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  1. If he's already been booked then he has to show more intelligence than that. Don't give the ref an excuse and he did just the opposite. Ref was entitled to make that call. Others wouldn't, but he was fair in doing so.
  2. What is this reason you refer to?
  3. If he wants to do that role, and that's what's needed, then as long as he has it, he's as much chance as anyone else.
  4. If he has the credentials for a coaching role of his choice, he'll get it.
  5. You see this new Newcastle ownership, and others in the list and you wonder how they can possibly pass any test the premier league is supposed to have in place. Legitimate ownerships my codling.
  6. Really good point on morale. Spot on. Hadn't thought of that.
  7. Oh yes, absolutely, we did well, but that point will be of very little use overall should we take a hiding in 2 weeks. Not taking anything away from today.
  8. As my title suggests, although I'm pleased our losing streak is now over and we did well today as an individual result, I believe that today won't be relevant until after the Brighton game. If we lose to Brighton, the point well earned against Burnley, in my view, will be almost irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but, and I hope that, we beat Brighton, then today's point will seem brilliant. As it stands, it's fairly meaningless, and the meaning and relevance will become clear based on what happens next. I see it almost as a combo of 2 games. Draw versus Brighton, and I'll feel flat about both games. What do you guys reckon?
  9. The fact we spent over 20m on Rashica and Tzolis and he decides to play a system that excludes them is very non-sensical to me. Yes, formations can change etc, but that amount of money is huge for us, and at least one of those players should be involved because of that.
  10. I just think we'll be out-muscled and any attempt to play by us would simply be quashed. Not optimistic, and I hope I'm wrong, but I can see 2-0 to Burnley. After the first goal conceded, I suspect we will fold.
  11. Love this faith but I can't see it. Truly feel this was our moment tonight
  12. I'm with you. Great man who I've every human respect for, but he is not able to cut it I feel. Yes, it could be the players but I truly feel those players ARE capable with the right guidance and coaching. That isn't happening right now.
  13. I have been well and truly behind the direction of the club, until tonight, and this is firmly the first time I have decided that I think it's failing. Genuinely heartbroken at watching this today. We are a hollow shell of a team required at this level, and it hurts. Facts are facts and we are hopeless. That is something that cant be argued with
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