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  1. Wasn't the thing two years ago that we massively exceeded our expected goals with Pukki having the season of his career? I don't know the stats but would be interesting to see if we're creating fewer chances this time around or just converting fewer (or both). Individually it does feel like we're stronger with Cantwell, Aarons and Buendia all having progressed. The central midfield definitely has more steel and central defense seems more solid as a result. Godfrey is a strange one as he's obviously doing well with Everton but I wouldn't swap him for Gibson now.
  2. They've gone from supposedly being inundated with interest and links to the likes of Thierry Henry, Frank Lampard and David Wagner, to appointing the caretaker who they had previously ruled out. Proper tinpot stuff indeed. Shades of "scouring Europe" in that last paragraph too.
  3. I think they should do away with referees for all youth and non-league football. It might be chaos for a couple of years but sooner or later players and coaches would have to accept that if they want to be able to play they have to behave fairly. Either that or they just carry on trying to out cheat each other. There aren't many decisions in a football match where the players genuinely don't know what the correct outcome should be and perhaps over time we'd see a reduction in the constant cheating in the professional game.
  4. I don't blame the lad, he's young and inexperienced, but his employers really should take more responsibility for his training and development as a journalist. I know times are hard in local journalism but surely there is someone at Archant who can at the very least proof read his articles and correct the most obvious errors, if not an actual editor? What about Dave Freezer or Paddy Davit? Aren't they able to mentor him and coach him to improve? There are obvious mistakes with words omitted or additional words added, the style is not pleasing to read and the whole premise of the article is poorly realised. Someone with more experience should be intervening before publication.
  5. Wilder did an excellent job to get them promoted twice and stay in the PL for at least one season and all on a very modest budget by today's standards. However the reality is that they massively overachieved last season and will do very well if they manage to join the miserable list of clubs that spend millions each year on "powerful" players in order to be "competitive" in the bottom half of the PL.
  6. It's clearly a posed photo. His form is terrible and maybe it's the angle but his calves look thinner than my forearms.
  7. I had a quick look on the Stoke forum and they seem to think they were robbed by the referee so never a good sign when both sets of fans are complaining about the ref! Agree Emi's first yellow was a joke and the second harsh although it's his responsibility to avoid anything rash when on a yellow.
  8. Christmas as a child wasn't complete without a trip to see the Spinners at the Theatre Royal and I remember them doing a song about a blacksmith and Cliff (who was black) interrupting and saying it should be 'coloured smith', to much laughter from the audience. This would have been the early 80s and I'm not sure when 'coloured' fell out of favour but it wasn't long after that. The main issue with Greg Clarke's comments are that they show him to be out of touch and for someone in his position it's an important part of his job to be on top of these issues therefore it was right for him to resign.
  9. I don't think you can blame Hanley for the goal on Saturday - Krul didn't know whether to stick or twist and should have given Hanley the shout to clear it at the very least. For the first time in a while I feel pretty relaxed about our back four. Aarons had a poor game IMO but we coped fine in the end.
  10. Thanks for posting this, really interesting to see. I believe so and it looks like the opposite is happening so far this season.
  11. Not sure why the pessimism from some on here - it's Brentford not Barcelona. Yes they are a decent side, but so are we. We're about due a few goals so I'm going for 3-1 to us.
  12. He can certainly pick a pass, but my issue has always been that he doesn't influence games as much as his stats and ability would suggest he should. Certainly if you compare him to players like Grealish or Maddison he isn't (yet) that kind of talismanic player who can turn games around on his own. His stats last year were impressive and we bought him as a player who had great stats in a poorly performing team but once again those individual stats didn't translate into team success. Perhaps that's why there wasn't a huge amount of interest in him this Summer.
  13. You're allowed to do that in the run-up, what you can't do is stop after the run-up and feint the kick.
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