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  1. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Todd Cantwell

    Is Todd OK? Kyle W@*ker tried to chop him in half when he went into the corner and Todd was left on the floor clutching his groin area. I never have liked Kyle W*nker, he's always had an edge to him.
  2. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    They couldn't find the word "bench" in the dictionary.
  3. Martin Peters would have been a Farke/Webber type player - perceived to be past it at Spurs; his work rate, his movement off the ball, his passing and vision, and his ghosting around the box at set pieces. I could see him making one of his diagonal runs to connect with the ball at the near post and score with a glancing header. Still one of the best players we've ever had.
  4. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    FL's Chelski

    To be fair it was pretty thick all match. I was up the Riverend and we had no idea what was happening up at the Barclay - there was a noise and it gradually filtered down the sides that we had scored. It's just that a wall of even thicker fog rolled in with 5 minutes to go.
  5. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Ricardo's report v Newcastle

    I've been going to a rehabilitation gym class this year and so went down and watched our warm-up with fresh eyes, and I was impressed with the intensity. I noticed that the Newcastle warm-up looked less intense and now Five live are reporting that Dummett has come out and said that their warm-up wasn't right - something wrong in the House of Damart?
  6. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Things you love to see...

    Thanks for that NN. I think a lot of us saw that it was Pukki who got back, but I had no idea where he had started from and now I am even more impressed. In some ways this was my favourite moment of the match, certainly up there with all his goals.
  7. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    It looked to me that Hanley injured himself trying to close out Shelvey before he scored - he was certainly limping thereafter - and didn't look very comfortable when someone passed the ball back to him. I think it was his knee, so maybe Shelvey got lucky and Hanley was faultless.
  8. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Great assists and really glad for the lad. am I allowed to say that I would have liked to see him track back a bit more - we were a bit exposed down our left, but luckily Newcastle failed to exploit it.
  9. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Get excited!

    That's what $60 is worth these days. Wrong thread?
  10. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Vital areas not improved?

    I for one am fully behind this experiment, to try and show that there is another way other than paying stupid money for over-priced players. I suspect that DF and SW fully expect it to be a struggle, and that we may fail... this time, but the investment in the Academy and Under 23 squad suggests that they would intend to repeat the experiment if allowed. Let us not forget that they did not expect promotion last year - the experiment was as successful as it could be - promotion as champions. I am sickened by the toadiness of the MOTD "pundits", who repeatedly fail to call out the top clubs for buying success and distorting the transfer market in their favour. This season every goal scored by our "priceless" front line will be a spit in their eyes. We've tried doing it the conventional way and that didn't work - more than once - so let us be true to our Norfolk roots and "Do Different". In Farke and Webber I believe.
  11. Trevor Hockey's Beard


    Agree, and with plants growing in the guttering on the cab, and a number plate half falling off reading D 1 NOW
  12. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Amadou Confirmed

    I'm sure that Archant, with their tongue so far up Old Buckenham Airfield's exhaust pipe, could arrange for a dodgy plane with an un-certificated pilot to fly him back tonight and get him back in time for the bus to Liverpool.
  13. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Webber article in The Times today

    Fuzzar - snap!
  14. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Webber article in The Times today

    £65m is a lot, but what is it in terms of % of turnover, and where does it put us in relation to everyone else in the Prem?
  15. Trevor Hockey's Beard

    Michael Oliver In the middle

    To help himself he's already written all our player's names on the piece of yellow card he keeps in his back pocket.