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  1. It's an improvement in my book. Idah had his chance and proved to not be good/consistent enough and as having poor decision making and football intellect. Van Hooijdonk comes from good footballing stock and is proven to score goals in the Netherlands. That is absolutely no guarantee of a return, of course, but I just feel that because Idah failed to impress so many times, a punt on someone else is something that I am prepared to give a chance and get behind. He can score and he will now have played in 3 countries and for me, that is an element of experience I can see working in his favour, and subsequently ours.
  2. Although Liverpool were always going to win, it just feels that only us would be as lacking any element of competitiveness. A non-league side would surely lose too but I suspect the manner of the defeat wouldn't be as gutless and mistake-filled as ours
  3. Made up for the horrific sitter minutes earlier.
  4. Said on BBC that all the home fans are waving their phone torches around. What's that all about?
  5. Was a red card but the bloke rolling around with those theatrics just made me wince. Is there any other sport where feigning pain/injury is just accepted as ok and part of the game?
  6. I thought the same thing, plus questioned whether or not he is actually a footballer or just a superb con-artist.
  7. I'll politely disagree with that one. Although you're right in that he could ask his opinion, that's all it'll be, an opinion. Webber has no reason to do anything based on someone's opinion as it stands. He's nothing to gain or lose in doing so, so won't do anything. I could well be proved wrong of course, so I suppose we'll watching this space.
  8. Could also be another reason, absolutely.
  9. For me, the game was the final straw in terms of my faith in Wagner at the helm. Other threads have handled, and are handling what he is doing wrong, so I won't go into those aspects again, but I believe he won't go regardless of how bad he is, or how much he's lost the dressing room etc. This is because of Knapper coming in soon and he will ultimately determine his fate. Knapper will be seeing all of this now and I suspect he will move Wagner on once his reign starts, but before then, there is no logic for Webber to get rid. He is leaving so likely doesn't care too much any more, but if he was to remove Wagner, who's he bringing in for what could well be extremely short-term until Knapper comes in and wants his own man in the job? To me, it just wouldn't make any sense for a Sporting Director who is about to leave, to sack a manager and source a replacement he'll have nothing to do with in a few months. Unfortunately, we'll be waiting a lot longer than we'd like for managerial/coaching changes, is how I'm seeing things.
  10. Eventually teams will realise time wasting (which is what this new rule is trying to eliminate) is not worth it, it should reduce down a bit. Surely paying fans want as close to 90 mins of FOOTBALL and not acting - can't see how anyone can think this is a bad thing.
  11. Given the size of Nike, if it was ever a viable business decision to make the shirt for sale in the first place, they'd absolutely have done it. They're a business after all, and very good at it - it's their choice not to have done it. However, the attention it has now gained will make it a decent seller for them. It almost feels like it could have been a publicity stunt to garner interest and attention over it to boost sales on what may have always been a planned "limited" production.
  12. Most won't, which will show in the stands. Those wanting to watch Norwich will attend, and those for the final will stay away. I suspect the stadium will be full of nearly full. Can only wait to see what actually happens though.
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