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  1. Oh of course, the one result, but in the grand scheme of things, I'm dreading their return to the Chump. Stones in glass houses and all that, is all I'm thinking
  2. Not sure why we are gloating. They are still very likely to go up and be facing us next year. Crest of a wave and all that, and a much overdue win for them against us, I'd be more worried than laughing at them
  3. Fair enough, but same principle applies
  4. Why would any manager resign and forfeit a vast payout?
  5. Bloody hell. Like a hot knife through butter. We have been so dross tonight it's really starting to concern me for the rest of the season if we've actually got the bottle for this campaign.
  6. Ironic, considering where they will be playing
  7. To those who commented on my above posts re YouView and NowTV, I too can now find it at the bottom of the NowTV list. All good now. Ta guys
  8. Does anyone know if the red button is available on NowTV with a monthly sports subscription? From their own website it says it should be (watching on a talk talk youview box), but I can't see it as a choice when going onto NowTV. Perhaps it'll appear later?
  9. I had relatively little knowledge of this disease until seeing some of the high profile cases on TV recently showing how quickly it can take hold and how awful it is. Football aside for matters like this. Poor guy.
  10. JB


    Exactly, things won't change but the scales are starting to tip towards not wanting them anymore, but I'm with you as a Republican. I do feel on the contrary though, that now is the ideal time to talk about it as it's very likely to be the end of an era soon.
  11. JB


    Being part of a nation's heritage is no reason to keep something, if that thing is indeed outdated as you say. Wouldn't wish ill health on anyone but perhaps a conversation now as a nation to decide whether this institution is relevant anymore, is something we should do.
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