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  1. Yellow Green Army

    Team for Everton

    Krul Byram Zimmermann Godfrey Aarons Amadou Vrancic Lewis Cantwell Pukki Hernandez
  2. Yellow Green Army

    Match Night Thread -

    I agree with Indy. Trybull and McClean getting outclassed and losing the midfield battle. Get on top of that and we will win this match.
  3. Yellow Green Army

    Team for Watford

    Barring injuries I would like to see, Krul Aarons Tettey Godfrey Lewis Trybull Amadou Hernandez Buendia Roberts Pukki
  4. Yellow Green Army

    Hilarious Farke impression

  5. Yellow Green Army

    Score vs Man Utd

    2-1. Pukki brace
  6. Yellow Green Army

    Belated thoughts from yesterdays game...

    I’d go for Hernandez, Cantwell central and Buendia behind Pukki for Man Ure.
  7. Yellow Green Army

    Bournmouth-what would you change

    Krul Byram Godfrey Heise Aarons Amadou Leitner Lewis Buendia Cantwell Pukki
  8. Pukki, Buendia, Lewis, Aaron’s, Godfrey, Amadou (DM) and Leitner for me.
  9. Yellow Green Army

    Binner supporting work colleague!!!

    Enjoying some of these replies! Will come in handy the next time my Ipswich supporting work mate gets cocky. He truly believes they will get goals and points this season
  10. I was having a bit of banter with my binner supporting work colleague after the Man City result, he resorted to the usual pathetic rubbish and come backs. For example, how many trophies you won, put the trophies on the table, bet your going to have an open top bus parade now, you only won because of City’s poor defending blah blah blah. However his latest response is surely the best and most embarrassing of the lot. How many managers have you had to go on and manage England ??? I replied with laughing emojis and a comment calling him embarrassing. They truly are deluded and in denial that we are far superior in everything we do. OTBC!
  11. Yellow Green Army

    Team for Man City (h)

    Krul Aarons Amadou Godfrey Lewis Vrancic Leitner Buendia Drmic Maclean Pukki.
  12. Yellow Green Army

    Team for Man City (h)

    Krul Aarons Godfrey Zimmerman Lewis Amadou Trybull Bunedia Drmic Cantwell Pukki
  13. Yellow Green Army

    *****Official match thread v West Ham*****

    Thought Trybull did OK that half! Stiepermann just does not look interested most of the time. If only Roberts was on the bench, I would take off Stiepermann, push Cantwell into that role and have Roberts, Buendia out wide.
  14. Yellow Green Army

    West Ham predictions

    Hanley injury could be a blessing in disguise. Zimbo back in, 0-2 Norwich. Pukki and Buendia on the scoresheet.
  15. Yellow Green Army

    Come on Ipswich Town - We're Waiting!

    That’s superb. Very classy from Sheff We’d.