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  1. Not surprised - he was almost totally anonymous in that first game.
  2. One would hope your headline is a tad hysterical (note the word 'hope'). So far the key words would appear to be 'stray' and 'two'. To launch any kind of military response against Russia (if the key words are proven) would be wildly disproportionate and could prove disastrous.
  3. Agreed! BF suggested clappers, including with song lyrics written on for newer songs.
  4. I'm sure most fans would gladly stump up some cash for a 'one way' ticket for said person!
  5. True but this applies to all Championship teams and most (if not all) do not have the bloated squad number we do. We should be able to 'rotate' for example. Others do not have that luxury quite probably?
  6. Disagree re Cantwell. Whilst he has certainly 'got his head right', there is precious little evidence of the quality returning I'm afraid. That apart, the rest of your post is spot on albeit withering in it's analysis. Like I said in another thread (the 'Rotherham' one), there is something most definitely wrong at FCR and zero evidence at the moment of anyone grabbing hold of the whole thing with the intent of correcting it. Add in the quite worrying implications of the loan we took out to finance the spending of 12 moths ago and keep this bloated squad intact, the future looks rather bleak I might suggest.
  7. Agreed - which is exactly why it will not happen. In D Smith (owner) world everything is fine, we're in the top six and if only those ungrateful fans would just shut up moaning and support 'Dean and Craig' we would then plan the Christmas festivities!
  8. You are very perceptive and clearly know the club very well! The bit in italics is very pertinent. That guy they paraded in front of a camera to deny any 'disconnect' was a clear case in point as is (of course) the absurd banning of the local media. Unfortunately we know that it could be many months before any action is taken re D Smith (manager). Only when it's mathematically impossible to at least reach the play offs might the 'powers that be' decide that something needs to be done. Bet we'll get the blame though for 'creating a poisonous atmosphere' and 'not getting behind Dean and Craig' or some such rubbish like that!
  9. Connor Southwell's recent article is very direct. In fact so much so that the laid back 'management team' at FCR must be seething with rage and congratulating themselves on banning that 'awful local media'! He mentions the lack of 'togetherness' (or, more accurately, 'teams without togetherness struggle to achieve'). At the final whistle on Saturday all the Boro travelling squad + manager went across to the travelling army and celebrated. Carrick made sure he 'didn't make it all about him' but it was so revealing how he was tightly involved with the group and embraced everyone. Rewind to the post final whistle scenes at Rotherham and you could be forgiven for thinking we'd just lost FFS! No scenes of ecstatic players rushing to the fans, celebrating 'as one' right in front of us. What we saw was one or two individual players ambling into the penalty area clapping the fans but looking like they were being dragged to take the final penalty kick in the play off final! Hayden wandered over, Sara wandered over and McCullum wandered over. A group of about four or five lined up on the edge of the penalty area as if on the edge of a demilitarized zone and that was it. The manager of course was almost totally conspicuous by his absence apart from a very brief three or four claps above his head when the playing surface was empty and most of us had left anyway. Contrast these scenes with the 'equivalent' (I use the term loosely) at the end of a very similar equally hard fought win at same venue in the 2018 / 2019 season. That should tell you all you need to know. There is something very wrong at FCR and if Webber and the aged Stowmarket Two either can't or won't see it then things will continue to stagnate. We talk a lot about Smith's tactics and formations but at the end of the day this is largely irrelevant. Smith must now show the level of man management skills that in the last 12 months have been so lacking. He must inspire, cajole and invigorate the entire first team squad with enthusiasm and passion. He must eradicate any 'cliques' that might be developing and ship out any player who does not 'commit to the cause'. If he cannot or will not do this then he must leave. It really is that simple.
  10. I fear you may be far closer to the truth than most fans even realise. For the much vaunted 'self funding' model, I was amazed to hear about the scale of our short term borrowing. Whilst accepting that a fair chunk (can't recall the precise amount) but it was c£20M from hazy memory, is money we knew were getting anyway from previous player sales, the rest is set against 'future media income'. Either way you 'care to cut it', this loan has to be repaid and means that cash cannot be used twice hence any incoming players next summer will be both 'modest' in number and 'modest' in actual cost (to say nothing about 'modest' in ability of course!). Even if we get promoted I would expect nothing more 'extravagant' than the summer 2019 business and we can all painfully recall that! To cap it all of and complete the 'glass half empty' view point, is the fact that this squad (so far at least) is miles worse than the variants of the last two promotion campaigns. Based on performances this season to date, the embarrassment of 21/22 would be worse, far worse (if possible) next season in the PL should such promotion be attained.
  11. Agreed although I would add that the World Cup should also go to a country with a strong sporting tradition not necessarily football. That would include Australia for example. South Africa was fine from that perspective as well. Playing the tournament in an artificial environment in desert is (and always was) an absurd idea.
  12. Basic Geography is clearly not the authors main skill as '15 miles north of Kings Lynn' would take you to the outskirts of good old 'Hunston'!
  13. Make no mistake, yesterday at a tough and sometimes intimidating South Yorkshire venue, Hayden produced a 'master class' display. Not necessarily so much in terms of absolute quality, but perhaps just as important was the tantalising glimpse of the future in which (hopefully!!) a fully physically fit and match fit Hayden will drive us to promotion. I hadn't realised until I read the article, the 'on / off' (mostly 'off') nature of his last two years at Newcastle (in addition to 'that' knee injury). Hayden has a lot of ground to make up that's for sure. Just as important as his defensive duties was the forward forays he produced. One such ended with a peach of a slide rule through pass in the' second half in one of our attacks. Naturally the physical tackles were a feature (something missing from our midfield for years it seems) but more than that was his reading of the game and the anticipation to just 'step up' and 'nick' the ball off a dozy opponent. Just before the substitutions he went down badly during an attack and the travelling army almost gasped with trepidation thinking.....'Oh no not the knee again'. Thankfully he was up and running again after treatment. The 'shift' he put in was immense and he must have been begging the gaffer to take him off when Gibbs was lined up to come on. At that time Hayden had his hands on his knees such was the demanding test his body had been put through. The gaffer had other ideas though and was determined to get 90 minutes out of him. Finally, it was warming indeed to watch him take a solo bow in front of the Yarmy after the final whistle. Lets pray Haytden has found his home and we have found a new God.
  14. Why are we even discussing this again! The fans had NOT 'turned on' Farke - Fact! 'Turning on' a manager is when the natives start singing (loudly) stuff like..........'you dont know what you're doing' and 'we want Worthy, Roeder, Hughton, etc. out' (they NEVER sang that about Farke).
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