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  1. NK Dob in the Slovenian 2nd division. Got attached in a Footy Manager save. Interesting real life little thing about them is that a few years back, they actually won promotion via the playoffs to the top tier, but due to financial reasons, were declined the promotion by the top league. They remain having fun in the 2nd tier.
  2. His views need to be taken with a pinch of salt. I'd say he's borderline illiterate and his grasp of the English language is of a lower level than a peanut. He's forever getting the names of players wrong - I recall the other week Geoff having to explain that Buendia was pronounced "Bw-en-dia" and not "Pw-en-dia" (or something like that), because it had the letter B in it not the letter P. The confusion on Merson's face was of sheer bafflement.
  3. He seems like a decent guy and just loves football. Always impartial towards us and fair in his analysis.
  4. I'm certainly respectful of your view of this, but to suggest I am living in fantasy is a tad bit over the top. Poor economy and social wellbeing must be at least partly linked to the issues I make references to. A country is happier in its population and output when the economy is doing well - the two correlate. If we suddenly locked down again, more people will suffer as a consequence, possibly less obviously and more in the long-term than they would if they made the, let's face it, awful decision in its own right, to not lock down fully should cases rise to higher levels. Its my view anyway and a bit of healthy debate on the matter is good for everyone too.
  5. Ok, so reverse the priority then, hypothetically. Say we DID value lives over the economy. The country's economy collapses, millions unemployed. Personal debt rises, homelessness increases and the strain on people's mental health hits an all time high. The levels of suicide and deaths of people from the cold from losing their homes would be of staggering quantities. Couple that with higher amounts of benefit claims and strain on the NHS for the aforementioned mental health problems. Nobody wants anyone to die of Covid, nor for any other reason, of course, but by saying that lives should be prioritised over the economy would result in lives being lost anyway, along with so many other catastrophic social factors. There is no winning priority or situation unfortunately BUT keeping the economy going is extremely important, for my above stated reasons as well as being in a good enough position to get out of this when the time comes.
  6. Quality of the stream is awful today. 80mb broadband Ethernet connection but wants to buffer every 3 seconds. 21st century supposedly.
  7. I too cant see quite where to navigate to when it comes to kick off, on iFollow. I can see under match passes that I already have access to the match, but it doesn't show actually how to access it literally. Anyone got any "for dummies" as to what to go to on the canaries website, please?
  8. Afternoon everyone!! As a Norwich fan, I thought I'd share on here a link (below) to my YouTube gaming channel. What you might like is the logo of my channel (IB Gaming), sports the yellow and green. The videos are of the "let's play" variety. I believe I have videos for many tastes and adding content all of the time. I'd really appreciate your opinions and if you enjoy the channel and my content, give me a like and/or subscribe. Go to the Playlists section to browse the different games. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQaNIZIInZ7iieDZWJt-11w
  9. What's this source? If its correct, it's still a rather plump sum of money
  10. If I was paid the ludicrous amount he is, I'd be focussed on nothing more than work should I have failed spectacularly at my task beforehand
  11. Reeks of vanity. After our relegation and horrific form of late, if he wants to put out videos of himself, do videos that shows some hard work and dedication to his football. Way too self obsessed to seem to be bothered about Norwich.
  12. I'd say it is. By spending that, for the TV rights for next season in the Prem, they'll get that back, plus more.
  13. These sort of comments really annoy me. We are not a small club and we are not tinpot. We shouldn't expect to be bottom of the pile all of the time. We are a Premier League yo-yo club earning huge amounts of money from this. We're not Norwich United or someone like that where a cup run cash injection is like having 2 Christmases come at one. Start believing we should be an established Prem team, pushing for top half in the very near future as this is where our stature should place us.
  14. I'm just fed up with this Mourinho thing. May have been amusing with his characteristics with his first go at Chelsea but now, so many years later, he's a detestable character. So undignified in any loss, says ridiculous things and is ultimately not a very good manager. Sadly his celebrity status will keep all those in the media in awe of him.
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