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  1. If someone were to publish any more pages of the "possibles" I think we'll start to see our own names appearing. After all, most of us have been managing the club with more success than many of the incumbents - or so we claim.
  2. In the first half they were - they probably should have gone in at halftime ahead, but Farke sorted that out as he handed round the biscuits, and they won the second half 3-0. I am puzzled by your first point. I don't feel that my reply to Cowboy was aggressive in any way. By this message boards standards it was civil.
  3. You saw a different game to me that day then. We had no midfield and Leeds were able to cut through us like the proverbial hot knife, turning defence into attack in a matter of seconds. Play like that tonight and we are doomed.
  4. To paraphrase "When Harry met Sally" - "I'll have what you're having."
  5. Look, the great unwashed voted for Brexit just so they could mock foreign surnames with impunity. Or so they thought.
  6. If they go up the thing which will the hardest to stomach will be the Media Love-in. Someone today on 5Live said "I've been to Portman Road and they should be in the Premiership" - retch.
  7. "The first thing we're gonna do is change the club colours to Orange and Green to match my skin tones, then we're gonna start preparing for the Football World Series, which we will win, and if we don't it will only be because they cheated."
  8. It does seem odd that they make these awards before the end of the season. Arsenal and Liverpool are demonstrating that it is never too late to throw it away.
  9. I've not seen anyone comment on their wall for the goal. As it turned out their whole goal was exposed and there was no funny business from us to pull anyone out of the way. I guess they felt that it was so far out that the keeper could cover 80% of their goal. Their wall was as effective as the Siegfried Line, where the Germans just went around the end - like Nunez.
  10. I'm prepared to give Josh the benefit of the doubt on the Morsy one. He is a bit like Bambi on ice - not the most gainly of strikers, and I think he was preparing to shoot. Definite yellow and a free kick.
  11. So which match were you watching? Not the one at Carrow Road obviously.
  12. I was disappointed with Sainz today. Maybe he had been told to come inside a lot, but it left their no 29 - who crossed for their goal - completely unmarked on numerous occasions, with McCullum left to mark two players. I'm not sure anyone really played well. Against any Premiership side we'd have been destroyed.
  13. Following England is like being a Norwich fan - it's the hope that hurts, so on that basis I suggest "Heartbreaker" by Free.
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