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  1. Ah! I was thinking more Jim Bowen on his Bullseye TV show 😂
  2. Knapper’s enthusiasm is refreshing. Webber was probably as enthusiastic, but that 90% comment totally ruined that image.
  3. Hopefully Chris would know the difference between your and you’re though.
  4. Boy was that duck desperate to get on the Bernard Matthew’s production line!
  5. Sounds like a great move for the lad.
  6. How long before SKY mange to squeeze in a commercial break during each VAR check? It’s sole purpose is for TV audiences - it does zilch for the attending fan.
  7. I used to watch Match of Day on mine as a small child. Happy days 👍
  8. Possibly Essien will take up the head coach position at Nordsjælland?
  9. Looking at his YouTube vids, he seems to play either as CB or on the left of three, but from some of his positions looks like he also plays as a defensive midfielder? Different standard league, but he seems a strong and tricky runner with the ball.
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