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  1. yellowrider120

    That 60 minute feeling

    Precisely why Herr Farke is not (and never will be) this God like manager that most fans blindly think he is. Srbeny made it abundantly clear he'd had enough and headed for the exit. As usual, the only other centre forward option got a measly 5 minutes + injury time. Farke is NOT pro active during game time. Contrast with Wilder (who most fans despise and I share the reasons) who will actively shake things up, change the formation and personnel when necessary. Quick look at the table shows you which approach has worked better. Still - all hail The Cook and Herr Farke I say!
  2. yellowrider120

    Press Conference

    Agree with this entirely. It beggars belief that Farke went with the same defensive unit that shipped so many goals in a lower standard of football. Add to that the fact that Klose was ......'managing a knee issue' during early pre season whilst a loan offer from Blackburn for Hanley was (apparently) left to the player to either accept or reject surely tells it's own story. As to the centre forward, we have one player who is a permanent fixture and quite simply thrashed to death each and every game because the manager either has no alternatives or simply refuses to give them any meaningful game time (West Ham away is classic example when Fake sat on his hands for 20 minutes after we conceded the second. Drmic wandered up and down the touchline during that time and must have been wondering what the hell he had to do to get on!!).
  3. yellowrider120

    Farke getting off lightly

    Pretty much agree with this Ray although the description 'mediocre manager' is a tad harsh. Some of the football played last season and at times this campaign has been truly outstanding. In terms of pure 'football' Farkes team is the best I've seen since starting to watch the Yellows in the very late 1960's. However, best 'team' they most certainly aren't (IMO) as the frailties and predictable style have remained unaltered. The Sheffield Utd home game was a huge example of how Farke completely misread what was required at half time (or the players simply ignored him maybe!). As the players went off the field, I said to my son that 'a storm is coming early second half and Farke has to deal with that from the start'. Anyone who knows Wilder knew what was going to happen but we were totally unprepared for it it seemed. For the first ten minutes or so we needed to keep the ball as far away from our goal as we could and if that meant 'going long and pushing up to win the second ball' then that's exactly what we had to do. We didn't and the result was a foregone conclusion. That is why (to my mind) there are serious question marks about his overall man management abilities in match day situations (like that).
  4. yellowrider120

    Time to go 4-4-2?

    Thing is,though, that (Cantwell apart) these other 'attacking midfielders' pose very little goal threat whatsoever. In fact so much so that McLean, Buendia and Hernandez have scored a massive TWO goals between them this season!!! If you insist on playing a lone striker that is the Farke DNA then you simply MUST have at least two, possibly three midfielders who are going to get you 7 or 8 goals (at least) each. That is not happening here so I totally agree with Since 1980 that we should at least TRY two up front and In so doing) varying our attacking style somewhat. It would give opposition managers something to think about because we have been frighteningly predictable this season.
  5. yellowrider120

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Mr Circle - I'm actually a tad slow on the up take at times so I'm not really sure whether you are truly serious in your comments or are on the most enormous wind up known to man! I did NOT say that 'the fans own the club'. What I did say is that The Cook inferred that we did. Significant difference I'm sure you'll agree. Thing is that without 'fans', this club, any club ceases to exist. I have never, ever urged the club to spend 'tens of millions of pounds'. Perhaps you can retrieve a post of mine where I have made such a suggestion?
  6. yellowrider120

    Not unlucky. Not clever.

    Agree with you Dean 100%! In fact the following wording is sheer breathtaking in it's subservience to the owners................................................'but to put it simply, it’s not your place -and in fact it’s extremely arrogant of you - to gauge what is and what is not defined as success for someone else’s business'. The Cook has always said that she is 'merely a custodian of the club for the benefit of the fans who are the true owners' .If that is in fact so then every supporter is absolutely entitled to lodge an opinion on what they believe constitutes success.
  7. yellowrider120

    Player of the (half) Season

    No question it's Krul. Early voting reflects that.
  8. yellowrider120

    Player of the (half) Season

    Now that's not exactly difficult but he has had a good season so far. It's his movement and anticipation that set's him apart but he does have limitations e.g. not a target man and no ability in the air at all!
  9. yellowrider120

    Learning lessons

    See what I mean!!!
  10. yellowrider120

    Learning lessons

    Brilliant post! Your points about Farke are spot on. Pity that so few fans can't see what has unfolded before their eyes this season and blame everything on 'the injuries' and / or 'lack of investment'. You're right about Stieperman, the booking was plain stupid and you clearly get the impression that Farke can't wait to get him back in the team.
  11. yellowrider120

    Poor loan signings again.

    That's true. If Farke 'does'nt fancy him' then he shouldn't be on the bench should he! I have no issues with Farke picking Tetty ahead of the guy to start a match but not to bring him on around the 65 minute of these games when even a blind person could see that some players were 'running on empty' is truly mystifying. Still that's Farke for you. He has a strict pecking order of team selection and then substitutions and that ain't gonna change. It's in his DNA and that, my friends, has zilch to do with 'lack of investment' .
  12. yellowrider120

    Going Down

    That may well be true Purple. The Worthy Premiership season was awful bar the Man Utd and Newcastle home wins. Lets be kind to Worthy and say that concern arose in the summer of 2004 after promotion. The Board did not relieve him of his duties until October 2006 (!!) if memory serves me correctly. Even then The Cook had to be dragged almost kicking and screaming by fan protests. Still it's verging on treason to even hint of incompetence at Board level is it not?
  13. yellowrider120

    Total points after may 17

    I take it you disagree with what I predicted then? That's fine. How many points do YOU think we'll end up with and where will we finish?
  14. yellowrider120


  15. yellowrider120


    Whilst I'm not calling for him to be sacked, you do make some very good observations re his management style / tactics etc. Vast majority of fans think he's been stitched up by the Board but there are basic flaws that would remain even if he had been given £100M to spend! He has to be dragged almost kicking and screaming to make any changes unlike other PL managers who appear much more pro active in their analysis and response to the way a match is developing.