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  1. Exactly. It always makes me smile when people suggest spending other people’s money, to make them happy.
  2. Paul Lambert isn't that good. Sorry. His results here seem to be a flash in the pan of his career. Apart from his time at NCFC, he's been terrible. Move on......
  3. If you think they’ll listen to you, sure. Give it a go. Or, you can just whinge about it. Your choice.
  4. Delia was 100% correct in her saying that 20% of the fans are winghers and there was no condescension involved. I know this because you can visit any restaurant, work place, pub, online forum, and probably many homes and find that 20% of the people (at least) in that space are whinging about something. Nothing new in that stat. And, honestly, if those of you who are upset by her comment don’t like her, or her opinions anyway, then why waist your time whinging about her? If your response is, “she’s an old, out of touch lady who doesn’t understand that the fans are the lifeblood of the club and she ruining it” style of whinging, then it’s time to wake up. She can say what she wants because she OWNS the club. And you, as a fan, can take your hard earned pounds somewhere else. Simples. But to hear so many people whinging about Delia whinging about a portion of the fans whinging…….hilarious! And before someone more clever than I makes the statement that I’m whinging about people whinging about Delia whinging about fans whinging…..you could be right… Anyway, move on. We have a playoff position to fight for.
  5. Can you imagine the disarray if McLean had nicked it at the end?! Oh how beautiful that would've been to witness.
  6. Exactly. I am very much looking forward to playing the return game at Carrow Rd. on April 6th, with the hopes that we have a full team in full swing fighting for 3rd and pressuring for 2nd. Who knows, maybe the lack of an expected win for Ip5hit today and not breaking the 14/15 year drought at home, and following everything you outlined above, might just be the psychological seed needed to begin the meltdown of their season!
  7. If you’re splitting hairs, then surely you mean Liverpool.
  8. This. I, as any professional would, would be embarrassed at the current level of quality for what I was being paid. (EDIT: For clarity, I am not a professional football player. My thought here is more acting and performing as a professional in any profession.) I don’t give a crap if the strategy is off, the tactics are wrong, fitness is off, too many games in a short span of time, subs didn’t work out, etc…. Heck, I’ll even accept the lack of passion because there’s a falling out with style of play or being played out of position. But, all of that does not excuse the inability to simply pass and possess a ball competently. That is fundamental to what the players are being paid for. If I was the SD I’d tell the players that unless performances begin to improve, then their wages will begin to be docked for poor performances. They are paid to do a job, that they are simply not doing. The players need to own the portion of responsibility that falls clear on their shoulders and be held accountable when they’re not, just like any other job.
  9. To answer the OP’s questions. 1. No. The recent results are nothing more than deceptive. What bothers me the most is how disjointed the team became after a few injuries. The team was looking to stomp this league at the beginning of the season. Some could say that the injuries to a few key players is what has caused the disfunction, and to a degree I would agree. But the players train together, study together and play together, so why such a painful level of disjointedness during the games? 2. For me, an embarrassingly dominating 3-0 win by Ip5hit should be enough for Wagner to have to clean his desk out.
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