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  1. I heard that they were considering changing their nickname from "The Magpies" to "The Murderers." You heard it here first.
  2. The trouble is that like a certain (expletive deleted) person, GPB might want to become King of the World, and to have been King of the World, but not actually to be King of the World and do the work which comes with the title.
  3. I think Shearer was basing his team on who he'd like to have on his side in a fight and he liked the look of Krul's two fisted punch and Hanley's wrestling to the ground.
  4. Is it a coincidence that one of the posters is called "daisyisabaddog"?
  5. I cannot understand why VAR didn't change Wood's yellow to a red as it was far worse than the tackle for which Ward-Prowse was sent off for against Chelski - it looked like W-P was going for a loose ball and he probably did touch the Chelski player - who then collapsed as if he'd been taken out with a rifle. Who was running VAR yesterday, because it was even worse than usual - were they having a party?
  6. Watford had a perfectly good goal ruled out by stupid officials and VAR, but there again Leeds had a penalty not awarded by VAR, so they should have lost 2-1 and not 1-nil, but really... he got the sack after that? It's no way to run anything - if they stay up it doesn't mean that changing the manager was what made the difference. Football, and especially the Premiership, or whatever it is called at the moment, is in a very bad state and it will collapse at some point. When it does a lot of the blame should be put on those who run the show. Nobody seems capable of planning ahead anymore, nor of being able to see that there is/will be a problem ( see also driver shortages, food processing labour shortages and lots of other issues our glorious government has ignored warnings about).
  7. To paraphrase "When Harry Met Sally" : I'll have whatever you're having. That is if it is a legal substance.
  8. What is the criteria for doing better than us in this list? Surely if you take indebtedness into account that list of better clubs gets much shorter.
  9. I hope she isn't persuaded to change the team around her - they might not be well known names, but they have obviously done a very good job. Her decision making and adaptability was very impressive given her experience. I've watched her last three games, and in each one she has unsettled the other player - Emma doesn't have a glaring weakness which they can attack and she keeps varying things, like doing a slow first serve - it reminded me of T20 cricket bowling.
  10. I think it would be difficult to find "fans" from any club able to do that from a purely unbiased position - don't the words "fans" and "fanatical" have the same origin. I think they found themselves in a terrible situation with Mucus Evans, and they are just grateful at the moment to have found a way out of that. Whether their new investors will bring about success only time will tell. Personally I don't think it is a good way for football clubs to go, but I'm old and old fashioned and still believe in a Board of Directors from the local area who care about a club sitting round a table trying to make the right decisions for their club. Once you start getting complex ownerships and decisions made by people thousands of miles away I get nervous. In my mind decisions can then be made for reasons which have nothing to do with the business in this country, being vulnerable to the economic situation in another country, or even the politics in that country. For example, it concerns me that our electricity distribution network is owned by a Chinese Billionaire and his daughter, along with some of our water companies, but what do I know.
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