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  1. Leitner, Cantwell or Vrancic have all shown they know what they are doing. I bet all three are champing at the bit to be involved over the next three games.
  2. Wolves lost nearly £60 million in the season they got promoted. http://financialfootballnews.com/wolves-fcs-2018-finances-financial-fosun-play/ I would think there is a reasonable chance we might almost break even this year. I wonder which way is the most sustainable????
  3. Wigan is the earliest day it can happen if Leeds draw one game and lose the other this week and we win both. My money is on Stoke away though.
  4. Very dark days for the binners. Your team is the worst in the division for some years, your nearest rivals are too of the League and heading for promotion, and your TWO new managers this year are ****e. Happy days.
  5. Its coming to something when you are relying on teams getting points deductions ( and big ones at that) to get your club a bit up the table.........or less cut a drift in their case.
  6. A Leeds win. Sheffield have a tougher run in than Leeds.
  7. Allegedly sacked in the dressing room in front of the players.
  8. Just shows how bad management can destroy a club. Could be 1p5wich in a few years time.
  9. Lots of games to play and twist and turns to come. As long as we keep playing as we are, then I think we are the team the others will want to finish above
  10. WBA look poor to me. Great strikers but no pattern to their play.
  11. His second goal today was absolute top drawer. Pure genus.
  12. Time for McLean to step up to the mark. We heard lots about him pre season. Now let's see what we signed him for. Can take a free kick too and hopefully a penalty.
  13. Bolton winning and Rotherham getting a point is bad news for Pisswich.
  14. C'mon though where would we get our comedy gold from if the Government submerged the place?
  15. The meandering words of an increasingly desperate man. 2 relegations in 2 seasons will speak louder than words.
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