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  1. I'd be happy with that. Disappointing to concede three though.
  2. Peanuts

    The day the spectacles fell off

    After watching Arsenal vs Spurs yesterday I'm feeling a little more optimistic about our defending. For the first Spurs goal the Arsenal defence were all over the shop and the foul by Xhaka (£35 million) on Son for the penalty was so late it was almost off screen on the slow motion replay.
  3. Peanuts

    A year since I made a fool of myself

    I think he's more likely to move on than be sacked. Webber has said that when they judge Farke's performance they are looking at what he's doing day to day with the players rather than results on the pitch.
  4. Peanuts

    Huddersfield Shirt

    It's not the 6th best selling kit. That ranking was based on google searches and 6th place for Huddersfield shows how effective the Paddy Power stunt was.
  5. Leaving aside off days and poor individual performances there are two issues that continue to be a problem for us: 1. Defensive organisation. This isn't just a matter of personnel or the way we attack and it's also nothing new. If players are continually out of position, not tracking runners or getting caught the wrong side it's not enough for Farke to keep blaming goals on individual errors or bad luck. He needs to take responsibility and get us better organised without the ball. 2. Physicality. Our players look small and slight, particularly Trybull and Leitner together in midfield. All the opposition so far have looked bigger, stronger and more powerful than us. I'm not sure what the answer is, but hopefully Amadou can come into midfield and give us a bit more physical presence.
  6. That ranking is based on web searches not on actual sales. That's why Huddersfield are ranked so high because of people googling the Paddy Power design but that doesn't mean they bought the shirt. The original article talks about popularity, it's the sports bible rehash that makes it all about sales.
  7. I had a quick look on Chelsea forums and they aren't as confident as I'd have expected. Lots of talk of this being a must win game for them. Although I think the days of teams coming here really needing a result and us obliging are long gone, if they get it together they should have too much for us. Still, they have struggled to score goals and look iffy at the back, plus we have the goat...
  8. We've just had a fantastic result and we should make the most of it as there will be plenty of disappointments this season I'm sure. Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism. It doesn't matter if fans get carried away as Webber and Farke will keep the players and the staff at the club focused on what is important.
  9. Peanuts

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    We paid more for Bennett in 2012 than we reportedly did for anyone in the team at the weekend. I'm not sure what, if anything, that says about Bennett or our current and past recruitment.
  10. Peanuts

    Sheff U v Palace

    I think both sets of fans have got more in common than we like to admit. We're both unfashionable clubs who have been subject to lazy cliched media coverage and we are both widely tipped for relegation. That said their forum do seem particularly hostile and defensive. I think Wilder has done an excellent job on not a great deal of money and they thoroughly deserved the success they had last season. I didn't watch the Palace game but I thought their opener at Bournemouth was poor, but I'm sure we'd be happy to take a point there too. From United's perspective these are two excellent results, no matter the quality of the opposition.
  11. Interesting twitter thread from Andy Holt the Accrington Stanley chairman on the dilemma faced by clubs when it comes to risky spending and debt.
  12. Peanuts


    As splendidrush says I think a lot of the changes as the season went on were due to injuries. However there were also tactical and personnel changes particularly at the start as the team evolved. For example both Husband and Marshall started at Birmingham before dropping out of the team and eventually the club. We also started the season with both Rhodes and Pukki playing together.
  13. Peanuts


    I'm sure we'll see Amadou soon. Farke isn't one to make wholesale changes but he does evolve the starting lineup. Only three outfield players started both the first and last games of last season. I don't know how much preseason Amadou has had either, according to the Seville site he didn't feature after their first game so whether that was due to injury, him being out of favour or a move already being worked on I don't know. I wanted him to start on Saturday as I felt we were overrun in midfield against Liverpool but Leitner coming in made a big difference and Trybull had a great game too. I trust Farke to put Amadou in when he's ready and when he believes he will improve the team.
  14. Peanuts


    Another great performance. If he can add goals to his game he'll be some player.
  15. Peanuts

    Lawrenson and Nicholas

    I do feel a bit sorry for Joelinton. It's got to be tough to come to the Premier League on a big money move and then straight into a poor looking side with all the responsibility for goals on his shoulders. It's not like he was really prolific or established as a top level goalscorer before this move. They looked like a bunch of journeyman today. No bottle and no fight. On topic, Lawrenson is an ignorant dinosaur whose punditry belongs in an age where tactics consisted of getting the lads to "push up a bit" or "hold back a bit" and coaching consisted of walking up and down the side of the training pitch shouting "hit the target".