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  1. Jools

    Brentford v Leeds

  2. Jools

    Brentford v Leeds

  3. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

    Frustrating. This team should be up already.
  4. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

    Lose this today and even second place and automatic promotion is threatened. And Keelan's Grandad says "No pressure"
  5. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

    He needs to change his boots or some f*cking thing.
  6. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

  7. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

    Do you recognise the pressure we're feeling now?
  8. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

    Are Hull even fecking trying?
  9. Jools

    Today’s games 🐥

  10. Jools

    The Brexit Party

    Populists on Course to Become Largest French Party in EU Parliament Election The populist National Rally could win the most European Parliament seats of any French party, with their campaign spearheaded by one of the youngest candidates in the race. The National Rally (Rassemblement National/RN) has been polling strongly for several months, often neck and neck with the Republic on the Move (La République en Marche!/LREM), the party of French President Emmanuel Macron. According to some recent polls, the party is expected to be in the running to win the most seats, with 23-year-old Jordan Bardella, the leading RN candidate, being dubbed the “crown prince” of the party, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports. Bardella gave an interview to the Financial Times in January saying, “we are going to fight to go to the European Commission to reclaim our four levers of sovereignty that are to us essential — our borders, economic and legislative sovereignty, and budget control.” The candidate also commented on the French president’s handling of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement saying, “He refuses to listen to the people and insults them whenever he can.” Having joined the party at the age of 16, Bardella became the leading candidate in the European elections earlier this year. It fills one with hope to see that even the young are now afraid of what is happening in Europe and want to stop the destruction before it gets any worse
  11. Jools

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Is that your Jonathan Ross impersonation?
  12. Jools

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Len, the likes of Billock & Herman are too far to the Left to ever admit they're wrong about anything. In the meantime, mass hysteria is now breaking out in the Democratic party's propaganda arm in Britain, the BBC, following the Mueller findings that there was no Russia collusion. A quick scan at their website reveals desperate attempts to spin Mueller's findings in favour of the Democrats, totally ignoring the fact that all but one of Mueller's top team were large donators to the Clinton Democrats
  13. Jools

    President Trump