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  1. To be fair this thread is all about Nodge fans overrating this squad so the guy suggesting Cantwell is better than Buendia is just falling in line.
  2. Why do people keep saying that we have a chance of staying up if we put in performances like the ones in games we lost? We lost those games. Putting in those performances is why we keep losing. We're bottom of the league because we keep losing. We keep losing because we do keep putting in those performances. Is it sinking in yet?
  3. We should have scored more goals but we didn't and we don't. Shoulds and the admiration of Burnley fans and Ian Wright won't keep us up. We haven't scored more than one goal in a game since the FA cup game against Championship side Preston. In the league you have to go back to Tottenham at home on the 28th December, before that was the 1st December against Arsenal. We simply do not score enough goals and are over-reliant on Pukki and Cantwell for them. The former is now looking fatigued, particularly after being played through his injury, and the latter is only good in spells. Norwich fans love accepting mediocrity.
  4. I don't understand the argument on here whereby people think that 'being backed' or 'spending/investing' means instant success. We hardly spent a bean compared to most Championship clubs last season but we won the league. It's not about spending a particular sum of money it's about how you spend money. There are people here stating that if Farke had money to spend then he would've kept us up without a doubt. What makes you say that? He still hasn't shown any inclination of improving our biggest problem area - the defence. Not with personnel (with the exception of Byram) nor with tactics. It isn't money that doesn't make game changing substitutions, it isn't money that plays players when they're carrying injuries, it isn't money that tells our players to pass back to the keeper from the halfway line, it isn't money that reacts after the damage is done. I just find it such an odd argument, and one that is made by people who really don't understand what they are watching.
  5. Shame, innit. He was so good last season but our defensive frailties have not been addressed. This is simply incompetent. That Farke has not given two tugs of a dead dog's c--k about improving our defence shows how naive his approach to the Premier league has been. Also the prem has shown that Godfrey is not a CB. He needs to be played as DM before the season is out to see if he can cut it in his natural position.
  6. He's a reactive manager not a proactive one. He'll never make a sub before the damage is done. He doesn't seem to be able to read a game. All the red flags he had when he first joined are still there. They were there last season, too. The success just clouded his pitfalls for our more limited supporters.
  7. Another year, another convoluted membership scheme. Yawn.
  8. Norwich fans love accepting failure. Talking about looking forward to the Championship next season like it's a good thing. We're in the Premier League. This is the league we want to stay in, not a lesser one.
  9. I remember when the FA Cup final should've been a national holiday and the tournament itself was the cadillac of any club's season. Now... Well, unfortunately it's little more than a hindrance these days, a fly buzzing around one's face while you're concentrating on your steak. Long gone are the days when I'd be looking forward to 3rd round day like Christmas. Now I can't wait til we're out.
  10. The term 'fail upwards' applies to football more than any other industry.
  11. There is absolutely no chance Buendia will be playing Championship football next season. Include Cantwell in that, too.
  12. I'm with this guy. Krul has been hugely overrated by some Norwich fans this season. He's made some howlers that have cost us and I can see why Fahrmann is frustrated, he should've been given a proper chance. Pukki is the standout at this point.
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