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  1. He's punching above his weight and getting found out for it. That Toon bought him after he proved he wasn't cut-out for the premier league is on them.
  2. Another dreadful player off our conveyor belt who we've been able to oversell. Newcastle are our best customer in that regard
  3. Gibson was bought in as Godfrey's replacement. I thought we all knew that, right? Right? Norwich fans never fail to amaze me.
  4. They were all gone the moment we won promotion the season before last. Why is this thread even here? Have you not followed football for the last... Forever? Players always go to bigger clubs.
  5. The Jack Reacher tv series is in production at Amazon and Alan Ritchson (Titans) has recently been cast in the lead role. He's far more physically appropriate than little Tommy was.
  6. He was one of their best players but once he made it known he was off they dropped him and loaned him out to spite him. Nothing to do with ability.
  7. Also depends how much Nolan the studio let him getaway with! They turned the screw on Mendes so much that his last one stunk and Boyle left before even making one because of their interference.
  8. Naturally, Bond will always have a large box office take but he's already A list; Dark Knight Rises grossed over $1bil and Venom took over $850mil (with a sequel in production)! I hope he continues to make decent projects on the side, should his contract allow. He's our best weirdo although Robert Pattinson is mounting a strong challenge for that honour!
  9. Not officially confirmed at time of writing but being reported by numerous respected outlets so only a matter of time it seems. Bit of a waste as he can do so much better than slum it on a long studio contract playing a dullard. We can only hope he mixes it up and brings his signature weird to the character.
  10. Was rebranded to the Premier League in 2001. 19 years ago. No wonder nodge fans have a reputation for being a bit slow on the uptake. Unless of course most of you on this fine forum have been referring to the Scottish Premiership. Or Premiership Rugby. Have a lovely weekend!
  11. Whatever the club actually release will likely be a disappointment next to that.
  12. Wishful thinking. Norwich don't have the wherewithal to be that proactive!
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