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  1. Harrison Reed, Lucas Joao, Josh Dasilva, Matt Grimes, David Turnbull, Glenn Kamara
  2. Walker, Lambert, Farke for me from the live games I have seen.
  3. Think he’s enjoying the left ack role. Getting better and better with each game. Giannoulis is going to have to be some player to get ahead of Lungi in the team now.
  4. Yeah that Bench is really lacking in pace. Not a lot of options if we are chasing the game at the end.
  5. Norwich 4 - 1 Millwall. Pukki 1, Placheta 2 and EMI 1.
  6. Looking closely at the highlights, it got me wondering if the ref would have blown for a foul/penalty if the shot had not gone into the net. The Bristol City defender has clearly been done by the flight of the ball and then proceeds to push EMI over with both hands. Absolute wonderful goal.
  7. Excellent performance from the team today, could and should have had more goals today. Special shout out to Sorensen who I thought did a brilliant job covering as left back.
  8. Krul Aarons Hanley Tettey Gibson Rupp McClean Buendia Vrancic Placheta Pukki
  9. Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Sorenson Rupp McClean Buendia Stieperman Cantwell Pukki
  10. Time for a bit of rotation perhaps with games coming thick and fast. Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Quintilla Tettey McClean Buendia Vrancic Cantwell Pukki
  11. Gunn Culverhouse Newsome Polston Bowen Fox Maddison Hoolahan Huckerby Ashton Holt Subs: Fleck, Eadie, Sutton, Crook, Goss, Safari,
  12. Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Quintilla Skipp Rupp Buendia Stiepermann Cantwell Hugill
  13. If any player was caught on his heels last night it was Pukki. Time and again he was slow to react, not anticipating the ball. Numerous times intricate balls played in to him but the move broke down because he was not ready. Looks half the player he was when banging in the goals for fun. Hope it is just a dip in form. Needs a couple of goals to get going again.
  14. Will be the same as the weekend but the team I would go with Krul Aarons Hanley Gibson Quintilla Tettey Buendia Skipp Cantwell Pukki Hugill
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