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  1. Kalashnikovs at the ready for our (still employed) Sporting Director then! Has NCFC ever given any player such a lengthy contract I wonder? Can't recall any such situation. I have never heard Webber explain this or, indeed, been asked the question. I will, of course, humbly apologise if I may have missed such proclamation. It was (and remains) seriously bizarre.
  2. Sorry to disappoint you but the boy will actually be 34(!!) on October 30th according to player profile. Knee injuries take that much longer (well indeed any injury) the older you get. The fact that he walked off the pitch (twice) may indicate it's not too serious.
  3. Surely not! In my most humble of opinions, S&J have had more than enough time to 'vet' MA (and likewise to be fair). This whole saga has been going on for probably the best part of two years now.
  4. Well they're both vastly different in terms of age, experience and backgrounds it looks like. Alexander spent 26 years as CEO at Palace whilst Cox has focused on sports science and then developing youngsters with emphasis on mental health and well being.
  5. Helped considerably by the old 'Duffer' in the middle of our defence whacking the ball away in true 'get rid of it' style in the second half!
  6. Of course they will. Saint Delia has made a pronouncement and the sheep will meekly trudge through the gate she has opened for them.
  7. I don’t think it has any bearing on the game, but as soon as you mention Norwich to me I only associate it with good memories," he continued. "Norwich were the club who took a chance on me when most others probably wouldn't have done. "I was a completely unknown coming from Scotland and had only managed for a short period of time to then take on the Norwich job, which is a big job. "I’m eternally grateful for that. I owe the owners, who are still there, a huge debt of gratitude." I will always regret things didn't work out for him in that Championship season after relegation but despite being sacked he has never bad mouthed the fans or the club. Hope he can get another promotion under his belt but not at our expense of course!
  8. Indeed they have but also two truly awful and immediate relegations. For context should not they be mentioned?
  9. Agreed Gibbs did look good although played totally out of position as we slung over a load of aimless crosses! Point is that a Nunez absence seriously weakens midfield creativity. It was bizarre beyond any reasonable comprehension for Nunez to be left on the bench last Saturday only to have the manager then come out and say how wonderful he is and should be starting!
  10. Well that's us stuffed then. Oh wait, we have the delights of the old crocked Leeds reject to look forward to!
  11. Indeed, I remember them all! PW certainly had ideas above his station but was a character for all that. Will be interesting to see how the 'EGM' goes. Any comment remotely resembling 'contention' will receive the usual glare of disdain from a certain person for sure.
  12. They have not sold their shares yet and there appears to be nothing in this recent announcement tying them into any particular selling price. That said, I do agree with the gist of your sentiment but if that happens (i.e. they walk away with zero profit) then that is only what they (or at least D Smith as the partner very rarely opens his mouth) have said all the way along. Quite why they should be openly fawned over for merely doing (or 'might' do) what they said is beyond me. Yes, it's generous, we all accept that but this was their stance years ago. Fair play to them.
  13. They have not 'sold the club' to MA at all. He now owns 40% as do The Stowmarket Two. That is not 'control'. Such 'control' may come further down the line either via another share issue or by him buying their shares. He certainly now has a strong influence but that is a world away from 'control'.
  14. Clearly not when we had TWO keepers on the bench. Quite what Nacho has got to do to get meaningful minutes is beyond me. We were crying out for creativity yesterday yet he remained firmly benched whilst midfielders , wide players and even full backs were chucked on. Very bizarre especially seeing Gibbs trying to play as a striker!
  15. Yes and the only way of doing that (notwithstanding any Atannasio investment) is to sell players. So Big Vince is spot on in his first post. The club have told us we do NOT need to sell when it was painfully obvious to every single fan that they did have to.
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