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  1. Television does not allow you to watch the body language of the team, or gauge the feelings of the crowd. You don’t hear the murmurings of discontent, spot team mates arguing with each other, have the ability to focus on a single player for five minutes, watch the work of the manager and coaches, see opposition players in acres of space as we are plying more narrow, etc. I think your sarcasm is a little misplaced don’t you?
  2. Considering you never go to games, it’s a bit rich calling people ‘idiots’ for making a decision based on what they see in front of them on the pitch.
  3. I remember going to the King Power stadium last time we played there. There was a real buzz about our team and our chances, despite us and Leicester being at the opposite ends of the table. We played some lovely, flowing stuff and the game could have gone either way. how times have changed!
  4. If I read these messages backwards, do they spell out a satanic message that will persuade me to go and commit murder?
  5. And the fitness levels his coaches built up. We look finished after 60 minutes now.
  6. They seem to have ‘forgotten’ to announce if for several of the last games. I think it must have been around the 25k mark - there were considerable gaps in all of the stands.
  7. I agree - it’s had to see where there is any form of progression this season. We look unfit, tactically and positionally inept, and play like a bunch of strangers.
  8. I think he did ok considering he had the Krankie ‘playing’ beside him.
  9. No, and I hope never to have to!
  10. Our season would really turn out to be a damp squid that year…
  11. *sniff, smiff* - is that another bridge I smell burning?
  12. His bustling nature reminds me of Gascoigne. But his confidence and stature would need to be upped considerably.
  13. It’s hardly ‘old firm’ level is it? Plenty of managers have managed rivals. I think he’d be a good fit there to be honest, and they could do much worse.
  14. I would think this will be Sean Dyche’s next role.
  15. We might end up with Billings after all!
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