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  1. It has a massive future from a Financial/Sponsorship perspective as well, and it's starting to show signs.
  2. Other than Channel 4 none of those are Left Wing. The Guardian is borderline.
  3. Assuming you aren't joking; I posed the question from a neutral perspective to see what the opinions and general consensus are; hardly makes me Sh*tswich fan now does it?
  4. Palestine is not officially classed as a country (neutral statement). State of Palestine - Wikipedia
  5. As a theoretical question; I'm more curious than anything. Would we be better off purely from a Financial aspect being a mid table mediocre team in the Champo for say five seasons or League One for the same amount of time?
  6. I asked this question same time last year so I might as well do it again. (No I don't want your fantasy Premier League signings keep it at the very least semi realistic please). Strikers; Centre Halfs; Goalkeepers; New sporting Directors etc...
  7. They were doing a good job of that of there own accord up until recently; Wednesday could still leapfrog them though.
  8. Has scored 21 goals in Scottish Premiership this season second only to Furuhashi; He's 27 and plays for Hearts. (I'm gonna get in trouble for making theoretical transfer suggestions again aren't I). In the previous two Seasons he scored 5 Goals in the Belgian Pro League and 8 the season before in the Scottish Premiership; His only two seasons scoring in Top flight Football. Spent most of his early career in Semi Pro Scottish Football. Wikipedia reckons he's scored 140 Goals across his career though so not shy of the goal but mostly in the lower reaches of Scottish Football. He has two years remaining on his current deal. He also had two back to back Season in the Scottish championship where he scored a cumulative 50 goals.
  9. We're not going to sign someone better than Pukki. We can sign someone who has the potential to be possibly at a stretch even to Pukki; eventually. To get a Pukki equivalent we'll be looking at Farke Era signings again.
  10. I made the Langstaff post because I thought that was a bit more realistic because he will attract Championship interest; and he's spent his career climbing the Leagues; he'll be hungrier. along with the fact that he's (almost) 3 years younger; But ignoring that I still expect him to stay at County. Both Wrexham and County are ridiculously Rich even by Lower end Football League standards: the only reason there still there is that getting out of the National League is like climbing a sheer wall with toothpicks for assistance.
  11. He's 29; the age alone is off putting; Vardy was 25/26 when he signed for Leicester big, big difference. Your effectively buying a player who'll realistically physically decline within 2-3 years; for a lot of Money and on a high wage (He was offered per week £9k to move down a division and I assume his contract is long as well) That's probably not much less than what any championship club would offer anyway; I just don't see it.
  12. Hard to tell on here what is and isn't a joke; and the last time I heard the reference being made it wasn't a joke.
  13. Does he want to stay; I suspect he does; hence the devils advocate part. Blackburn have kept Ben Brereton Diaz for as long as they have so we should be able to keep Sargent. But do Sargent and Idah want to compete with each other and how long would Sargent want to stay until a bigger club comes in for him?
  14. Hardly the same 14 goals in half a season though impressive is a lot less than 41 in a full season; and it was two divisions lower; 7th tier compared to the 5th and a non Professional League ; which to all intense and purposes the National League now is bar 3 clubs (Maidenhead, Dorking and Wealdstone) Langstaff has broken the National League record for goals and Mullin who scored 31 goals at Cambridge in League Two is on 36 ad he's two years older; stats are just stats but I doubt he's a Cody McDonald. And if stats are true he's at least on par with where Mullin was two Years ago.
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