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  1. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Self-sustaining model

    Get ready for 5 years of greed and selfishness.
  2. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    *****Official match thread v Saints*****

    Now we've got our playmaker on ( aka Tettey) we look a different team.
  3. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Amazon buffering

    I usually have about 2.5 mB and it's working fine.
  4. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    So who is off to Southampton this evening?

    Watching the Amazon coverage I see that there's two ex-players in the studio, although one may be better qualified to comment on the improvements to the studio, but while most grounds seem to have an ex-player from each team on the commentary team we've got Matt Holland - that famously rabid Canary fan.
  5. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Godfrey to Spurs?

    What about when John Bond got Bournemouth promoted by transferring their first team to Norwich?
  6. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    It is hard to believe that we didn't beat any of Palace, Bournemouth or Burnley, as they all looked poor last night. It's understandable that we didn't get anything against Man City... oh, hang on a minute...
  7. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Shouldn't be surprised I suppose....

    If he played these days, how long would he be on the pitch for until he was sent off?
  8. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Advice on Prime matches

    Can I pay for Amazon prime with my left over Green Shield Stamps?
  9. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    And we thought

    It's lucky they didn't have VAR as I think the Goalie may have been slightly off his line for that last one.
  10. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Advice on Prime matches

    Surely if you have Prime - which is the point here anyway, then you should be getting next day delivery - or is the Fire Stick not covered by Prime delivery?
  11. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    FARKE !

    Thank you Empty Mirror. It's great to have a poster who speaks more than one language, especially when some posters seem to struggle with their first language.
  12. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Ricardo's report AGM 2019

    I am a great believer in setting achievable targets (Something the Labour Party knows nothing about). If we set being in the Prem every year as our target then we might fail by May next year. We've shown that we can get promoted by recruiting the right people, as opposed to just spending money. The aim now is to make that mantra of "The Right People" permanent.
  13. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    What a difference a game/mistake makes

    The question is which 3 teams can we finish above? Watford look a strong possibility, and with their next few fixtures Everton could slip into the bottom three - depending on who they get in instead of Silva (and when) - but which other team? Villa have struggled - except against us - but they will try and buy their way out of trouble in January. I hope that Southampton's performance was down to how bad Arsenal were rather than it being them who were good. Otherwise we need one or two of Palace, Brighton or Newcastle to plummet. We may not stay up with our policy of not spending any money, but I for one applaud the attempt. Everton have spent £500 million on players in the last 4/5 years, although they have sold some for big money too. Villa spent over £100 million this summer to build a squad which can't score many goals. This level of spending is unsustainable. I hope we will be proved to have been right.
  14. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    *****Official match thread v Everton*****

    I've just dug out my "Buddy Christ" and he's very positive about our season. What a great film.
  15. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    £34 million loss

    If we get relegated we will probably not need to sell any players, but will not have that much say in things as some of our better players may be cherry-picked - although at the moment they are not going to attract much attention from other clubs. I think the model was to build up a promotion winning team from the Youth teams, and promotion last season was an unexpected bonus - a bonus financially but too soon in the plan, so the extra money will help in the long term, but we will not spend this season to stay in the Prem. Why? Because we haven't got the squad (or money to buy that squad) for years 2 and 3 in the Prem. Is it a risk? Of course. If we are relegated we may not get promoted again, but we'll be a Championship team with no debt, and long term that will be a very good position to be in as the current situation (most clubs having huge debts and running at a loss) is unsustainable.
  16. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Come on Mrs. Argos!

    This is probably not the forum to say this, but anyway here goes: For me external faff is irrelevant ( faff being a "Fortuitous Arrangement of Facial Features") and being externally attractive and "nice" is insufficient for a long term relationship. An attractive and quick mind and spiritual curiosity are far more important for me. I am afraid that things like Love Island and Naked Attraction on TV and tinder/grinder have encouraged an emphasis on external looks. In my experience the most externally attractive women have also been the least interesting and lacking in resilience and resourcefulness because they haven't had to work hard to get through life. This isn't an attack on you, wcorkcanary, it's just that your words triggered this response in me. Oh and congratulations to Mr and Mrs Argos.
  17. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Injury Updates

    Vrancic was so busy scoring he didn't provide any protection for the rest of the midfield.
  18. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Come on Mrs. Argos!

    Is the guy in the crib available to play at CB - he looks quite a beast?
  19. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Another DM on his way?

    How many players have played only a few games for City (12 in my namesake's case) and been so fondly remembered.
  20. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    We don't need to spend...

    It's all part of the plan to be crowned "most relegated club from the Premiership", a claim we currently have to share with Crystal Palace and Sunderland.
  21. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Belated thoughts from yesterdays game...

    One of the first things I noticed about Onel was his tracking back, which really made him a step up from the Murphy twins.
  22. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Toddy in training

    "Brexit Deal Closer" is more depressing.
  23. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

    Spire at Colney are having an event tonight dealing with "Urological" issues. Wishbone Ash are playing in Hunstanton tonight - Spire would have been better off setting up there as the audience will consist entirely of their "target" demographic.
  24. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    More concessions required

    This is a poor analogy - to cause Japanese Knotweed to be spread is unlawful, and nobody has done anything unlawful around Brexit...oh hang on a moment...