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  1. In many respects I think you're right. It is quite simply incredible that having lost the last TEN league games scoring precisely one goal and conceding 24!!, the manager seems to be under absolutely no pressure whatsoever. In fact his immediate 'boss' has come out and said (to all intents and purposes) that 'he has a job for life'. At no other club would this farcical state of affairs be tolerated. Many (if not 'most') fans simply 'pay up, turn up and shut up' and that is exactly what The Stowmarket Two expect of them.
  2. Not if he misses sitters like that we don't!!
  3. Why? For an away trip, Brentford is a hell of a lot quicker and cheaper to get to than Swansea that's for sure.
  4. Pleased to see Hughton back in management. Although some of the football under him here was turgid, he never deserved the tirade of abuse he got when he was sacked (and still receives by some on this forum). He always conducts himself with great dignity and has a high level of respect within the game. Whether he can push Bristol City up a level to get in the play offs / automatic is another matter of course but only a fool would back against that. Another club who could be very dangerous next season is Stoke who have finished very strongly and a good manager in charge. Fully expect them to make a charge.
  5. Not sure about that. Bournemouth allegedly owe tens of millions on outstanding transfer fees and Watford's owners may not have pockets (or willingness) deep enough to make a decent fist of promotion first time round. Villa and West Ham are significantly bigger clubs and I feel they would have been far more of a threat. At the end of the day Bournemouth are a Third Division club who have massively overachieved and done incredibly well over last five years but that run is over. I think they will fall away and could easily go straight through the Chumpionship in the downward direction. Villa are obnoxious for sure but not on the scale of Watford's owners who deserve everything they will hopefully get on Sunday!
  6. I have no time for Villa (and their self important fans) but even less for Watford and their awful owners. Hooping Villa do a job on Arsenal and then go on to stay up. Will serve Watford right!
  7. Yes - because the signs were there even then of Farke being unable to improve the side defensively and an obsession with a 'one size fits all' mentality of playing. Of course that season was wonderful but it was clear as day follows night that Farke had to step up (as did the whole club). He didn't. He wasn't helped I agree with the woeful recruitment and the consistent injuries to center halves but he must carry much of the can for this absolute shambles of a restart. He would be gone at any other club. Having said all that, it will be very interesting to see how he sets the team up in a few weeks time. IF (damn big 'IF') he decides to 'mix up the style' and go a bit more direct to vary the approach and stop this obsession with knocking the ball about in our own penalty area and even six yard box sometimes (!)AND get a striker in who can actually head the ball (now there's a novel tactic!) then I think there is a good chance he can take us back up subject to the calibre of the recruits.
  8. Take Wilder over Herr Farke any day of the week. Remind me of our recent record would you please in case I missed that blizzard of awful statistics?
  9. I've just read the OP again and there is zero wrong with it. You're going down the nasty route of press censorship I'm afraid if you want posts of that type removed.
  10. Not if he's got any sense he won't 'for sure'!!
  11. Agreed - I would have no hesitation in going in for Harris to replace Farke but as things stand why would he come here even if (by some miracle) a vacancy was created? Harris has had his own personal problems to contend with and deserves promotion if Cardiff can get there.
  12. They could end up at Ipswich as rumours were that ITFC looked at them before getting Lambert. If Lambert gets 'released' I can see them there and they are far more likely to turn Ipswich round than Lambert.
  13. I absolutely despise Watford and can't believe how they've survived in the PL for past four or five seasons. Hopefully that run ends in the next two matches. They have a massive inflated sense of their own importance trying to hang on to the myth that they're actually a 'big London club'! Would love to see them relegated, Luton stay up and then Luton do them over next season.
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