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  1. I wouldn’t mind Jacob Murphy back especially if/when Buendia departs.
  2. £18million plus add ons minimum. It’s not like Liverpool are short of a few quid either!
  3. Aarons and Cantwell for me. If Bayern are genuinely interested in Max then we should let him go, who would begrudge him that opportunity. Needs to be the right price of course! Cantwell would cause havoc in the championship but I think he has greater ambitions than that. I can see him pushing for a move to a prem club. Would love to keep Zimmerman, Godfrey, Hanley, Buendia, Pukki, Lewis, Byram, and Hernandez. Not too fussed with the rest if I’m honest and that includes Krul. Re-invest the money on another striker, attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder and full back.
  4. Man City 2 - 2 Norwich. Pukki and Hernandez scorers.
  5. Walker (1st Spell) Some of the football was sublime. We were a force to be reckoned with. Not just winning but smashing the likes of Arsenal, Leeds, Everton, Liverpool away was great stuff. Brilliant time to be a Norwich fan. Plus the European games against Vitesse, Bayern and Inter. Never to be forgotten.
  6. I’m sorry but he is just awful! Defending is woeful, gets bullied off the ball time and time again and careless in possession. Replacement needed in the summer.
  7. Godfrey would be top of my list of Norwich players to sign if I was a premier league manager closely followed by Aaron’s and Buendia. I think it will be a miracle if we keep hold of those 3 this summer.
  8. Shearer and Wright can’t even string a sentence together between them. Embarrassing and cringeworthy at times. How they can justify their lucrative salaries is beyond me.
  9. Krul Aarons Tettey Godfrey Lewis Rupp MaClean Cantwell Buendia Hernandez Pukki
  10. Think he will drop Tettey into the back four and play Trybull alongside MaClean. Although I would like to see Rupp in the middle.
  11. A bit harsh to say that he’s been poor this season. If I remember rightly he was on fire and superb at the beginning of the season, confidence now low in a struggling team. I do think he will be off though at the end of the season.
  12. Thought he was absolutely superb this evening. Should have been MOM. Will be a lot of competition for his signature at the end of the season. Would not be surprised to see him alongside MaGuire at United next year. Be very sad to see him go but I can only see him getting better and better as he matures. England player in the making?
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