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  1. yellowrider120

    Maddison is great, but.....

    I will be in the travelling Yellows and am 100% sure that he will get a tremendous reception from us. Great shame we saw him for only that one season. Yes I know that we had to sell him for financial reasons but just imagine if we had not been under that restraint and he had led our promotion charge last season and may have helped us survive this. Three great years of service and he could then have joined Spurs (or similar) for £60M +. Would truly have then been one of our all time greats. We all recall the pictures of him, Ruddy and Bennett in the Yellow Army at Derby last season and the ongoing banter JM had with Harry Maguire last season (and this no doubt) on respective merits of Norwich v Blades. Irrespective of result he will come over to us at the end and applaud us and the reaction will be thunderous. He deserves nothing less.
  2. yellowrider120

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Read my post again. Then you will need to eat humble pie. All I've said is that he will not develop into this ....'world class centre back' with us. I have not written his career off . I'm actually more of a fan of Ben that most posters out there but I'm not blind to areas where he needs to step up.
  3. yellowrider120

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    Aggy - 100% agree. Trouble is that because Herr Farke believes the boy will be a 'potentially world class centre back' pretty much all posters are happy to agree. He might still develop that way but it won't be at NCFC and especially not with Farke.
  4. yellowrider120

    Tin hat on .......

    Wow - you start off by essentially agreeing with me (on Ben's 'natural' position) but then accuse me (presumably) of a tirade of unwanted criticism. If I have 'criticized' at all it is at Farke who (in my opinion) has done little to address areas in the boys game that I think let him down. Nowhere have I said Ben is 'useless', 'rubbish' etc. You seem to have an issue with what I would deem to be 'constructive' criticism of the boy. For the record, I was one of the first posters to call for Godfrey to play league games in the season you refer. Both Neil and then Irvine resolutely refused. The rest is history.
  5. yellowrider120

    Tin hat on .......

    That's OK Bob - no offence taken, I've received worse that's for sure! Now I'm not saying Ben CAN'T play centre back. He can do a job there, sometimes a more than half decent job as well. My issue is that in some key defensive characteristics, I can't see how he's developed in 12 months first team football. He gets drawn to the ball too easily instead of being aware of where his opponent is. There are a host of teams interested (it seems). That does not automatically imply they see him as a centre back though. Example - in the close season following his loan at Shrewsbury there were strong rumours of £5M bids coming in from Watford or Palace for him. Webber slapped a 'Not for Sale' notice on his back and gave him a new contract. He played all that season for Shrewsbury in midfield.
  6. yellowrider120

    Tin hat on .......

    I've absolutely no idea how many defensive headers he lost! You clearly do so please enlighten me. One can read what one likes into statistics as you well know. Example - the chief culprit for the second goal yesterday was (again, in my opinion please note) one Super Mario who totally failed to close down Baldock and allowed him to turn and shoot. Will that end up in any 'statistic' though? No - of course not as he never actually touched the ball by way of misplaced pass etc.
  7. yellowrider120

    Tin hat on .......

    Instead of chucking insults around how about actually answering the points I made where I gave clear evidence that (in my opinion) Ben has not been developed defensively.
  8. yellowrider120

    Tin hat on .......

    I expressed reservations about this months ago but was laughed at by posters. Lets just say that Farke has not improved his defensive nous in the 12 months since he got into the team. Whether someone like Mourinhio could is a different matter of course. Ben has great commitment and pace but always looks best when he powers forward into space. Remember that screamer he scored v Reading? Goal of the season by a country mile for me. Centre backs goal? No way but it was the kind of goal that an athletic, powerful and quick central defensive midfielder could score that's for sure. The boy is slow mentally as he ball watches and is seemingly unaware of strikers 'losing' him in the box and then darting in front of him at the near post. Watch an early example of this at West Brom last season when Dwight Gayle scored. Godfrey kept looking at the ball and had no idea that Gayle had just 'peeled away' from him and looked amazed when the ball ended up in the net. In that area I see no improvement. That begs the question - what the hell is Farke and his so called 'coaching staff' doing with Ben's development?? One things for sure, if Allardyce was his manager I bet he would have come on leaps and bounds in his defensive capabilities. Either that or 'Big Sam' would have abandoned the idea that ....'Ben is a potential world class centre back' (Farke quote) and shoved him into midfield where he could break up play and power up the pitch. There is precisely zero chance of Farke moving him into midfield even if Hanley and Klose were fit as that would be admitting he was wrong and that won't happen. Still God Farke knows best hey???
  9. yellowrider120

