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  1. if anyones surprised by this they should hang their headsits been painfully obvious this was comingthe sad thing is i think farke is probably a very good coach, the problem is hes not a managerthe even bigger problem is the board are a bunch of crooks and dont have the money to run a modern day football club delia out
  2. rome was not built in a daybut they had a bigger budget than the idealistic but broke suffolk witch currently in chargedelia out
  3. 85 scored 69 concededthis season 49 scored 60 concedednearly double scored in 16/17 and yet the defence is only 9 goals better off this season, hardly an improvement is itfarke offwebber outdelia out
  4. go and get nahki wells from burnley. cant get a game there going to need more than just a striker or two, when maddison goes theres not going to be much creativity left, im not convinced murphy, klose and oliveira will be here much longer either.
  5. [quote user="Samwam27"] are we really moving forward?[/quote]nope
  6. Alex Neils biggest problem was losing his bottle after/during the newcastle debacle and then second guessing himself from then on
  7. Placate the noisy but actually polite nieghbour with a glass of red, feed them what you like and be sweet about it to keep them onsideits all garbagePR trash
  8. the fact anyone would think this is actually possible just highlights the naievety of the the usual clappers never going to be permanent
  9. [quote user="Hercules"] quite a few million in the bank. [/quote] ahahahahahahahathose lolsahahahahahahahahaa few million in the bank and a div 3 football teamwonderful
  10. klose, oliveira, maddison - all gone in the summer ldc as should delia be, but she wont be, and it will be div 2 and 3 yoyo club until she does.wonderful
  11. but he will be sold in the summer yay. lets clap thoughwoohooselling clubdelias league 1 tryers delia out
  12. struggling against recently promoted league 1 teamgreat job delia out
  13. [quote user="Sooty57"]Were you born a tw@t, or did you go to evening classes?[/quote]took notes from your mum
  14. we looked like a 3rd division + minnows teamgiving it their all against top flight opposition no bigger than peterborough at this pointdelia outsell up you crazy old bag for crying out loud
  15. surely?? lol are you dumb enough to not realise that everyone is for sale? the owners dont really care becuase they know as a business it will retain value when 20000 people walk through the gates even in the 3rd tier of english football i wont be suprised to see maddison, murphy and klose all gone before february
  16. [quote user="ricardo"]t it might be a rather long tunnel.[/quote]it will be a 3rd division tunnel and you know it
  17. also they give in so easily because they dont have the money to run a modern day football club and everyone knows it if you ran a business and needed to purchase somethig from a competitor whose money is weak you wouldnt give them a leg up would you? youd undermine and undercut them and play on their desperation, as everyone else has done for the last 20 years delia out
  18. [quote user="Rhubarb"] a distinct whiff of bin[/quote] clap clap clap clap clap clap clap boring half wit response delia out
  19. everything is for sale apart from the club delia out
  20. [quote user="Indy"]How can you be a self sufficient club once you’ve sold all your assets? .[/quote]Because 20000 people will still turn up to watch this shower week in week out even in league 1 and no business owner with half a brain will turn that downthere seems to be a myth that this club doesnt make money for its owners and they do it for fun
  21. the club is being specced for league 1 football, the owners nor their heir have the finances to own a modern day championship let alone premier league team but are intent on holding onto their play thing and hoping to piece together some sort of lucky 11 that remains mildly competitive and the clappers marching through the turnstiles, selling the assets and filling the gaps with cheap replacements no ambitionshamblesdelia out
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