, certainly if promotion is achieved, due to the running of the club & the sentimental views of those with their fingers on the button. Bit different but look at Portsmouth, Sean Raggett had a great championship winning season in L1 & won a player of the year award, however being released as the club in so many words recognise he won't make the step up & therefore they need to get in a better equipped replacement if they want to achieve in the championship. That mindset would never be evident at NCFC whilst current owners & management in place.
  2. Why the f**k they're returning on Wednesday morning just astounds me, things aren't rosy in the garden play-offs or not. But even with three days off there's an uncomfortable link to alcohol coming to the surface, yes some of it is conjecture (my comments included) but it is a common theme. For context who can imagine Farke giving Leeds three days off prior to the play-offs with their current problems, I can imagine they're laser focused.
  3. Well put & completely agree. I'm not sure it's the same pub in fairness, SD has been spreading the love whilst the Robert Kett has been closed for renovations!
  4. I can't back this up, just repeating what I've been told, but it could be Wagner has been back in Germany since the Birmingham match. Personally no issue with this whatsoever, perfectly understandable after his wife's health issues & some things more important etc, however I'd just hope that somebody is there cracking the whip & keeping the squad focused as this latest development isn't a good look certainly in the context of the footballing week ahead.
  5. I've seen & heard enough around my neck of the woods (Wymondham) over the past few months that this was inevitable unfortunately. Duffy & Gibson were also in Pogue Mahon's PoW sinking a few on Sunday evening after being at Newmarket Races, I get letting off steam & all that but going into our two biggest games of the season to date it's really poor. Surely this sort of stuff should be of the agenda now until the season ends (whenever that is) & certainly poor judgement in the public eye, yes we've reached the play-offs but as anybody who watched the Birmingham match will know we've many & varied issues still - largely with our centre backs ironically!
  6. It's the corner section between Regency stand (River End) & the South Stand (not sure what that's called these days!).
  7. And I won't be selling back to the club for pennies in return when they move it on again at full price.
  8. That's because I'm a season ticket holder that does not go to all the games.
  9. Hi I have one single ticket for the Ipswich match available in the Joma upper section. Please PM me for details if interested.
  10. I have 2 adult tickets available to sell in the lower barclay for tomorrows match vs Cardiff. Seated together in block C halfway up. Please message me if interested. Many thanks
  11. I have 2 adult tickets available seated together for Saturday's match vs Preston in the lower Barclay, block C. Please PM me if interested. Many thanks
  12. I have 2 adult tickets available seated together for tonight's match vs Middlebrough in the lower Barclay, block C. Please PM me if interested. Many thanks
  13. Fair point, certainly wasn’t meant that way. I would like to think any decent human being would find these events disturbing irrespective of status, and personally I would like the opportunity to pay respects.
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