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  1. Not many, the Japanese are a very well organised society though. Officially: One.
  2. So basically one players Lewandowski and the rest are Larry, Garry, Barry, Steve, Mike, Jack , Richard, Mark, Thomas and Paul down the local Pub after they've eaten nothing but Pork Pies and High percentage Vodka all season.
  3. I think in Male Ticket prices yeah (Though West Ham have the cheapest tickets this season of any Premier League club £330). (I think) in this case it's the exception and not the rule, different parameters, different rules and Finances effect Womans Football, and as I don't know the extent of those parameters I don't feel qualified to comment further.
  4. Not even close I'm not based in East Anglia or the home counties, and I'll leave it at that. I wish I could but don't think it's safe to say where I live anywhere online.
  5. And the other things from you pov?
  6. Do you mean the swaggering of Regal Wealth for all to see or something else?
  7. Never a truer word spoken in Jest.
  8. How many People actually give two s**** about the Monarchy though? You see people waving there flags out in streets during Royal Celebrations, but it feels to me just another reason to celebrate something, I don't remember any of my classmates caring during the Diamond Jubilee, it was just a Tea Party for most of them. The Royals have there uses mind very limited uses but still useful. Also I doubt the Panama Papers have helped any of 'em. I'd keep prince Charles, the rest, I don't care.
  9. F****** h*** yes. At this rate I'll go the same way as the Wicked Witch of the West.
  10. I wish we had the togetherness and rebellious nature the French have in most cases. We have Mike Lynch, Martin Lewis and apparently now Judge Rinder and some Unionists, who people seem to have polarising views on. They had the Yellowjackets, tell me which is more intimidating?
  11. Tell him to get a Food Hygiene certificate grow a styled Beard and wear a Dandy Suit. To be fair if you support Dulwich Hamlet you probably have at least two of those things.
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