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  1. Farke has very little (if any) coaches at the club with sufficient experience of the English game. Just look at Edward Riemer's CV. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense. Trouble is that 'a lot of sense' and The Cook are worlds apart I'm afraid. Neither she nor the prickly Webber have any intention of .........'undermining poor Daniel'!!
  2. Agreed! Good to see that others are now admitting what I've been saying for years and years!
  3. At last - someone who agrees with pretty much everything I've said about The Cook since Day One only to be dismissed by most other fans. Oh and you forgot the worst example which was Worthy! She should never be allowed anywhere near controlling what happens at FCR.
  4. Quite probably. However, he / the club must (at costs) avoid the .........'DF type clone' mantra that Huddersfield followed to disastrous effect when they replaced Wagner. Can't recall the blokes name but he lasted a few weeks / months and was (if stories are correct) hopelessly out of his depth. I also don't necessarily buy this notion that 'lampard wouldn't come unless he had shedloads to spend' argument. At Derby he didn't have that and did a damn good job. Ditto first season at Chelsea. Things only did start to unravel when he WAS given barrow loads of Russian money! Maybe, just maybe he will have acknowledged that and if he has the desire to work again would welcome a Norwich type job. Full house every week, undemanding Board, undemanding fan base and 'great' (apparently) training facilities. If you don't ask you will never know will you!
  5. But if you don't pay a transfer fee like the £9M we shelled out three times (!) then you can afford the higher wages as it's surely the total expenditure over the length of the contract that is the important financial factor?
  6. But Everton just spent £1.5M on Demari Grey and Andros Townsend (leaving aside signing on fees) and those players (at the moment) are light years ahead of those we recruited. Yes they are almost certainly paying them more but both players know the PL and English football. Our 'record' signings (all three) had NIL experience. Even if Grey and Townsend are on £80k per week you can do the maths yourself and it would be years before Everton's outlay even matches that to which we are contractually obligated with the transfer fees. Grey and Townsend have ALREADY scored SEVEN goals between them. How many has our entire team scored? It was seriously bad recruitment. End of.
  7. Agreed - much as we have had the upper hand for many years and scorned at their demise, the wheel may yet turn full circle. We will definitely be in the Championship next season whilst (after a sluggish start) they are likely to be play offs or possibly better. I was there in 2009 when they effectively relegated us. We have to steel ourselves for the possibility that the bragging rights could move over regrettably though it will be.
  8. The simple notion put forward by many is....'keep hold of Farke, he knows how to get promotion and we'll bounce straight back'. This is (of course) straight out of the latest Delia Smith cook book for how to compete in that dastardly world of the PL. Couple that with sell off your best players to balance the books thus complying with the 'self funding' model. Thing is, though, everything goes in cycles and to blindly assume we will automatically get promoted AGAIN next season could well turn out to be wishful thinking. Relegation was always likely but for the self funding model to keep us solvent it was necessary to compete right until the end, get to about 35 points and just be edged out on the last day of the season. Then few would have any real complaints and a number of players (if they wanted out) could probably be sold for significant fees. The way this campaign is rapidly collapsing is set to be disastrous. We could easily fail to get to ten points and fail to score even 20 goals (both these seemingly easily achievable targets now look a lifetime away!). IF that happens then the fees we might generate on sales will be a fraction of that budgeted for. Just one example - if Sargent ends up with say a couple of goals, who the hell is going to pay NINE MILLION £'s for him? No-one of course and hence we make a loss. Ditto Tzolis and ditto Rashica. Top that with Kabak and Normann returning to sender and suddenly the picture looks far from rosy. £35M for Cantwell now looks a misty eyed dream in addition. In that quite realistic scenario, our Championship prospects look much more unstable with mid table the likely outcome. We have had 13 seasons now of 6 in the PL(with 4 relegations if you assume this season is lost), 6 in the Championship (with 4 promotions) and 1 in Division one (Champions). The constant 'yo, yoing' is likely to stutter to a stop. Nothing last for ever and next season could be extremely difficult if pride, goals and points can't very soon be rescued from this complete shambles.
  9. Whys is that 'fantasy'? She wants to 'hand the club' to her nephew. That is basically saying..........'the club is not for sale'. o
  10. (B) is the rationale behind the much hyped 'self funding model'. Whilst you have a steady conveyor belt of talent to sell and create profit then the model can (arguably) be justified. This season is rapidly turning into such a shambles that player sales in January and or next summer are very unlikely to do so this time round. Cantwell - at the moment we would be lucky to get anywhere near £10M for him due to the current issues. £30M+ ? No chance. Air Rons - again, nowhere near £30M AO will be the only one who could generate a real fee such is his potential and (importantly) he is (so far) untainted by this farce. Rashica / Sergent / Tzolis - to even 'get our money back' we would need to con buyers into giving us £30M!! Nil chance of that I'm afraid.
  11. Agreed. The Cook will have to be dragged (quite literally) to sack Herr Farke unless Webber demands she do so and threatens to leave unless action is taken. The latter won't happen though as Webber is simply running down his contract.
  12. Agreed - I have said this for ages. Once the fans start 'to turn' he will do a P Grant or N Adams.
  13. Unfortunately I thought you were referring to The Stowmarket Two when you used the word 'they'!!
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