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  1. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    £34 million loss

    If we get relegated we will probably not need to sell any players, but will not have that much say in things as some of our better players may be cherry-picked - although at the moment they are not going to attract much attention from other clubs. I think the model was to build up a promotion winning team from the Youth teams, and promotion last season was an unexpected bonus - a bonus financially but too soon in the plan, so the extra money will help in the long term, but we will not spend this season to stay in the Prem. Why? Because we haven't got the squad (or money to buy that squad) for years 2 and 3 in the Prem. Is it a risk? Of course. If we are relegated we may not get promoted again, but we'll be a Championship team with no debt, and long term that will be a very good position to be in as the current situation (most clubs having huge debts and running at a loss) is unsustainable.
  2. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Come on Mrs. Argos!

    This is probably not the forum to say this, but anyway here goes: For me external faff is irrelevant ( faff being a "Fortuitous Arrangement of Facial Features") and being externally attractive and "nice" is insufficient for a long term relationship. An attractive and quick mind and spiritual curiosity are far more important for me. I am afraid that things like Love Island and Naked Attraction on TV and tinder/grinder have encouraged an emphasis on external looks. In my experience the most externally attractive women have also been the least interesting and lacking in resilience and resourcefulness because they haven't had to work hard to get through life. This isn't an attack on you, wcorkcanary, it's just that your words triggered this response in me. Oh and congratulations to Mr and Mrs Argos.
  3. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Injury Updates

    Vrancic was so busy scoring he didn't provide any protection for the rest of the midfield.
  4. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Come on Mrs. Argos!

    Is the guy in the crib available to play at CB - he looks quite a beast?
  5. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Another DM on his way?

    How many players have played only a few games for City (12 in my namesake's case) and been so fondly remembered.
  6. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    We don't need to spend...

    It's all part of the plan to be crowned "most relegated club from the Premiership", a claim we currently have to share with Crystal Palace and Sunderland.
  7. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Belated thoughts from yesterdays game...

    One of the first things I noticed about Onel was his tracking back, which really made him a step up from the Murphy twins.
  8. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Toddy in training

    "Brexit Deal Closer" is more depressing.
  9. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Members’ Voluntary Liquidations

    Spire at Colney are having an event tonight dealing with "Urological" issues. Wishbone Ash are playing in Hunstanton tonight - Spire would have been better off setting up there as the audience will consist entirely of their "target" demographic.
  10. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    More concessions required

    This is a poor analogy - to cause Japanese Knotweed to be spread is unlawful, and nobody has done anything unlawful around Brexit...oh hang on a moment...
  11. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Pukki for Finland

    That is not funny in any way.
  12. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    *****Official match thread v C. Palace*****

    I know it's due to injuries, but that's a very attacking bench.
  13. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Car Crash of a Club - Quite Literally

    He says that the experience has left a nasty taste in his mouth, which no amount of alcohol can take away - although he has obviously tried.
  14. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Premiere league thread

    Morty! Do you know I'd actually forgotten about him. Oh dear - Gone and Forgotten.
  15. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Webber’s new contract official

    Where could he go and have the same amount of power and influence? I'm not saying that there isn't anywhere, it is a genuine question. The top clubs are used to instant results, often by buying top players for mega millions. Clubs like Manure are also answerable to their shareholders, so, even though they could probably do with getting in Webber, their structure and size (Management wise) might lessen and fight against the impact he could have. Chelsea are following a similar path to us this season, but only because it has been forced on them and not because of a wholesale change in approach.