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  1. I'm not sure we have underestimated anyone this season. DF appears to be the opposite and long may it continue. He is polite in his assessments of the opposition pre game, and as a club we tend now, not to get involved in derby hype. Early goals for City, then control the game out will do nicely.
  2. When Leitner returns ready for inclusion and fully fit, which will be soon hopefully, it will be a great problem for DF to have. Vrancic has developed from having good spells in games to dominating them and long may it continue. I can not see Leitner getting straight back in, but what a player to have ready if needed.
  3. I'm hoping he starts with the same starting 11 as he did at leeds. That will hand us the home support, an opportunity to give them a well deserved, loud, raucous rousing cheer when they enter the cauldron. Followed by an even louder 'OTBC' with flags and scarves flying. Show that lot what real support is. All on the small screen.
  4. IF leeds hit their form again we will have a real battle on our hands. There is no question they are a good team when on form. The next 2-4 games for the top 6 will be very interesting and to come out on top again, even with a bit of daylight would be great for us. It could happen, considering the fixtures. I think Bristol City may have left it a bit too late to challenge for the top two?
  5. I agree totally, and have mentioned the same. It will perhaps take a few soulless years in the wilderness of the old Div 3, or even more in this league, before their support start to look forward rather than back to their past. Their aging support base moves with the club and there appears to be very little (if none) incremental growth in younger/new support. Hence it will take a few more years yet for them to finally give up the ghost and rally for the future. It may never happen.
  6. It would be a good spectacle and probably quite impactive to both teams and supporters, if the whole ground (or at least the noisy bits) just supported the team loudly and passionately throughout the game. However, there will be a large anti Lambert contingent singing particular songs that have swirled around Carrow Rd for the last few weeks and in a sense, who can blame them? What there is no doubt of is that the atmosphere, despite the stupid start times, will be pumped up and should be electric. Bring it on!
  7. Christ on a bike, can we let this go or have it taken to another forum? KG has apologised and clearly had no idea the impact of what he typed. We have all learnt something and virtually everyone has agreed racism has no place here. The same points are being regurgitated, interspersed with comments from posters trying to deflect by making themselves look silly However, we have probably the last derby against them lot in what may be many years, if they are relegated, coming up in a matter of days. Lets get back on topic. At least something NCFC related.
  8. So to Sunday. What about: IF we are winning: a rousing chorus of ' we're winning 1-0 (or 2-0 etc etc), how cr7p must we be, we're winning 1-0 ! WE'RE WINNING THREE NIL, HOW CR7P MUST WE BE, WE'RE WINNING THREE NIL
  9. I did not go to this. however a friend who did attend said he thought the Leeds fans were relatively quiet. Not surprised though considering we looked like scoring on every attack.
  10. He is our number one keeper for a reason, and an even bigger reason why we are where we are. Yes there are better keepers, and probably better managers, defenders strikers etc etc etc. However, he is our keeper and should be cheered and supported, from the terraces to the chattering masses, especially at this juncture in the season. We need all the support we can muster to see us through what is the closest top six for many a year. We are top of that expensively formatted group and it is due to the team. Players, coaches and supporters as one will win the day. Keep up the good work Tim
  11. Spot on. He chose this match to be absolutely immense for us, given his age. If Cantwell can fight his way beck in with a similar performance we will have 4 academy players in our first 11 again. How impressive is that!
  12. You're joking obviously. The journey from Thetford towards Attleborough sucks the life out of you. Thank god for the Attleborough metropolis bypass!
  13. Speaking to a few friends, we did wonder if the Leeds, ahem, 'match assessors' were so fed up travelling the A17 / A47 that they drove a mile or so too far Thursday night, and spent the evening peering through the hedge at a Norwich united training session?
  14. I'd also like to see Tom Trybull start against that shower. He patiently waited for his time again after losing his place and has been exemplary since being a main feature. Hopefully that injury will not keep him out. Besides, be nice to sing the TT song when he is calmly distributing the ball around the park next week.
  15. Yes he did, and so he should. Continually putting out the team before the standard here is an attempt to intimidate others and yesterday it backfired on him big style. He was beaten by a better team. They had virtually their full first team to pick from, a full passionate house and a huge incentive, and failed. Perhaps he needs to be a bit more magnanimous. Or just bog off! Cheats never prosper?
  16. Absolutely spot on. Even yesterday he was demanding where he wanted the ball to be played during the game. I believe it is due to the superb play of others in our team that he has not had the recognition this season he probably deserves. His aggressive creativity takes us forward regularly, his recovery tackles are a bonus for a forward player and he has the heart of a lion up there. Same heart as, Stiepermann, Onel and TC in our forward line in my opinion.
  17. He can't drop Vrancic at the moment, the man is on fire and seams to be involved in just about everything good at the moment. But having a playmaker such as Leitner to come back when needed is a testament to our recruitment policy. Great times to be a Norwich City player, even better being a long term supporter.
  18. Agreed. He has literally grabbed this team and pushed it forward, with guile and aggression. Coupled with the coolness of the Ice man Teemu, who just plugs away and scores when he's ready! All is looking good. There are so many good variables to this team. EB is a revelation in midfield, he oozes south American flair and temperament, Onel is quick, strong and gifted, and there can't be too much to say about our young players that hasn't been said. Outstanding. Talking of outstanding; Ben Godfrey, what a game he had.
  19. Mario gets better and better each game. Long may it continue. His forward play around the middle is great. We have some superb players at the moment, it's looking good.
  20. He may not be the best keeper in the world but in that atmosphere he has been superb. Made a couple of great saves and commands the line. Stop looking for the negative in arguably our most difficult match. WE ARE WINNING TWO NIL. The footballing world are looking at our team and we are looking impressive!
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