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  1. How have you not been sacked?
  2. JB


    These sort of comments really annoy me. We are not a small club and we are not tinpot. We shouldn't expect to be bottom of the pile all of the time. We are a Premier League yo-yo club earning huge amounts of money from this. We're not Norwich United or someone like that where a cup run cash injection is like having 2 Christmases come at one. Start believing we should be an established Prem team, pushing for top half in the very near future as this is where our stature should place us.
  3. JB


    I'm just fed up with this Mourinho thing. May have been amusing with his characteristics with his first go at Chelsea but now, so many years later, he's a detestable character. So undignified in any loss, says ridiculous things and is ultimately not a very good manager. Sadly his celebrity status will keep all those in the media in awe of him.
  4. You are a wealth of knowledge. Let's see what they say when I get a chance to pop by. No doubt there will be geordies floating about though as they get everywhere.
  5. PS - I am also totally against riding the elephants. Its wrong
  6. Thanks for the reply. Don't worry - we are doing the elephant thing but I've been extremely thorough in picking the rescue centre we are going to. Don't want to visit somewhere where underneath the facade is abuse, so had to do my research and be careful in our choice. Re Norwich, I'll keep my eyes peeled
  7. Am currently in Thailand, and as of the Newcastle game, I'll be in Chiang Mai. Its a 10pm ko Thai time and wondered if anyone from here knows of a pub it'll be on, or even better if you'll be there perhaps?
  8. Although not a song, Tettey has "shoot" shouted at him as soon as he's in the opposing half of the pitch.
  9. JB


    Yep, that's correct. The 12/13 season. We did then get knocked out in the 4th round, and without peeking at Google, who was this too?
  10. JB

    A bit of perspective

    Some good points from the poster here. This is in no way a point to spur negativity onto a positive perspective post, but to add to as to why we are perhaps not firing on all cylinders, so to speak, is because Farke and his coaching team haven't yet worked out the best combination of players for a match yet? Aside from injuries making this task harder, I am sure he hasn't found his ideal formula yet for being competitive in the Prem, consistently.
  11. Do you not think that when you have away fans popping up in the home end, this is taking up a Norwich fan's chance to get a ticket? That surely isn't right, so in my view, there isn't anything wrong with finding out which side they're supporting and if they're in the home section as an away fan, seek to get them ejected via the right means, ie a steward. As for any violence to deal with this situation, then that of course isn't right.
  12. Certainly something i'm aiming to do, but not decided on venue yet. Problem with the pub though is you'll end up with a huddle of Norfolk-born Liverpool "fans" in a lot of places, which will sour the atmosphere a little, which is a bit frustrating.
  13. JB

    Bury FC

    This is something I was discussion with a work colleague and we both agree that it's awful for the fans and they don't deserve their club to be in a position such as this. The blame has to lay with the owners, or whoever deals with the finances. At the end of the day, you'd expect them to have some business ability otherwise they wouldn't be in such a position, so the question should really be how they have got into such a mess and question their integrity. Surely you just need to look at your income from the football league, sponsors and ticket sales etc, versus your outgoings, player wages, transfer budget, and utilities etc, and if they see that there's more going out than coming in, address it straight away. I don't believe other clubs or the league should have to "help out" on what is essentially irresponsible business people and their decisions because that would mean owners will feel they can be as reckless as they like and someone will just come to bail them out when things go wrong.
  14. JB

    Are we any stronger?

    Yep, good way of looking at things
  15. JB

    Are we any stronger?

    I'm totally trustworthy of the regime to bolster us should they feel the need to, before the start of the season. It's possibly right to suggest we aren't much "improved" from last season yet, but who knows how our younger players have and will advance in ability this coming season, so much so that we aren't as unimproved as some may think.