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  1. How the hell is a manager who no one has really heard of going to command respect from players who were playing in the premiership last year. Put your self in there shoes. There is not enough time for AN to impose him self and make the playoffs. McNally says minimum playoffs. Should have gone for a manager who is known. Not saying it should have been Warnock but that manager would have the experience known the type of players we had how to manage them etc. someone who had been s manger for a long time. This is not the time to go for in the long term if you are serious about promotion
  2. Just go and get Lennon from Bolton. He would command respect been their and done it and I could safely say would get us into the play offs. This is not the time to gamble again.
  3. If im thinking who is this bloke and what the hell is going on then what are the players thinking!!! Now if it was say Neil Lennon being touted like this ......:
  4. Going to Ireland. Don''t know wether the whole squad is going. Adams does not talk to some of the players apparently.
  5. They are going for a 2 day break after the Wigan game regardless of the result
  6. Being put up to cover for Adams. This is pathetic. Who is left to give excuses after the inevitable Wigan loss
  7. Howson again. Made to stick up for Adams. Just get adams gone and get a proper manager in then we might just have a chance to make to the play offs.
  8. EDP today. Still full of excuses. He picks the team
  9. No promotion now left it too late. Same as last year you just know what''s going to happen ..........
  10. We will not get promotion with Adams in charge. Phelan is not a manager. We need an experienced manager. Someone who has managed before
  11. It is. We are in the championship. Twelfth position. Absolute rubbish. I never ever thought I would say this but I do not think a hughton team would concede so easily
  12. Adams should have gone 4 games ago. I think the problem is Delia and mwj. They have done wonders for the club over the years but now is the time for them to go as well. THIS IS WORSE THAN HUGHTON
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