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  1. And just to add there are some very good people working within HMRC but as a government department, its shambolic and falling apart at the seams.
  2. You have no idea what you are talking about. And just for your information i do not and never would condone the use of offshore tax havens, its a form of stealing. BUt it happens because the UK Government allows it to happen and no other reason. They could stop it tomorrow but refuse to do so.
  3. I work with HMRC every day in my job. They are a shambolic institution. They are refusing to refund tax that companies are due. Yet they paid furlough to companies who never should have been allowed to claim it. just today I have phoned HMRC to ask them to set off CIS tax the company has deducted in 2014 against a 2021 liability that they had already referred to a debt collection agency. HMRC agreed to do it but they say the date it’s likely to be actioned by is 21 March next year!!!!!! and most of their staff are still working from home.
  4. If HMRC ran the club it would be worse than going bust. They couldn’t run a bath.
  5. Why should football clubs have different rules to other businesses in financial difficulty? Its time HMRC showed they will not allow football clubs to abuse the tax system by ignoring their liabilities. Remember every non payer means either the burden falls on you and me or its another public service, maybe the NHS, that loses out. It might knock some sense of reality into football club spending.
  6. We would have lost all of our last 3 games just a few weeks ago. That to me is significant progress in a very short time.
  7. Yep I said the same. What is the difference? Other than one club is owned by one of the richest families in the world and the other is a relative pauper.
  8. Tuesday is the game for us to take all three points. They would be worth double that.
  9. Go one size up in my experience. They are on the small side.
  10. All falling apart again it would seem.
  11. I quite like it actually. Nothing drastic, just a modernisation really.
  12. Skipp back on loan in Jan now Conte is in charge at Spurs?
  13. Todd to play a blinder set one up and score one. City 2 Soton 0
  14. I can see why we want to appoint him from watching that.
  15. He might turn us down yet. Its not an exciting appointment in the way Knutsen would be but if he is appointed, then I and hopefully everyone else will get behind him and see if we can achieve the impossible.
  16. Villa sacked hm because they didn't think he could keep them up.
  17. Managerial record...underwhelmimg doesn't begin to describe it. Walsall 4 January 2011 30 November 2015 Pl 260 W 84 D 96 L 80 32.31 [101] Brentford 30 November 2015 10 October 2018 143 57 35 51 39.86 [101] Aston Villa 10 October 2018 7 November 2021 139 55 28 56 39.5
  18. That should get a few more betting addicts splashing cash they don't have to help fund the Talks**te radio station.
  19. Dean Smith's win ratio at Villa is 43%, worse than Lampards at Chelsea and the same as his at Derby.
  20. It’s amazing how many have been moaning about lack of big money investors for years and suddenly it appears the club are going to appoint a high profile manager who is more likely to make that happen and then they moan we are only appointing him because of his name, despite the fact Chelsea were happy to appoint him. if FL is successful here I bet there will be a queue of wealthy people hoping to grab a slice of it to boost their own ego.
  21. and won 2 games since January.
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