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  1. Omobamidele, Kabak and Hanley in a back 3. Will be plenty of opportunities for Gibson through the season.
  2. If Farke persists with 3 in midfield how about Norman, Sorensen and Lees Melou.
  3. Gunn Mumba Omabamidele Kabak Dimi Norman Sorenson Sargent Cantwell Tzolis Idah
  4. Was at the game today and I thought Williams did very well, was one of our better players along with Sargent, Kabak, Gilmore and Normann. The rest very poor!
  5. Feeling confident. Norwich to win 3-1. Pukki to score from open play.
  6. Gary Doherty England Steven Whittaker Scotland Andy Townsend Ireland John Hartson Wales
  7. It will be McClean, Lee Melou and Gilmour starting in midfield against Leicester.
  8. Welcome Brandon. Hopefully good things to come from him.
  9. Midfield is the problem. Lucas Rupp should be nowhere near the starting 11. Doesn’t offer anything going forward or defensively. Need to spend and spend big on two midfielders to stand any chance of staying in this league. Have we not learnt anything from the last time. You need space, power, strength in the centre of the park to give yourself a fighting chance in this division and we don’t have that yet!
  10. Man City 2 - 2 Norwich Norwich race into a two goal lead inside the first 30 mins through goals from Lee Melou and Sargent. Can’t hold on for the 3 points with two late goals from DeBryne and Grealish. 1st point on the board!
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