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  1. They’ve downgraded their manager and playing staff this season. as evidenced last night they will likely be in for a much tougher season.
  2. I dare say that Pukki seems bereft of any type of good form that previously saw him tear defences in this league to ribbons and he’s looked distracted for a while now. Sargent was useful last night but we were playing in what looked like a training exercise, Huddersfield offered nothing except from what we gave them, which by the end of the game turned out to be quite considerable. The less said about the bumbling, ineffective Hugill the better. I know Idah is set to return at some point but he’s also rather leaden-footed. There is no way we can seriously be considered promotion favourites with the above forward line. We urgently need a decent striker.
  3. Tzolis looked fine before he got Farked after that penalty incident. bad man management has led to this.
  4. How do you know? Championship clubs pay far more than that in wages. Ah, another Norwich fan pining for the return of abject, sub-par players. Lets get Jerome, BJ and Steven Whittaker back, too. Legends.
  5. You’re spot on. It really is that simple in the championship, if you have one or two stand-out players (usually a playmaker and/or a striker) then you’re pretty much guaranteed top 6. How bad Farke performed in the premier league is proof of this.
  6. Whut? He's played most of the season. That's ample evidence to confirm he's rubbish.
  7. I beg your pardon but both your points here have been happening with Norwich youth products for years, long before Webber came here.
  8. Giannoulis is a better player than Williams and should've been 1st choice LB all season. Tzolis was looking promising until he got Farked. Poor management at this level as usual from us, and not just these two either.
  9. How do you know this? At which clubs have they both managed that have allowed them unlimited resources?
  10. Giannoulis was excellent against Man Utd. Much better than Williams has been against anyone.
  11. This stunning misunderstanding of football and elevation of mediocrity is exactly what gives us Norwich fans a bad name. Bless you.
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