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  1. Swansea to beat Burnley for me.

    Dilks to score anytime for City bet.

    Good Luck Yankee Syteanric and all!
  2. Sheffield U to win at Walsall for me.

    Olivera to score in a 3-0 win.

    Good luck MMMK , Hammond1612 and all!
  3. Newcastle to beat Blackburn for me this week.

    For the Norwich bet, hopefully a win with cameron Jerome grabbing a goal.

    Good luck Mandie Moo Duncan and all!
  4. Liverpool to beat Southampton this week for me.

    For the Norwich bet Im going for a Nelson Olivera winning goal.

    Good luck AJ Sonyc and all!
  5. Hibs to beat Ayr with another Grant Holt goal.

    For the Norwich bet 2-0 win with Cam Jerome scoring.

    Good luck Wolfie Zip and all!
  6. Newcastle to beat Ipswich for me this week.

    For the Norwich bet, Cameron Jerome to score in a 3-1 win.

    Good luck Diane , Anthony and all!
  7. Scotland to beat Lithuania this week.

    Good luck Mr Apples and all!
  8. Spurs to beat Sunderland for me this week.

    For the Norwich bet, what odds on nelson olivera to nick a goal against his former club.

    Good luck Hissing Sid , Hool han solo and all!
  9. Tranmere to beat Maidstone in Vanarama National.

    For the Norwich bet, cameron Jerome to score first goal.

    Good luck Hammond1612 Lappinitup and all!
  10. Hell to everyone again this season and special thanks to Nutty for keeping this thread going.

    I think Man Utd will get an away win at Bournemouth.

    For the Norwich bet I fancy Cameron Jerome as first goalscorer in a 1-1 draw.

    Good luck Ali K and CanarygirlLyn and all!
  11. Tottenham to beat Newcastle for me.

    For the Norwich bet I think we will get a 2-1 win.

    Good Luck NBS, MMMK and all.

  12. Sorry Ive missed the last couple of weeks.

    This week Im going for Morecambe to beat York.

    For the Norwich bet I think we could get a draw although I would love a win.

    Good Luck Crabby, NBS and all!
  13. Plymouth to beat Dagenham for me this week.

    Good Luck Yankee and all!
  14. Wigan to win at Shrewsbury for me this week.

    For the Norwich bet Im going for a cagey 1-1. Hopefully Im wrong though and we get the win.

    Good Luck Leedscanary Mr Jenkins and all!
  15. Tottenham to beat Bournemouth for me this week.

    For the Norwich bet, I feel it might be a low scoring draw. 1-1 maybe.

    Good luck diesel doris'' feedrhewolf and all!