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  1. My Dad went to many of the games and he used to talk about how he made the mistake of standing behind one of the barriers. He thought he was going to die.
  2. I guess the FA want a City v United Final. Kerching.
  3. Apparently he got someone sent off for a second bookable offence. Apparently Cantwell went to ground very easily. Sounds about right.
  4. I can remember two occasions when I was a boy and someone referred to their "Fancy". It was a long time before I realised what word they were trying to say. I thought that having a "Fancy" was a bit racy, especially for the people concerned.
  5. I should have gone to Specsavers, as I thought it said "THE DOGGERS STAND".
  6. If it had been Grealish he'd have flown through the air, rolled over about 10 times and ended up prone on the ground, looking like an extra for the Beach scene in Shaving Ryan's Privates.
  7. For me he was the voice of football. I will fire up my Gamecube and play a game of Fifa 2005 just to hear him commentating with Ally McCoist. The game has some great asides for when the football has become dull. My favourite is "There's bad news Ally. There's no chips today." Sad news. Another legend gone.
  8. I think that "The Forlorn Hope Stadium" would just about capture the mood of this message board.
  9. Here are the highlights from yesterday's match: Want to see them again?
  10. I have to say that Arsenal fill me with as much confidence when they are playing out from the back as a certain team in Yellow and Green.
  11. Ah, so that's why we got him in on loan - to keep the treatment room busy.
  12. No mention of the decision on MOTD2 last night, and that's after they had a real go at VAR on Saturday night. Grealish should be ashamed of himself for doing it against his old club. Grealish's performance was too late for last night's Stage Awards, but surely he's in with a shout for the Oscars.
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