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  1. Peanuts

    Corona Virus main thread

    If true that most of the country has already had the virus then that's got to be good news, presumably these 3.5 million antibody testing kits will be used to test this theory. It would certainly explain one statistic that has been puzzling me; that only 10% of our tests are positive. My understanding is that most of those tested are already ill in hospital so I'm surprised more aren't showing as infected.
  2. Peanuts

    Corona Virus main thread

    I think people can use their common sense. The point is to cut out any social contact so as to stop the disease spreading between households. If you live in the country and walk your dog in fields or along empty roads then it doesn't really matter how often or how long for. Obviously people living in cities are much more at risk of coming into contact with each other when out walking/running etc hence the restriction to once a day. I read Gove said earlier that the police weren't likely to be stopping people in cars and asking them where they are going. I expect they will be looking at dispersing any gatherings and keeping an eye on supermarkets or city centres where people may congregate.
  3. Peanuts

    Jostling Mob of Morons

    This. People are scared they will run out of food. I've been shopping twice this week to two different supermarkets and in both cases there were a lot of empty shelves with very little fresh meat or veg and no pasta or rice at all. We're certainly not going to starve and have enough in the cupboards to get by but I can understand why some people are worried. Of course this doesn't excuse some of the behaviour that's been seen, but this is yet another area where the supermarkets and government were slow to act.
  4. Peanuts

    Rishi Sunak

    This was the point where I thought, hang on maybe they really don't have a clue what they are doing. Practically every other country in Europe had closed their schools already so surely it had occurred to someone that we might close ours too and maybe therefore we'd need a plan for exams, vulnerable kids and key workers.
  5. Peanuts

    Corona Virus main thread

    Couple of people have mentioned the Imperial College research but haven't seen anyone link the source: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf Note that the graph posted further up the thread is the model based on the former mitigation strategy and not suppression which we have moved towards now. People with an interest really should read the whole thing but it looks like best case we're just buying time to develop a vaccine or increase our critical care capacity.
  6. Peanuts

    Premier League meeting 10.00am today

    Presumably Ipswich fans hoping promotion will be decided based on earlier results, ie. those from the 1970s. If the virus continues to disrupt life through to the Summer I can't see them being able to finish the season. It has to be better to void this season and start again when things are back to normal.
  7. Peanuts

    Sheffield United

    Any fan who is so outraged or moved by what they read on another club's forum to actually be bothered to register and then post is either a troll or an idiot. Like anyone here cares what Sheffield United fans think about what we think about their team? My view on Sheffield United is that they are strong, direct, very well organised and are set up to be a lower to mid level premier league team and as such should be very pleased with how they have done this season. Wilder has assembled a team of experienced mostly domestic players and drilled them very well in a tactical system that doesn't rely on excessive flair or the presence of one or two superstars for its success and it's worked very well against 'stronger' teams. There is certainly an element of us underachieving and them overachieving, but it's undeniable that their style of play has been much more successful at this level than ours. It's telling that our style of play that dominated the Championship (more so than theirs) has been significantly weaker in the premier league. Yes they have a bigger budget and have invested more in their squad, but the core of their side is unchanged from last season, as is ours.
  8. Peanuts

    Kenny Mclean

    I think McLean is very much the type of player Farke favours, along with Rupp and Duda. He's tidy, reliable, confident on the ball and covers a lot of ground but without providing anything exceptional. Fortunately that tackle last night was so late he missed the player as well as the ball.
  9. I'm never sure with that guy if it's all some clever parody or he's just a bit thick. I'm leaning towards the latter.
  10. Peanuts


    I think Farke has been pretty clever with his handling of Buendia. By dropping him to the bench for a few games and making the comments he did in the media he's set Buendia up to come back in and be the hero, rather than playing him when he's not 100% and risking him becoming the scapegoat for a poor performance. I didn't think he had that great a game last night but it's clear he's something of a talisman for us. He gets the crowd going with his chasing and harrying of opposition players and there's always the possibility that he might produce a moment of magic. I'm sure it must have a positive effect on the rest of the team too, knowing that they have someone capable of making things happen.
  11. Peanuts

    Amadou off?

    Really hoped he was going to be the defensive midfield upgrade we needed to compete and so disappointed that it hasn't worked out. It's wishful thinking to criticise Farke for not giving him a chance as surely Farke didn't think he was good enough or he'd have played him more. I'd have loved us to have blown the budget on Wanyama in the Summer as a player with his strength and power could have made the difference this season, but then again he could have picked up an injury or been crap and then we'd have been back to Naismith again. The one positive with Amadou I suppose is that we can send him back and have saved a potential £9 million or so fee for signing him.
  12. Genuinely giggling to myself at this. Hanley has many fine qualities no doubt, but a ball playing centre back he ain't. His passing range consists of a few feet sideways or row Z, with not a lot in between. As to Ryan Bennett, we reportedly paid £3.2 million for him back in 2012, which still makes him more expensive than most of our current squad. And it's not like transfer fees have been going down in the last 8 years either. Puts into perspective the wonders that have been worked on such a shoe string budget these last couple of years.
  13. It was one of those games where it felt pretty dismal watching from the stands but in the cold light of day the stats showed we dominated the game with more possession, more chances, higher xG etc. not to mention three points and a clean sheet, so difficult to complain too much. I thought Bournemouth were very well organised defensively and seemed happy to park the bus and let us play in front of them leading to a lot of frustrating side to side, back to the keeper stuff from us. This only got worse once they were down to ten men. Things opened up a bit when it was 10 v 10 and we hit the panic button a few times dropping deeper and deeper, but other than Wilson missing the ball from 6 yards I don't remember them really looking like scoring. As you say we've had plenty of games this season where we've played lovely football and lost so maybe it was about time we managed a scrappy one nil win.
  14. Peanuts


    For all his natural attributes and technical ability, Ben's lack of experience as a defender has been exposed a few times this season. Of course not having a regular partner earlier in the season hasn't helped, but I think he looked far better against a lower standard of opposition last season when his athleticism and technique could compensate for sometimes poor positioning or decision making. He still has a lot of potential for improvement though and would benefit from an experienced head like Klose or dare I say it Hanley alongside him.
  15. Peanuts

    How good is Emi?

    Krul aside, those players are all young and inexperienced and their value reflects their potential as much as their current level. It's also probably fair to say they would all look better with more experienced teammates around them.