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  1. Our defence is invisible at corners already - don't need Camo.
  2. Munure must spend at least half their training time practising the dark arts - getting penalties, fouling off the ball, subtle fouls etc. I particularly remember one game where on the counter attack Wes passed forward from the centre circle he was taken out by a Manure midfielder so he could not join the attack. Luckily we scored anyway, but that kind of thing makes my blood boil. It's all part of the game, you might say, but for me it rankles when it is good players doing it. On a different topic, what is the difference between "hoofball" as practised by some lowly teams, and how Arsenal played in the FA Cup Final? For me the only difference is that the Arsenal strikers are quick and skilful in bringing the ball down, so the pundits wax lyrical about the quality of the ball forward, rather than how basic it is as a tactic.
  3. Where's Onel? All I can see is a bright Bougainvillea.
  4. I have only been to China in the winter, but I didn't find the Chinese to be smelly at all - neither in a good or bad way, but this was a very long time ago so I guess things may be different now. I found the food difficult and hated all the gobbing (the sound and the brimming spittoons on every hotel corridor.
  5. I'd contribute to the fee to get Srbeny back, if only for the fun of watching some peoples' reaction. Mentioning no names.
  6. More like Jacque Tati - would fit the model better.
  7. I hope we play hardball with Liverpool. They have done well in recent years at getting top money for their players, but they spent a net £127 million on players in 2018/19 and £400 million gross in the last 4 years. Notwithstanding Covid, they are the Champions and have to expect to pay top dollar for players.
  8. The game started off well and was an enjoyable watch, but the second half summed up everything which is wrong with Football in general, and the Prem in particular. The more I watch the harder it is to believe that events and results are not controlled and determined by a few men on a secret committee.
  9. I know that they used to "own" Emi, via Getafe, but he's not one of their players yet.
  10. SU's spending is not sustainable IMO as the point I was trying to make was that the level of wages which come with such transfers are a huge risk if they are subsequently relegated in the next couple of seasons. I cannot imagine that they will balance the books this year, and will these signings have relegation clauses? Whatever happens they will probably be alright because their owner will just absorb the debt, but our owners cannot, so we had to shop at Primark, rather than Marks and Spencer's. SU like to portray a story of "Plucky little club rises through the ranks to the top half of the Premiership", but in reality it is just another tale of someone buying success.
  11. He doesn't have a very Danish name. What's the Danish for Ecky Thump?
  12. Hasn't this Government made enough bad decisions already?
  13. I'd rather not, it's very hard to get a dentist appointment at the moment.
  14. SU spent £40 million on transfers last summer and another £20 million in January. With that comes the contract obligations re wages. It appears a bold move, which has paid off this season, but I am sure that they could only do it because the owner(s) were prepared to underwrite this level of expenditure. In other words this is not "sustainable" and is another example of a club trying to buy success. Personally I hope we never go down that route. Long live "the Project".
  15. I would imagine that the only two teams who'd have a much different wage bill for this season would be SU and us, so those two might be lower down the table, but I feel that the general point is right - the top clubs are buying their points, and not very economically (because they can).
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