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  1. Great performance! Step in the right direction
  2. Yep! A win is a win - but MUCH improvement needed; this was 10 man Rotherham lets not forget.
  3. Plucky Norwich pegging the mighty Rotherham back at 0-1. Sad times indeed.
  4. So poor. Unfortunately exactly the type of performance and quality concurrent with the investment the club has made. Laughable
  5. ^^^^ just in line with our investment strategy
  6. Verdict: Playing squad - Awful. Weaker than in recent years. Same old excuses re £ and 'we tried to get......' Financially - Excellent (short term).
  7. Lets just accept its going to be a crap season. Everything points to it being such. Feeling depressed!
  8. Well, I guess at least Swansea have taken a punt and tried to strengthen. It often works you know. All we have done is strengthen the bank account. I guess the results on the pitch will tell over the coming weeks .... not hopeful at all. Squad is weaker than two years ago .... sinking back to mid-lower championship mediocrity i fear ... just where the ownership feel comfortable though
  9. Don't joke. It really would not surprise if he were on Delia and Stuarts list!
  10. Eddie Howe would of course be brilliant but unfortunately it won't happen and even if the board attempted it then there is no way that a ambitious coach would come here i don't think. The suggestion of Ian Culverhouse from Kings Lynn made me laugh - would probably be our level and would not surprise me he is already on the boards succession list as someone who won't rock the apple cart
  11. Yes well done Leeds. Will do enough to easily survive - you get out what you put in as they say!
  12. If it gives some false comfort then fine, but with respect it is irrelevant and a bit naive to point to two years ago or any other historical instane. The context now is entirely different - a team shot of any confidence; a terrible run of form over a sustained period; a clueless manager bereft of ideas and in my opinion who no longer commands the respect of some in the dressing room; a number of better players clearly unsettled and agitating for a move (and the impact this has on the wider dressing room) etc etc ...... Something is very rotten at the moment.
  13. Dislike Leeds with a passion but fair play to them ... they are making a fist of the Premier league so far. Shows what a bit of investment and ambition can do. Doubt they will finish top half but now way will they be bottom 3, and certainly now way will they be as feeble as we were ☹
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