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  1. That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking. Coventry v Norwich play off final. Some occasion that would be.
  2. Thought they looked bang average. Stacey contained Davis with ease. The only two decent players they have (Hutchinson and Sarmiento) are on loan. They bottled the occasion again!
  3. Woods Culverhouse Watson Bruce Bowen Mulryne Crook Buendia Wes Maddison Ashton Subs: B Gunn, Drury, Newsome, Polston, Fleming, G Holt, Goss Drinkell, Eadie, Holt, Sutton, Huckerby, Fleck, Donuha, Disco
  4. Sell Jonny Rowe and bring in Sammie Smzodics and Illias Chair. Job done
  5. Possibly one signing incoming this January but the big re-build will take place in the summer. I expect to see some more South American talent signed along with younger, hungry players to lower the average age of the group. Pedro Lima from the development squad looks a real talent too, be good to secure his signature on a permanent deal.
  6. Got a sneaky feeling Wagner will change it again for Ipswich. Can see him bringing Onel and Fassnacht back in with Barnes up top. Hopefully not though!
  7. Gunn Stacey Duffy McClean Giannoulis Gibbs Sara Nunez Barnes Rowe Idah
  8. 6 points plus 3 more against the binners. So 6 wins out of 7!
  9. It’s written in the stars. Norwich to sneak into sixth position on the final day of the season. That lot down the road to bottle it and finish third. We smash them over two legs to send us to Wembley again. Yehhaaaaaa
  10. Devasted, this cannot be true😂 https://x.com/football__tweet/status/1726176834587615520?s=46&t=7GuO4cIx1TGvieFM3Ui3MQ
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