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  1. Steve Cooper will be available soon and we should do everything we can to get him in. Obviously being Norwich we’ll wait til he gets snapped up by another club then sack Wagner.
  2. Not for Americans, it isn’t. It’s a mark of pride for them to talk about their money.
  3. Why ask someone on this forum this question? They’re not the person in charge of appointing the manager.
  4. Knapper has only been in the job a week or two but the longer he’s leaving Wagner in post the more he’s looking like a chump. Losing respect daily. Already.
  5. Why do football fans take it upon themselves to decide who the next manager is, inevitably out of “people they’ve heard of”? I guess you might call it fansplaining.
  6. Norwich lost 6 - 0 away at Fulham and got relegated on my 21st birthday. What a pressie, that was.
  7. I’m totally with you on the whole Farke thing, he was a hugely overrated manager who gets more overrated with each plonker we appoint after him. His premier league win ratio is appalling, as was his defending set pieces and substitutions. I’m not so much with you on the Smith thing, though. Nor are any of the Villa or Leicester fans I know (and that’s like three people!) In my opinion, we should never have appointed either Smith or Wagner. Both were so obviously lazy appointments from a SD who had already checked out and couldn’t be bothered to do any research. Not as bad as hiring Hughton to replace Lambert though. Never forgave McNally for that.
  8. He’s left the club with more debt than when he joined, and in a championship relegation battle. That’s his last actions running this club. Pretty clueless when it comes to sustaining success, two utterly atrocious attempts at competing at the top table. Got lucky with Pukki and Buendia, and Farke to an extent. Most of his other signings and all his other manager appointments are evidence of this. Terrible people skills. Alienated the fanbase and drove them to apathy. Narcissist.
  9. If it helps, Smith has by far the worst loss percentage of any nodge manager under Delia.
  10. Wait, you prefer winning a second tier competition over a premier league title race campaign and playing in Europe? Lambert getting a patchwork quilt of nobodies to finish mid-table in the prem? (the competition above the championship, as it seems a lot of people have forgotten this so I feel the need to remind) This Farke thing is bonkers. He was a one-note manager with no plan B and couldn't make a sub to save his life. I daresay, if not for Buendia and Pukki, Farke would not have seen anywhere near the success he had here. I know there were other effective players during his tenure, but those two (especially together) were a cut above anything else in the championship at that time. The top table is really where managers sink or swim, and we all know how well Farke did there.
  11. We let the ‘keeper position go to rot, Krul was never good enough and was certainly not good enough the last 2 or 3 seasons. The signing of Gunn never made sense to me, he is a dreadful ‘keeper, yet we paid nigh on £10mil to get him back for the name. I’ve been whinging to my nearest and dearest about this position for the last few years. It’s negligence from the club. The defence… Do I need to go there? Obviously I do, Gibson is utter jank, another of our “we can’t spend £8mil without sh***ing the bed” signings. Why has Wagner not started Duffy and Batth yet? Here’s why… Wagner’s not a very good manager. The midfield sucks, Kenny McLean is still our main man and captain. This still gives me the yips. I can’t comprehend it and I know its now vogue to say Kenny is a decent player, but he’s not. He epitomises our descent back into mediocrity. One of the worst ‘engines’ I’ve ever seen. The forwards are the coup-de-grace. Going into a season expecting promotion, but with only Sargent as our one striker (Idah is rubbish, sorry guys, and Barnes is not a striker) was suicide. Guess what?! The injury prone striker upon whom we were relying, got injured! What did we do… sign a striker who had not played a game for his parent club. So, we’re a mess all over the pitch, and have been for a few seasons. The rot has been ever growing, and is now there for all to see. Its Webber / Delia / whoever’s fault… but we’re in a funk and the current ownership openly and publicly don’t want us to be in the premier league… we’re back to stinking, but these things are cyclical. Just don’t mention playing… them down the road anytime soon. A dynasty has been ruined, throttled and put to bed. We’re now rubbish again.
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