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  1. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Benjamin Bloom

    His poor fish - no plastic ruined castle or sunken pirate ship. They must be so bored - watching them must be as exciting as watching the Binners.
  2. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    BBC Football Page looking good today.

    It's taken them a while. Last time I looked we were still in the Championship. Must be run by a Leeds fan.
  3. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Felix Passlack

    That soil looks quite sandy. He needs to start lining the sides or he could be in big trouble - so I guess that he needs to stop digging.
  4. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Peter The Deleater...

    Is that what Robert Plant's song "Big Log" is about?
  5. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Webber man of integrity

    Didn't Huddersfield cut back on their Academy from Category 2 to Category 4, which puts more emphasis on the older age groups? In other words they want somebody else to do the investing at the younger age range. Wasn't this part of why Webber left?
  6. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    Well at least he'll be used to scrapping for points.
  7. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Official summer timewasting thread

    I don't want to be seen as the Westcoast of this thread, but the Pub and Paddle thing is an accident waiting to happen IMO. When i saw it on the way to CR for a 3pm kick-off I was horrified to see no buoyancy bags in the canoe, and I'm not sure whether they even had life-jackets on. One thing is for certain paddling and alcohol is not a good combination. But as a concept it sounds fun.
  8. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Maybe we should all get a vote on this, a sort of Leave or Remain type thing, perhaps with publicly voted representatives also having a say, and maybe, or maybe not, the final say. Maybe we could get a second vote on whether we agree with the publicly voted representatives; or not. That way we'll still be in it in 3 years time.
  9. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Until we actually sign someone there's no point in West Coast returning - there's nothing yet to be miserable about. BTW who was the idiot who first used the word "Journeyman" on this thread? They've got a lot to answer for.
  10. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    When does the new season start? I can't wait.
  11. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    From us to QPR to Swansea to another club in 5 years, and not a Journeyman? I am down on Fer as I was so excited when I first saw him play for us, he seemed to have so much potential, but he just hasn't developed and fulfilled his earlier promise. So you could say he is an ideal candidate for our recruitment model of identifying players who are under-performing, but we can probably find players who are better and cheaper abroad.
  12. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Fair enough, but that doesn't explain why he has become a bit of a Journeyman since he left.
  13. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Olsson gets caught up the pitch all too often and doesn't try to get back. Seems to try and tackle mainly with his arms. Not the kind of player we want at all.
  14. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Leroy Fer exemplifies the saying that: "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
  15. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Pulis gone?

    It's hard to imagine a Pulis team having the ambition to win football matches. No, can't do it.