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  1. We are going to get three points from the next game its on the cards
  2. WE WILL STAY UP Sunderland and Newcastle done it and were a lot waste then we are at this stage
  3. Dipswich tops start to appear around felixstowe gone two games with out defeat
  4. We could have spent hundred and thirty million and still lost 3-1
  5. the computer as predicted Norwich will finish 15 Brighton/ Sheffield/ and Newcastle will be relegated
  6. I really don't no but last season reports were saying a number of Premier teams were looking at some players now we are in the Premier they are not good enough to play in it and need to replace them I say give them a chance, I don't think we will but if we go down so be it
  7. Just got new home shirt it's postman face a picture when he delivered it as it was in a Norwich City bag because I live in felixstowe Suffolk 000000 it great living here
  8. Is that the new top Todd cantwell Is wearing at the table??
  9. Keep going down Must be the Ipswich effect
  10. I have be following and had a season ticket for 40 years Norwich City don't do easy it will be done next Saturday At least we got three points in the three games and do not lost Leeds and Sheffield ut'd will draw with Ipswich
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