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  1. I don’t want that personally because it’s clear it doesn’t work if you get promoted, as ourselves (twice) and Burnley have found to our cost. It’s no good having a team set up to dominate possession when you’re going to spend large periods without the ball. The defending for the last 6 years has also been atrocious. Even Farkes second title where we didn’t concede many was a result of simply keeping the ball (and Krul having one of the best seasons by a keeper in memory) rather than actually being able to defend. If the club is serious about having a sustained run in the top flight then it has to be much more pragmatic built on a solid defence and pace and power.
  2. A good fight, and the right man won. Scorecards we’re closer than they should have been in my opinion though, how one gave it to Fury is beyond me. Rematch should be a cracker
  3. I think Farke had a slightly better starting position as we were still getting parachute payments when he joined. He also took over a team that had amassed 70 points the year before (73 this year) so pretty much of a muchness there. You’re right though he was given that first season as a free hit so the new bloke deserves the same. Thankfully we found Buendia for his second season so we were actually able to convert the possession into actual chances (which Pukki gleefully put away)
  4. In hindsight though (as much as it pains me to say it) Hughton probably had the right idea in terms of the style of football needed in order to stay up when you have meagre financial resources such as ours
  5. We’ve just finished 6th, and got the parts of the season where we had the bulk of the first team fit (start and after Christmas) our form was close to automatic promotion. Therefore I don’t think the squad is in need of drastic overhaul, just a few players so we’ve got options off the bench. A couple of high earners such as Gibson and Dimi could probably be replaced more cheaply but I don’t think we need a radical overhaul
  6. It’s fine for now, getting out of the conference and 4th and 3rd tiers can be done relatively cheaply, but when you get to our level it will start to cost the yanks serious money to keep them competitive. Then we’ll see just how committed they are
  7. I’ve just got the horrible feeling next season we’ll be sat lower mid table wondering what could have been if we hadn’t binned him. Both Smith and Wagner have been sacked now with the team in the playoffs so this new bloke has better hit the ground running
  8. Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have got us promoted automatically with the squad and injuries we had
  9. I specifically said I wouldn’t want to watch their style of play, again you’re arguing against a point I’ve never made. This is what I was replying to. Ignoring the bit about bringing through the youth (which I do agree with) my point was I couldn’t care less whether they're nice respectful people, they could spend all week kicking the $h1t out of each other at training for all I care, as long as they win on Saturday. I’d rather a team of nasty winners than one of nice losers
  10. You’re somehow replying to something completely different to the point I was making. My point was I’d rather have a winning team full of less than savoury characters than a losing one full of wholesome lads. That was the entirety of the conversation, I’m not sure why you’ve decided to add anything to it that I’ve neither thought or said
  11. I’d take Robins or Cooper, can’t see Frank coming here
  12. What has he achieved? I’m not saying he’ll fail, like every manager I’ve no idea how we’ll go under him but I just don’t understand the love in for somebody most of us barely knew existed a few months back Arteta was also a former Arsenal cup winning captain. Do you think they’d have appointed him if he hadn’t had that connection?
  13. You think the fans will accept finishing in the lower reaches of the league after sacking a manager who finished in the playoffs?
  14. Peter Grant was assistant at West Ham when they made the cup final, that didn’t translate too well into management. I’m not impressed by somebody who has achieved nothing on their own just because they happen to be working at a big club. He might turn out to be a good manager, I just don’t understand the love in for a him by some on here
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