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  1. Yeah, Adams was doing a great job getting us into mid table! Also loaned out one of our best performers today to a team that finished above us! Let''s not focus on the clowns before, let''s be thankful for Alex Neil!
  2. [img]http://ichef.bbci.co.uk/live-experience/cps/624/media/images/77066000/jpg/_77066348_fer_twitter.jpg[/img]
  3. The match was played in Derby because Derby has the biggest population of Ukrainians in England.The match was played in England because it isn''t a ballache for the mostly European based players to get there and back to their clubs for the weekend.
  4. Haha, let me know when and I''ll try and time my call just after ;)
  5. I also waited until this morning to ring up only to be told we''ve sold out. Great effort by the fans but I really want to go! If anyone has a cheeky spare, send us a private message please ;)
  6. Negating a league match to save money for the JP final? Christ almighty. Might not bother going to any more City games for the rest of the season as I''m sure the club will have a lovely pre-season tour of Scotland that I just wouldn''t want to miss.
  7. [quote user="Glenn Foy"]anyone listening to the game? sorry to be a pain, would appreciate someone describing how we''ve started![/quote]Go here.... http://www.pinkun.com/content/pinkun/norwich-city/live/default.aspx
  8. Did make me cringe at times, just wish both journalists and footballers alike would be a bit more honest and candid with their questions/answers.
  9. Paul Jewell''s odds on getting the Burnley job are falling quite dramatically.........
  10. A few draws but still unbeaten in 9 and showed good spirit against Swindon. They''ll be annoying us for a while yet and won''t give away second place without a fight.
  11. Very true. I wouldn''t worry about his loan ending though, pretty sure we already have a deal in place for when it expires.
  12. Yeah great support and Wycombe was friendlier than I remember it from previous visits whilst accompanying my Boston United supporting mate in the past. Was nice of them to open up quarter of the Bucks Uni stand for us as well. Chinese in town and a pint in a local to top it off after the game, all in all a great day!
  13. Deano was brilliant, almost kept us up that season but sadly wasn''t to be. Who knows what would have happened with his career had we managed to beat Fulham that day.A great loss to English football.
  14. Scouser definitely not a derogatory term as others have said.Believe it comes from a type of food they used to make donkeys years ago on Merseyside that was a bit like bubble and squeak but they called it "Scouse".
  15. Although Gibbs has come on quite a lot in the past season, I always preferred Bertrand when he was here.Think he has been held back by Chelsea more than anything. Mind you, they do have both the England and Russia left backs to choose from at the moment.
  16. I planned a game years ago called ''Dugout Manager''. As good as any.
  17. Isn''t like half of the ground closed for this? :D
  18. Definitely.Don''t ''expect'' to be beaten tonight but won''t be too upset if we are. I just hope everyone else views it that way!
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/suffolk/8204988.stmSuch a nice place with fantastic upstanding citizens.
  20. I work right next to where the team will be staying. I''ll report back tomorrow morning.
  21. Absolute NO to Tony Adams.Also would rather have Bobby Robson now than have Bryan Robson.
  22. Believe they are still available, getting two this week at some point over the phone.
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