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  1. Those players never grab a game by the scruff of the neck they clean up for the players with the ability to do that.
  2. The team that Farke built never was absolute pace, more technical ability. So can’t see what ability we should build when outdone by a Farke team that he never had with us!
  3. The sky interview spoke volumes, he will argue that Sydney was a bag of slugs but this match was not Wagner’s fault. He took this team as far as it was capable of. 90 odd points wasn’t happening with this squad.
  4. I would rather give a nonce a second chance!!!
  5. Judging Batth is just stupid as when given the chance (rare)has never made a big mess up. Don’t understand the hate!
  6. He commands a signing on fee so will likely move.
  7. Sorenson has deputised admirably against limited opposition but Duffy has to come in for the Leicester game and certainly The scum game with Moores’ aerial ability a real threat. Baath hasn’t done really anything wrong when asked of him from my POV so do kinda wonder why he wasn’t picked over Sorenson for these games. I just remember Baath just being awful playing out from the back from left side of defence on that one game he was asked to play there.
  8. He left his leg trailing for about 9minutes. He was looking for it. Right decision.
  9. Against Sheffield Utd I can assure you that would not be the case.
  10. Bet you wouldn’t say Muslim if he was one. Weird hypocrite!!
  11. I was told to Shush by some old fogey at the Rotherham game at the start of the season. I am really quiet during games tbh. Slightly off topic, at the game today some tattooed fella asking any player for his shirt was embarrassing even a perplexed George Long!!
  12. Some absolute ridiculous statements on this thread about Hanley And Lungi plays against two of the worst sides in the division and now he is Baresi. If Hanley has been as awful as people say, Liverpool would have been double figures. Yes, he is rusty but he had been out for 11 months ffs.
  13. Placheta can play on the left……….. oh no, to save a few thousand we let him go 6 months early!!!!
  14. Gibson drawn to the ball like a **** to ****. If he had stayed with his man that goal wouldn’t have happened.
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