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  1. I see the level you stoop to in desperation to start a new thread has reached an even greater depth.
  2. I’m surprised they know what the groin/nether human areas look like, I thought they still multiplied by cell division - next they’ll discover fire.
  3. I’m a bid to inject some youthfulness into the thread - not that I have any myself - was that a picture of an Xg moment?
  4. Alternatively, you could use the collective name for them which is **oite - saves the need to pronounce names with whimsical subtleties…
  5. Terminally yellow…….just sitting in a blizzard eating a certain cadburys chocolate bar…..
  6. The whole game turned into a farce - every time one of their players went down, Watford took the opportunity to coach the players/ give the players a drink/chat with the ref/chat and hug the fourth official. I believe at one point, one of the Norwich coaches had a go at the Watford coach and fourth official for being so chummy.
  7. I thought his tracking back was abysmal, and his use of the space he was afforded was mediocre. Teams will always have an attacking outlet, and in this game it was Max - our goals scored, their goals scored, and the number of Max assists, goes to show he had a poor game.
  8. He was my City player of the match - I thought he had a great game.
  9. Times are hard and we’re skint - Delia and Michael to take over the first team’s reins
  10. ‘…since then we’ve been searching for what it is we want to try and be, what is it we want to try and become…’ There doesn’t to be much ‘directing’ going on in that statement. It sounds as though he’s out of his depth.
  11. Todd would’ve spent even more time on the floor than usual against that bunch of thugs. i though both full backs had a poor game and a change to three at the back may have been worthwhile. But we seem to want to play by bypassing midfield, so putting an extra body in there was probably out of the question.
  12. Rather petty if you ask me. Expect better from our DOF.
  13. Did we sit back on purpose though? I though we completely ran out of legs around 70 mins. Our fitness levels have drastically reduced under Smith, but hopefully they will start improving.
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