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  1. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    Long-Bailey needs a new beautician that can get her eyebrows even -- I can only see them moving independently
  2. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    I have a great deal of sympathy for those innocent members of the public who have lost their lives.
  3. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    Are you referring to Corbyn’s conspiracists who were already claiming the incident as a ‘false flag’ operation earlier?: Aye, when you have sunk so low you have to scrape the barrel as have the Lefty, momentum thugs above, do you really wonder why Labour face GE annihilation? Are you simply too thick to understand the majority in this country don't want Steptoe, Communism or terrorism? You have some front questioning others IQ, sfb.
  4. Jools

    President Trump

  5. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    It has been confirmed that it was a terrorist attack... Who or what are you trying to defend? Do you have any sympathy for the injured members of the public?
  6. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    There is a rumour going round that Channel 4 has commissioned an ice sculpture of Boris Johnson to melt in his absence during tonight’s televised debate on the “climate change emergency”. Channel 4 are getting very indignant that the PM is not going to do their show. Why this should be a surprise when the channel’s news and current affairs boss calls him a liar, the channel’s senior anchorman shouts “f**k the Tories” in public and the news show selects subjects that suit its left-wing agenda. Hardly a surprise when half the presenters are virtually left-wing campaigners… The single-subject debate is in itself contentious. Would Channel 4 hold a debate on the “knife crime emergency” or the “rising taxes crisis”? It is not a neutral subject to choose. The key issue in this election is the Brexit deadlock, not carbon dioxide. That the Tories are taking a hard line against Channel 4 should not surprise anyone. It makes no sense to feed the trolls… November 28, 2019 at 3:11 pm
  7. Jools

    Rain Forest

    Following their treatment over tonight’s absurd climate debate, Lee Cain has formally complained to OFCOM about channel 4’s bias. Read it in full here: https://www.scribd.com/document/437383864/Conservative-Ofcom-complaint-channel-4#from_embed
  8. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    Grow up, KiO.
  9. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    Or even better, how about you cut the cr@p, drop the Reductio ad Hitlerum and realise that the Labour Party have too many members who have proven to be anti-semitic and the ones that aren't have done naff all about it -- If it were any other Party, especially the Conservatives, ffs, it would be rightly condemned and treated as a national scandal --- Unfit for office doesn't begin to describe the majority of Labour MPs. Only today that vile creature, Len McCluskey, said the following: “The reality is this. Everybody should be concerned and sorry about the type of hurt that has been caused by the Jewish community.” Really? Do you seriously condone that? Yes, I reckon you do... Oh, well... At least Red Len and sfb people like you are helpfully keeping Labour's antisemitism at the forefront which can only damage them further.
  10. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    As well as tearing apart “private prosecutor” Marcus J. Ball for his comical attempt to bring a lawsuit against Boris over the £350 million a week figure, the High Court judgment also had something very interesting to say about the £350 million figure itself. Remain leaning legal commentators have ignored this bit of the Judge’s ruling: “The alleged offence set out in the Application for Summons is that the Claimant “repeatedly made and endorsed false and misleading statements concerning the cost of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union”. It appears that if the Claimant had said/endorsed a figure of £350m per week gross, or £250m per week net, there would have been no complaint.” As Remain and Leave campaigners well know, Boris repeatedly did make it clear during the referendum that £350 million a week was the gross figure. Here he is on GMB in June 2016 explaining in detail over several minutes how £350 million a week/£20 billion a year is the gross figure while £10.5 billion a year is the net figure, he’s also explicit about the distinction on Marr and in numerous other speeches including the big BBC debate just before the referendum. Boris did exactly what the judges said he should have done for there to be no complaint. Case closed
  11. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    Allow me to cut to the chase, Purple: Jewish UK population - 280,000 and decreasing - 200,000 eligible voters? Muslim UK population - 4,000,000 and increasing - 2,000,000+ eligible voters Muslim's favourite UK political Party and the one most likely to vote for - Labour
  12. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    And today I/We get an answer: The BBC is reporting Labour woke up this morning, saw the results of YouGov’s MRP constituency poll and finally realised the British public care about Brexit. It seems like only yesterday Labour took Sky News to court for describing this as the ‘Brexit Election’… So Labour are going to replace one set of lies, which aren't working, with another set of lies that they think are more likely to delude voters
  13. Jools

    The Brexit Thread

    The problem for Labour now is their big NHS conspiracy theory stunt (which has seriously backfired) was intended for a day or two before election day as their big final gotcha, but they had to bring it forward to distract from the Neil car crash ... Not sure what else they have left now.