    Using youth as an excuse

    Er - Jamal Lewis and Ben Godfrey are BOTH 21 (in fact they are 22 in a few weeks time). Farke has specifically mentioned 'our young players', 'such a young team' etc. That is what the OP was rightly taking issue with. The lack of PL experience is there for all to see and on that point I agree with you.
  10. yellowrider120

    Using youth as an excuse

    Very astute (and correct) post. Farke does (regularly) trot out this tired old argument but it's widely accepted 'as gospel' simply because 'he' said it. Of course Godfrey has had more responsibility on his shoulders due to the other centre backs all being injured at the same time and he has had to play alongside make shift partners as a result. Even more so at a time when he would probably have been rested due to his own injury! That said, at NO point during this so called 'injury crisis' has Farke HAD to give debuts to any youngsters. EVERY first eleven for EVERY league match has been made up of first team squad players. The 'young team' argument might have carried some merit if Farke had been compelled to give a number of them debuts and nearly always put two or three on the bench and brought them on. That has not happened. Unfortunately the media (be it Chris Goreham on Radio Norfolk or the Archant reporters) fall for this fallacy from Farke and merely regurgitate it as 'truth' which it isn't.
  11. yellowrider120

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    Think you'll find that building a top tier on the Jarrold Stand is NOT possible as the foundations were not built to withstand that. The club decided back in 2004 to go that way on cost grounds even though there was much speculation about a second tier either then or in the future. Personally I can't see there being sufficient room to develop the City Stand even with buying the 'land' (such as it is). You would still need access outside to the turnstiles, player entrance, away team coach etc. and the current set up is simply not conducive. Whilst you could build over the old Carrow Road outside the stand, how could you actually 're develop' the whole stand as is being mooted?? There isn't enough room. Only feasible option is a 'top tier' (which could potentially be done without disrupting the use of the current stand.
  12. yellowrider120


    So - Er - exactly how will he get this so called 'experience' then?? The Starman came from nowhere early on last season and was thrown in at the pressure cooker of Portman Road when we had got off to a less than auspicious start. The 'rest' (as they say) is history.
  13. yellowrider120

    Famewo new contract

    So following this logic, no Premier League club would ever sign anyone from a lower league then!!
  14. yellowrider120

    Famewo new contract

    Sorry but we had all this from Irvine in his brief spell in charge. Chris Goreham spouted the same on Radio Norfolk at that time and was roundly castigated by Bryan Gunn when he was summarising a match. BG said (along the lines)..................'if a young player does not have the mentality to be handle a setback in their debut or early on in their career they shouldn't be playing professional football' . I had a disagreement with a fan at Brighton when I argued that we should be playing 'square pegs in square holes' with Famewo at the back therefore allowing Tetty or Amadou to play their proper position as anchor man in front of the back four. What happened? We played Tetty who looked uncomfortable at the back and Trybull played the anchor role but (again) the game completely passed him by. According to my fellow Yellow fan, the boy (Famewo) is 'not good enough'. So why the hell was he on the bench recently then??
  15. yellowrider120

    Patrick Roberts

    100% nail on head. I've said this for months (even last season when the swashbuckling success masked these traits in the manager). We need more pace and go more direct. Hernandez can't / won't defend so play him up top with Pukki and leave him on the halfway line so he's ready to latch onto defensive clearances and long balls. He could cause havoc that way (look at the way Newcastle used that Saint Maximin guy in the first half at West Ham). Onel's pace is totally wasted out wide as he's closed down easily and has no-one in the box to cross it to even if he wanted to as Pukki can't / won't head the ball and intricate little play along the goal line / cutting in invariably ends in frustrating failure.