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  1. Carrow89

    Ipswich tickets

    [quote user="Diane"]They seem to think you''re an idiot on twtd Hercules Parrot (City1st ) so guess Norwich fans and Ipswich have finally agreed on something ha ha[/quote]oh dearperhaps''the ''game'' was blown by having to spell it out to Clouseau on herenever mind
  2. Carrow89

    Pierre Fonkeu

    I think we do. The coaches will know what stage a player is in his development. Going out on loan to the rigours of League football is part of that.Maddison was up to moving into the first team quickly. Others are not. Just be positive that we are allowing them to develop rather than being chucked into the first team as stop gap make weights.
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Why are we so attracted to listen to them and disect them? Deep down in the odd moment of clarity we all know they are meaningless.[/quote]Rather like Canary Call.
  4. Carrow89

    Pierre Fonkeu

    Do we get to take him home at the weekend like the school rabbit ?
  5. Carrow89

    Going, going, gone

    I am clearly deluded.
  6. Carrow89

    Pierre Fonkeu

    Mt understanding is that he was allowed to play for the U23''s even though he had not signed for us. But he could not play for the first team under the same arragement. I can''t see how that could not be understood.
  7. Carrow89

    Going, going, gone

    They''ll be a lot of supporters with various player''s names on the back of their replica shirts breathing a sigh of relief tonight.
  8. Carrow89

    Going, going, gone

    That''s it children. All over for another 5 months. So time for bed.
  9. Carrow89

    Pierre Fonkeu

    [quote user="CANARYKING"]Don''t understand this crap about the player can only play in the U23. How old was Rashford when he made his debut ? Other teams do it why can''t we ?[/quote]Where does it say that ?
  10. Carrow89

    Pierre Fonkeu

    They altready are. That is often what happens to players when they sign for a club.
  11. Carrow89

    Local derby live on Sky

    I expect it will be well before then. As I suspect they know. That''s why there has been no ''mind the gap'' jokes this time. But they are looking at signing Shackell so not all is wrong.
  12. Carrow89

    I may have missed it but .......

    If they can doctor celebs photos they why could they not have inserted farke into the photo so as to make it appear he was with Hanley ? Millions spent on players and nothing spent on digital editing. That is how wrong the priorities are at our club.
  13. Carrow89

    Naismith, you couldn't make it up

    Someone is making it up as he claims to have still been living at home when he was 25. But he left his flat to sign a last minute deal when he was 21.
  14. Carrow89

    C Martin for Oliveira ?

    When he joined us Oliveira bemoaned how he not not found a club that he felt settled at. Maybe the fault was not that of the clubs.