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  1. They might spice up the half-time entertainment. It'll be confusing if the fans start chanting "Come on you Yellows" when they're playing us.
  2. Ten seconds on google might be a worthwhile use of your time. It would appear to be the same trophy, so I must be a complete cretin. Me thinks that Indy must be a speech writer for the Tory Party, because it is the use of facts in this way which makes them sound unselfish, reasonable and competent.
  3. It is pretty bizarre to think that a Pension Fund would lend to a Consortium so they can buy a Football Team, especially one in League one. If ITFC were still in the Championship it would make more sense, especially if they had much in the way of assets, but the ITFC of 2021 suggests that someone is desperate, and my money is on the Pension Fund scraping around to try and find something to invest in. I am not qualified to give advice, but I can't see this being a good investment. Time will tell. I am reminded of a time when I was playing the card game Newmarket and to keep the game going I lent the other players money ( we were playing with old pennies) until the situation arose where I owned all the money in the game and still had unpaid loans. All these funds have money which they are struggling to invest, but buying ITFC smacks of desperation.
  4. Not sure why we got Nyland in really, because, if we were short on the Goalkeeper front, the king of miraculous recoveries would fly over from Florida and stand in between the sticks. We might need to explain about the back-pass rule though.
  5. Maybe he's got a delivery drop to do in Europe - you'd think his wages were enough without doing a nightshift for Uber Alles.
  6. Yes, the one named after an African Country to the West of Chad.
  7. If this was "most disappointing player" then RVW would be top, followed I think by Leroy Fer - a talented player who just seemed too diffident or lazy to actually play football.
  8. Was it him who injured himself when he kicked a deadball off the pitch during a match? Someone did that at around that time.
  9. I'm not completely surprised. I thought they gave us a good game at the Carra and were up for it in the cup.
  10. 6 to 7 % of the male population is colour-blind/ colour deficient in some way, the most common being red-green. This means that statistically one of the matchday squad is afflicted. I have never heard this mentioned in relation to football. For me - being red-green colour deficient - some matches are unwatchable because the strips are too similar.
  11. I had a spare moment yesterday and worked out the points per game table, which is as follows: Lincoln 2.00 Doncaster 1.92 Peterborough 1.88 Portsmouth 1.84 Hull 1.75 Accrington 1.71 Oxford 1.60 Lambo's Army 1.56 Which puts them at 8th. A Play-off place is not impossible, but at this stage of the season it is usually about momentum, which they lack. It will be telling when crowds are allowed back into grounds. Some of their fans are talking about potential gates of 9,000, and there being no enthusiasm amongst the next generation of fans, which is understandable. let this be a warning to those who knock our club - it is hard and skilful work to manage a club well, and all too easy to do the job badly.
  12. Indeed, it will be very interesting to watch how this works out. For the previous owners it is probably a good thing - they've got their money back, but if I was a Burnley fan I'd be worried. They are a side which has overperformed for some seasons and they are only a bad run from relegation in any season. I don't want to see this happen to our club, even if it did potentially mean some short-term gain.
  13. The weather has been s**t since the end of July. Loads of rain, not a lot of sunshine and below average temperatures. All really bad for keeping grass growing through the winter. Especially if people then go and run around on it. Spring cannot come soon enough.
  14. The real give away was the line about liking green Massey Fergusons - they've been grey, red and occasionally yellow, but never - to my knowledge - green. Also he'd want to be at the front, where you used to be able to hand-crank the engine. Puts a whole new meaning to a "pick-up hitch".
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