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  1. Yes...we do need VAR. What we don’t need are the monkeys watching the monitors!
  2. If the pension contribution plan is true - I haven’t done my homework- then to me, that verges on criminal. To place the future financial well being of people and their families on an investment in ITFC is ludicrous. There is no way in hell that that investment is going to offer an ROI that warrants the risk. There are far stronger options available to investors than a flailing and failed football club.
  3. Amen. It is truly mind boggling how fans lose sight of the boundary of ownership and begin to believe that it’s actually ‘their’ club and the owners must explain their decisions to everyone’s satisfaction.
  4. When someone continuously blames everything else for their failings, then they have a psychological problem.
  5. Weird thing aside..... because that would be class A2 weird..... you would’ve thought that at the very least there’d be a performance clause in his contract that would allow for Lambert being fired without compensation. If Evans failed to include such a clause, then the two of them deserve each other!
  6. Absolutely....but no American system of sport has a promotion/relegation dynamic. Further, the American systems have a ‘draft’ that allows the worst teams from the previous season to pick the best new talent. This helps prevents the better/richer teams from monopolizing the system. This is a strong reason why the sports systems in America work with the salary cap system.
  7. Exactly. The idea of a salary cap is ridiculous. Imagine if the government tried to put salary caps with regards how much a company can pay it's employees, or a movie production company was told how much they are allowed to pay the actors who star in their films? Everybody should be paid what they are worth in respect to how much the market place is able to afford to pay. Football is fundamentally a business of entertainment. They should be treated as any other business. If a club operates with a poor business model and makes poor business decisions, then they only have themselves to blame when it falls into ruin. I for one am worried when the day comes that Webber and Farke move on. I truly believe that NCFC is one of the best run clubs in the country and I give most of the credit to them. The business model and attitude they have put in place is second to none. Why should such a well run club as ours be subjected to the restrictions brought about by other clubs making unsound business decisions?
  8. ??? So you're okay with him having a mini tantrum because he didn't get the foul called in his favor? Fair enough. Apologies...maybe I misinterpreted your tone. If that was a legitimate question, then yes. That was the moment I'm referring to.
  9. Absolutely! Give him more game time and he could be taking over from Krul when the day comes he hangs up his boots.
  10. Agreed. I think Emi was marked so much it gave Cantwell the space to shine today. But was Hanley doing for their goal?
  11. Agreed. Sometimes it feels as though the players lack a sense of urgency, knowing they'll create more chances later in the game. If this is the case -of creating multiple chances- they need to work on the clinical finishing when presented the opportunity, because they won't be as forthcoming in the Prem.
  12. Ah....no..... Not sure I was talking about Hugill's playing. It was his antics at the end when he was rolling on the floor like a child. Overall Hugill put it a good shift and made the defenders work.
  13. Nope. If it'd been Holt, I would say the same thing. It was amature and childish.
  14. I've never seen a player grab hold of the ball, curl into the fetal position and roll around not letting anyone have it. Seemed very childish.
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