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  1. They are now but that's solely on the back of results this season and our league position. Does Smith deserve credit for that? Of course, it would be churlish to deny that. However, if you were to trawl back through this forum and look at the posts during that appalling Project Restart, you would be hard pressed to locate your 'huge majority'. Such is the fickleness of football fans as we both know.
  2. Please elaborate and provide evidence of anything in my post that equates to being 'glass half empty'? In fact quite the opposite if you care to take another read. However, my main assertion is that if anyone thinks that we are going to remain in this superior position v Ipswich for ever and a day are likely to be proved wrong. They will bounce back as most things go in cycles. Not that many years ago Celtic fans were crowing at the downfall (on and off the field) of their bitter rivals. They're not now are they?
  3. Smith has repeatedly said that ............'she is acting as custodian of the club for the fans who are the true owners'. If she were true to her word then (at the very least) she would have explored options for her shares and then made an objective decision. For all we know she MAY have done precisely that e.g. talked to wealthy local business people and sounded them out. I very much doubt that happened. I want the most suitable person to be appointed (or should that be 'anointed' ?) as new owner when The Cook finally decides to call it a day. I have precious little confidence in her decision making process that ended with nephew Tom being 'the chosen one'
  4. First 'Happy Clapper' to put me firmly in my place! Suspect many, many more will follow. Quite how the poster thought I was 'glass half empty' though is strange. Still, I assume he / she has their reasons.
  5. Whilst I would want to see the detail in the takeover and the real intentions of the new owners, it does seem quite remarkable that they are able to attract this interest (ok so 'beggars can't be choosers' I suppose and Evans is probably desperate to get out) yet there ........................'have never been any approach for NCFC' (according to our owner). You would think (surely) that the new owners would want an 'asset' (in real estate terms) to own / control / realise but in ITFC they have none (to speak of). In NCFC any new owner WOULD have a realisable asset yet ..........'no-one has ever come forward'. No doubt most on this forum will continue to believe The Cook's version of things. Forgive me for taking a different perspective. Would I swop their overall position for ours? Of course not, only a Fool would. That said, every dog has it's day and if their takeover does truly reinvigorate the club and their 'massive' support then our period of dominance both on and off the grass may draw towards it's sunset phase. Nowhere near that yet as the 'two division' gap between us may well be resumed in the summer. That can disappear very quickly though. After all our 'track record' of establishing ourselves in the top league is not exactly impressive is it!! Just to be 100% clear, I do NOT want an 'American owner', nor a 'Chinese owner' yet neither do I want our club to stay in the same family ownership to the exclusion of every other potential scenario.
  6. Not exactly sure which Pukki you've watched for last three years but the point you made (highlighted) does certainly NOT apply to the Pukki who has played for us! 'Good in the air' - really??
  7. Totally agree about Pukki and 'a serious second striker' but (unfortunately) whoever that guy is will simply kick his heels on the bench like Rhodes, Drmic, Idah, Hugill..................you see the point I'm making??). Although promotion this season will be a huge achievement for Farke, I can only see next season being a massive, crushing disappointment (again). Reason? His marked stubbornness to use his squad. A leopard cannot and does not change it's spots I'm afraid.
  8. Sadly, I fear you may be correct. If so that will be a serious indictment of Farke's much hyped managerial 'genius'.
  9. Zero chance of Dowell starting or indeed any changes (unless injuries / illness dictate otherwise). We should all know by now it's not the Farke way. This season (the run of games when we had many players out injured excepted) he has had a large squad yet fails to utilise it. Churlish to complain of course as the table confirms he knows best as far as results go. However, his reluctance to use his squad can (in my opinion) lead to problems with many players going months and months with barely a few minutes here and there of game time. Take last season's appalling post restart run in. Pukki was shot and Drmic no better yet Idah was totally ignored! Both Hugill and Idah have had injuries this season but (again) Pukki is first choice in every single league game (almost) whether he's scoring or not. This selection will carry on until the end of the season and we will be absolutely no further forward in having other forwards to bring in should Pukki get injured / lose form. The whole charade will begin again in August! For 'Idah' read 'Dowell', same principle. MK suggests Stieperman will be back soon as our No 10. If that happens then Farke really has got serious selection judgement questions to answer!!
  10. For all the salivating hype about Buendia, the boy Skipp should be POTS by a country mile if the votes were cast now. CS is right (above). Don't think I have ever seen a Norwich player who is so consistent, never gets involved in 'on the field stuff', tremendous engine and great all round team player. Late on in the game today, a ball got played in to our box, headed on by one of their forwards and looked to be falling to another white shirt who would have had a pretty much open goal from six yards. Suddenly a yellow shirt appeared and nicked the ball away at the last moment. No prizes for correct answer. One of the few bright spots for Yids in last few weeks (if you look at their main fans forum) is the form of Skipp who they are drooling over welcoming back next season. Don't think they will be disappointed.
  11. Agreed - in fact this is exactly what Steve Baker and that group of Tory MP's said earlier in the week. For balance, it's good to see at least one poster endorsing that policy instead of the usual 'anti Tory / Johnson/ Government' tirade of abuse from many on here that followed Bakers announcement on Monday. We cannot keep the country in perpetual lockdown (and hope that 'someone else' foots the bill) after vaccination of the main vulnerable groups 'just in case something terrifying develops'. Of course the virus has caused many deaths and severe illness of thousands but the unrelenting media hype for a year now is a disgrace as the hundreds who die of all other conditions are totally ignored.
  12. 100% agree Alex. Even worse than the knee gesture is the obligatory sermon from the commentator. With the apparent increase in the racist postings online in recent weeks, it's clear the knee gesture is well past it's sell by date. The authors of the racist abuse need to be identified and punished publicly. That would be a far more effective policy than 'the knee'. Hopefully NCFC will follow Brentford's lead.
  13. The more you watch Skipp the more you realise that he should be POTS by an absolute country mile.
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