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  1. yellowrider120

    Corona Virus main thread

    But aren't we told (with quite boring regularity) by politicians of all persuasion that .............'the NHS is the envy of the world'!!! I've always found it strange that no-one ever takes issue or remotely challenges this sweeping generalization. The NHS is a political football with every politician competing with each other to lavish praise on the institution.
  2. yellowrider120

    Drmic Starting

    He won't start as that would mean Farke abandoning his rigid, hierarchical selection policy. The striker role is filled by Pukki (first choice), Drmic (second choice) and Idah (third choice). Nothing will change on that front until relegation is confirmed. Then (when matches are to all intents and purposes meaningless) you might just see Drmic or Idah start the odd game. This hasn't changed all season so why now?
  3. yellowrider120

    Lets discuss Duda

    Duda had that really impressive first half v Bournemouth on his debut but has since totally disappeared. In that game he played the classic 'No 10' role sitting only a few yards off Pukki. I was at Newcastle and the longer the game went on the more anonymous he got and ended up playing a series of 'crab' like, slow, square passes just in front of our back line! No physical commitment at all (that was evident v Liverpool and Wolves yet still he plays). Similar to the vastly puffed up 'Mo' Leitner. They are both 'fancy dan' footballers who look good if the opposition just stand back and admire. Thing is football in the English game is not like that. I would want a hell of a lot more than what I've seen so far for the much hyped '£25 Million' price tag that Herr Farke talked about!
  4. yellowrider120

    Wolves Match Thread.

    100% agree. How you can persist with a fundamental strategy of playing a lone striker week in, week out with pretty much nil support and this striker can't even head a ball (other attributes notwithstanding) is beyond me! As I've said many times on this forum we play 5 a side football all over a full size pitch. The 'manager' (sorry - make that 'head coach') is obsessed with 'possession stats' and is unable to fathom how his team can lose a game if they enjoy superior possession. Wind the clock back to that defeat at Burnley very early on and listen to Farke's post match interview and old gravel voice's reply. Since then Farke has learned nothing and unfortunately never will. It's in his DNA.
  5. yellowrider120

    So will Farke REALLY be here next season?

    I think he will be as well but why 'rightly so'???
  6. Of course he will, after all he's said so many times but is that just PR bluster? This week we've had extensive interviews with both him and Webber and the usual, tired lines have been rolled out like.........'wonderful owners', 'fabulous supporters', 'this is a partnership for the long term', 'I'm under no pressure' (a horribly revealing comment if ever there was one!). For me it will all hinge on HOW we go down and not IF we go down. Should today's performance become the benchmark for the last three months then even the loyal Norwich fans will start to vent their frustrations. If we end up on just over 20 points and relegated by sometime in March then there is a very real risk of things unraveling and the feel good factor evaporating quickly. Does anyone think Herr Farke will 100% stay on against that backdrop? I doubt that very much. On the other hand if (from somewhere) we pull some performances and results together and keep in touch with those above us until the last couple of games then the scenes after the Burnley game will mirror those at the end of last season and Farke will revel in his adoring masses. In that (unlikely) scenario, then I believe Farke will be true to his word and hang around. Whether he SHOULD still be in charge next season is, of course, a completely different question!
  7. yellowrider120

    Wolves Match Thread.

    You're right - excellent first half v Bournemouth and since then? Anonymous. Never mind, lets keep wheeling him out week after week. One day most fans will wake up and wipe away the 'Farke is God' mist from their eyes and see reality. I've known it even during last season.
  8. yellowrider120

    Weekend Results So Far

    You make good points Surfer but the key word is 'could have' when the reality is 'didn't'. In answer to your question........................ 1. Use the squad e.g. play Vrancic to see if his range of passing and goal scoring ability can garner extra points. 2. Get Drmic on MUCH earlier or play him up front with Pukki. Our goal scoring record away is awful so what's to lose? 3. Get Idah back (at least on the bench) and give him a decent 20 or 25 minutes. He has pace to burn. Again, I ask the question 'what's to lose'? 4. Get proper crosses in from the wings and get people in the box who can genuinely attack the ball in the air. That doesn't mean going Tony Pulis style at all but just sometimes we need to vary our style and stop trying to play 5 a side football on a full size pitch throughout each and every game. 5. Substitutes - we need to stop this charade of introducing players on about the 85th minute. Be pro active and use the resources we do have. The introduction of Drmic at West Ham way back last summer is a great example of Herr Farke's complete stubbornness. Actually Drmic came on in the 78th minute when we were 2-0 down. Wow! Since then zero has changed.
  9. yellowrider120

    Weekend Results So Far

    You're right - he will do nothing different whatsoever. Same 11 will be wheeled out (subject to injuries), same style, same tactics,same substitutions (you all know the script by now!). I agree that we deserve a 'break' (VAR decision, lucky deflection etc.) but we haven't a cat in hells chance of staying up (and wouldn't deserve to) if all we can hang on to is a 'lucky break'. Farke just sets his team up hoping for something to change. In any walk of like that is poor management. Pity so few fans cant see that basic flaw.
  10. yellowrider120

    Weekend Results So Far

    Hope I'm wrong of course but we have had these opportunities so many times this season yet have failed to get anywhere taking them. We couldn't beat a dreadful Newcastle team recently and Wolves are light years ahead of them so what chance? Herr Farke has pretty much confirmed that Buendia will (once again) be lounging around on the bench yet we have to win the game!
  11. yellowrider120

    One team makes tactical subs

    Well following this logic we could grind out 46 draws next season and guess what - we'd be very close to going down even if we avoided the drop! Presumably you and Herr Farke would be happy?
  12. yellowrider120

    One team makes tactical subs

    Spot on, 100% agree and this is exactly why Farke is not(and never will be) this wonderful 'Messiah' that so many fans drool over. He teaches his players to be comfortable on the ball and at times we play lovely 'technical' football but he is useless at man managing a game. He refuses to use his squad either. Pukki is now looking shot having carried the club for a season and a half yet plays week in, week out, 90 minutes almost every match and with pretty much nil support. He is mentally jaded. It was obvious for much of tonights game (and at Newcastle) but he will be first name on team sheet v Wolves and (again) will be kept on the pitch for whole 90 minutes. If Drmic gets any time its the usual, pathetic 5 or 6 minutes. He (and others) must wonder what the hell is going on.
  13. yellowrider120

    Spurs tickets

    No way are they all sold out yet considering we've got 9000!!! Got two just over an hour ago but the website was all over the place. Firstly it said 'Level One - sold out', then it just gave me option for Level Four then it gave me Level One and Level Four options!!
  14. yellowrider120

    Draw for the 5th round of the FA Cup

    And the Puffing Billy home will be even more rammed that at Stratford last week! Definitely go to Liverpool Street this time, at least you might get a seat before Chelmsford.
  15. yellowrider120

    That 60 minute feeling

    Precisely why Herr Farke is not (and never will be) this God like manager that most fans blindly think he is. Srbeny made it abundantly clear he'd had enough and headed for the exit. As usual, the only other centre forward option got a measly 5 minutes + injury time. Farke is NOT pro active during game time. Contrast with Wilder (who most fans despise and I share the reasons) who will actively shake things up, change the formation and personnel when necessary. Quick look at the table shows you which approach has worked better. Still - all hail The Cook and Herr Farke I say!