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  1. [quote user="Ron Manager"]Well the City site says "the new errea 2014-15 kit" so that kind of tells me its still being made by error, might be wrong though![/quote] Yer, an error to let errea still make our shirts, it looks like the one from the year it was to big round the neck, horrible shirt!!
  2. Did you and Lenny Henry write this?
  3. [quote user="Newton"]This should read that Snodgrass is happy to stay one more year because he can leave on a free next summer and demand a £1M plus signing on fee from his next club If he does not sign contract extension over next 4 weeks needs to be shipped out to the highest bidder and funds reinvested in the squad[/quote] You speculate to accumulate,to write off 3 mil which with one year left on his contract is about as much as we can get,is a worthwhile risk imho. His desire to win in the last 4 games suggest to me he had the desire that many were lacking. He is far to good for the champ so is an asset we must keep.
  4. Good quality left-backs are a rare commodity, especially ones that can fit in at left wing, like it''s been said above we should accept nothing less than 5-6 mil
  5. [quote user="Chip20"][quote user="skittles"]He seemed to hit shots with a sponge attached to his boot, no power or conviction just wanted to hit the target![/quote]Shocking behaviour; wanting to hit the target (!)Whereas Redmond shows the way with the ''power'' and ''conviction'' and highlighting to all how hitting the target really ain''t all it''s cracked up to be.[pmsl][/quote] In the sense that he was to afraid to put his boot through it and perhaps miss the target once in a while, where as Johnson would do that,hitting the bar or post or skying it. Don''t use someone like Redmond to fiut your agenda!! Do you understand now????
  6. He seemed to hit shots with a sponge attached to his boot, no power or conviction just wanted to hit the target!
  7. Turner the man who got MOM against Chelsea and was good up until his injury, then came back well. Bennett can go though as he is an absolute lump!
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