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  1. Did people from those countries turn up in large numbers for the rebuild after the war? Was it the same immigration system they arrived under? Would those from South Africa and Zimbabwe not have been predominantly black anyway? You’re using whataboutery and distraction to avoid debating the points made....again
  2. Then that child would also have much less opportunity in life than the middle class child from a nice area.
  3. I believe the Windrush scandal was Home Office incompetence from a government that had made lots of promises on cutting immigration numbers that it knew it couldn’t keep. It therefore made a big show of tightening the rules, and those poor people were shamefully harassed and deported. It should never have happened, however I don’t believe they were deported because of the colour of their skin
  4. I’d wager large numbers of those marching were the same hard left middle class Momentum supporters whose views got the Labour Party investigated for Anti Semitism.
  5. So protestors tried to burn the Union Flag at the Cenotaph, and the statue of our most famous wartime leader was vandalised, and you’re telling people they’re stupid to believe other war memorials wouldn’t be targeted? Whilst it may have been one person on the Cenotaph itself, their actions were being cheered by all those who were watching him, and nobody in that crowd made an effort to stop him. So I don’t believe it’s only a single cretin giving the movement a bad name. Whenever anybody else on here has stated that the bulk of those out protecting the statues/memorials were decent people who were let down by the actions of a few drunk skinheads that went looking for violence, you’re quick to jump on them as trying to downplay the motives of those involved. However you’re guilty of the exact same thing towards the BLM protestors
  6. So because I’m white I’m not allowed an opinion? Even though statistics show this country is one of the most open tolerant places in the world, there’s no statistical evidence of institutional racism, in fact most studies show the worst performing demographic at schools is now working class white boys. White people are actually more likely to die in police custody once they’ve been arrested than black people etc. All of this is irrelevant to you, it’s easier to try and shut down any debate by trying to label me a bigot instead of actually debating the points. It’s already illegal in this country to discriminate on the basis of race, as well as a number of other things such as gender and sexual orientation. If there is widespread discrimination against black people why isn’t it being reported? What exactly is it that you want the government to do?
  7. Ignoring of course numerous examples as have been highlighted in the past of organisations such as the police, where white candidates have been overlooked in favour of other races in order to bring up the levels of diversity, or even in the football league where clubs have to interview at least one candidate from an ethnic minority for any coaching post around the first team. Are these examples of racism also and should be stopped? As I’ve said I’ve no doubt there are racist people, but I simply don’t believe the system or our institutions are racist. You’ve no statistics to prove otherwise, merely anecdotal stories
  8. Where does racial privilege exist though, in what examples? I’ll agree racism exists, the world will always have bigots, but what systems benefit a white person at the expense of a black person?
  9. The Tories funding could easily be found on their website I imagine, as most donations have to be recorded. Brexit was a referendum, there were rich people funding both sides. Tommy Robinson is irrelevant to anything, just a lunatic shouting from the sidelines
  10. There have been elements calling for the overthrow of capitalism as a white supremacist system, and Minneapolis have voted to disband the police as per the demands of the protestors, something thankfully the Governor had the sense to ignore. However you’re right I can’t find it on the website on their actual manifesto, I’m not entirely sure what I’ve got that mixed up with. Now could we go back to the original questions I asked? Otherwise this ends up as a pointless distraction
  11. Soros caused a lot of pain for millions of people due to his actions leading to Black Wednesday. If the left can vilify Churchill or Gandhi for the holding views common of the time, despite the good things both men achieved, why should a bit of philanthropy absolve Soros of the mess he caused?
  12. So the problem is economic rather than anything race related? Accusing white people and the system of being racist is completely wrong. I’ll agree a higher proportion of black people do live in poorer households, though I’d put that down to having less inter generational wealth than any racist policies. You have to remember most have only been in Britain for a couple of generations, and the first arrivals turned up with very little in the way of money or formal education, so they simply haven’t had chance to build up wealth in the same way as a number of white families who have been here much longer. However a black child from a middle class household in Surrey will have much better opportunities in life than a white kid living with a single mum on a council estate in Grimsby. I’ll agree privilege exists, however I just don’t believe it’s racial
  13. I got bored quite frankly by that thread going round in circles with nobody answering the questions being asked, just regurgitating the same statements over and over. I was hoping this time it may be different?
  14. These were some of the extreme elements of the protest, though you’re right it may well have been the hard left using the protests to push through their own agenda. George Soros however is a major benefactor to BLM. How about my original points regarding the aims of the protests relevant to the UK. What specifically do they feel is unfair about the system?
  15. That’s the sort of idiotic response I mean. It makes no attempt to answer the question, it merely lazily tries to portray anybody who won’t blindly follow the protests as racist or ignorant. What specifically is it about the system that you find racist? What laws are there to solely benefit white people to the detriment of others? I’ll admit I have very little time for BLM, funded as it is by billionaires and whose goals include the overthrow of capitalism and abolition of the police, according to their manifesto on their website anyway
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