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  1. Seeing as we have in the past broadcast friendlies it does seem odd that we wouldn't take advantage of screening any competitive match for a fee.
  2. For league 1 yes, although I think they may still be missing a main regular CF. Think they are nailed on top 6 but there are 4 or 5 teams that can compete for top 2 so hopefully they fail in play offs which would be more enjoyable than another limp mid table finish
  3. Poor guy Always feared his body would never recover from all the injuries he's had but to be fair that tackle could break anyone's leg
  4. He's covered LB well but is clearly a midfielder in an unnatural position, he got forward well but Hanley had to cover the space he left a few times 2nd half. Once we have a natural LB we could have a choice of Sara McLean or Hayden from the bench which at this level is huge, the only thing we missed over last 2 wins was a player to bring on to make us more solid and defensive
  5. It's when I see fees like this I actually think we can compete. We always look at the price which we can't compete with, but I see so many high transfer fees on pretty average players. If we were in prem and signed gibbs white and jed Wallace, I'm confident Wallace would contribute more at probably a 10th of the price. Our way isn't at fault, it's our scouting that has been failing up to now but more recent signings look more promising and hopefully the beginning of a more successful scouting network
  6. He'd need one to reach Carrow Road from the treatment room
  7. I'm not sure we actually played any better v Huddersfield as we did v Wigan, or even Hull. I'd probably keep the same team for Friday partly because when Pukki gets an injury it takes him time to get back up to speed and I'm not convinced you can fully recover between Tues to Friday But we are also likely to have tired legs so a fresh Hernandez pukki rashica combo at 70 mins could be a match winner
  8. To be fair, when pukki plays in theory he should attract defences attention so Sargent should be able to come in from wide and have space to attack, but he rarely does that, or atleast we try to find pukki with 2 or 3 defenders around him insteD of trying to find Sargent. He should be he heading danger Pukki isn't
  9. Sargent caused them problems last night but he still looks a donkey with the ball at his feet. He looks nervous and low on confidence, which is perhaps understandable, I'm sure a confident player would have shrugged off the red card challenge but he went down too easily I thought. But he did look excellent with crosses into the box
  10. I didn't think the first was a foul although there's an argument offside Richarlison is in GK line of sight. Even though it would most likely benefit us this season ie aarons pen shout v Wigan, thank god we don't have VAR
  11. Forest had to bring alot in, but it helps when your owner can divert cash from his other clubs to help. That said they seem to have bought well and have a solid spine to the team with good pace to break with.
  12. Possibly but even that is 100x better than Rashica who is utter ****e which is my argument
  13. I'd rather sign another striker than a LB even if MClean has to play there. We could have a peak Ashley Cole but still be toothless, need someone who can and will score
  14. I'd give them 10 games, but after that we really have to make a decision. Having saId that I really can't see any decision before the world cup, unless we continue losing but even a chimp should be able to get at least mid table with this squad
  15. Showing your age there. As am I recognising the reference. Unfortunately Smith and Shakespeare seem to be The Two Wrongies, if only the Smith post match interview was good night from me and good night from him.
  16. Surely ' why did Sargent come on'. Is all you need to ask. Why did Rashica start is another. Hernandez and Hugill are mid to lower championship team level yet still 100x more effective than them.
  17. Sometimes you lot are right miserable Stefan Kuntz
  18. Who? I hear you ask. Young Canadian Intnl Apparently we are in for him strongly, tho career stats of 16 games 1 goal suggest maybe not the immediate first teamer we would want Looks a great prospect, looks very quick
  19. It's also worth noting most go into these final pre season games with the first target to avoid injury But on the plus side, if we don't know what formation we will play or what style, the opposition won't know how to prepare to nullify us tactically. Maybe it's a stroke of genius going for a surprise element
  20. I'm know little about shares but if the club are talking about new investment, that can't just be Foulger selling his shares as, they are his share, so he gets the money not the club. Maybe it's buy these and we release more to give them more controll or maybe, if they are as thorough and committed as they sound perhaps they are buying these to get on the board to learn how the football business works here before obtaing control in 2 or 3 years
  21. Would Marseille? I think most of us would say yes, but us beating then 3-0 means little
  22. He reminds me of Bruce Rioch, who also came with a highly respected coach. I just remember us trying to be solid, professional but had Bellamy as 1 source of light but I never really bought into his way. Looking back in think he did far better than I appreciated, and barring that Muscat tackle things could have been more successful. The 1 difference is our squad then was pretty average whilst Smiths squad is definitely in the top 6 in terms of quality and depth at least so I don't expect Farkeball but see us grinding out wins
  23. I agree but think they see Sorenson and Byram as options for CB if/when needed
  24. I'd rather stay in the champs then pay players like Lingard 200k a week to stay up.
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