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  1. 100% this ☝ Its just a shame that Norwich aren't proactive enough as a club to highlight these areas and act on them swiftly. We've seen it many times in the past where we keep hold of an underperforming manager for at least a season too long.
  2. I'd like to see Normann and Sorensen. Alas, Farke doesn't seem to acknowledge the existence of the latter.
  3. Farke has an 11% win ratio at this level after 43 games. Fans are completely fine to air their grievances with him.
  4. Farke deserves time based on the performances delivered last season. You lost me with this bit. He doesn't deserve time based on the performances from his last premier league outing.
  5. What 'project'? Isn't the idea of any sport to be in the top league and be competitive in that league? If that is our project we're not doing it right.
  6. "farke is young and learning" no he isn't.
  7. Bless him. If only Farke could win a game in the Premier league then he might be taken seriously.
  8. 100% Farke obviously sees Gilmour in the Pirlo role but in front of this weak defence and without a DM alongside him it doesn't work.
  9. Coaching at this level doesn't seem to be his strength either, unfortunately.
  10. Krul has always looked shaky, long before he joined us and since he's been here. Its easy to point out the good saves he makes but his overall game is incredibly inconsistent and we should've been looking for an upgrade on him the previous time we were promoted. Settling for him as our number 1 because he makes a few good saves now and again is negligent. His mistakes aren't noticed too much in the championship simply because he faces less action. In the Premier league his frailties are all too often exposed.
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