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  1. Hardly the same as scum, gave it a go over two games!
  2. CharlieFarlie

    Ricardo's report v Brentford

    Something to smile about at last !
  3. CharlieFarlie

    Build around Pritchard?

    At last a positive post
  4. CharlieFarlie

    First Wizard

    Not posted on here for about 4 years due to the trolling by some, but remember so many great posts and good banter, my thoughts go out to family and close friends in such difficult times. RIP Wiz I hope heaven is blessed with yellow and green & you meet up with past family, friends and departed city legends. #OTBC
  5. CharlieFarlie

    Watford Away

    First away game for a while and never bee to Vicarage Road, andone got suggestions for parking and a pub ?
  6. CharlieFarlie

    Russell Martin new 3 year deal!

    Great news , Well deserved
  7. CharlieFarlie

    Ajax Friendly- NCFC website

    I suppose the question is , is it the showcase friendly or is there another bigger game planned ?


    Barca anyone ?[;)]

  8. CharlieFarlie

    Ajax Friendly- NCFC website

    Dutch champions , a big draw at FCR , well happy with that !!!!![:D]
  9. CharlieFarlie

    Ajax Friendly- NCFC website

    Dutch giants Ajax have confirmed they will play a pre-season friendly against Norwich City at Carrow Road on Tuesday, July 31 (kick-off 7.45pm).
  10. CharlieFarlie


    Ditto, He will have 100% backing from me !


    Exiting times ahead



  11. CharlieFarlie

    For Sale

    Wow what a stroke of luck..... on the same day one poster offers a "paid" loan for his season ticket for a whole seaon and on the same day someone who joins the forums snaps it up !

    What are the chances ?

  12. CharlieFarlie

    Stream for Drury's testimonial

    LMFAO , she hates football ( thankfully )

  13. CharlieFarlie

    Stream for Drury's testimonial

    Cheers TYO thanks for the help
  14. CharlieFarlie

    Stream for Drury's testimonial

    I have never streamed before so don’t know if anyone can help , is it as simple as just following one of the links and off you go or is anything else required ?  i.e. membership etc ?

    Sorry to sound quite dumb but a bit of a technophobe

    Does anyone know if this game will be relased on DVD with a profile of his 11 years ?

    PS congratulations Adam a hell of an achievement in this day and age – I hope you have a fantastic evening ,


  15. CharlieFarlie

    Ruddy in NO Holt

    I thought for a minute that he may have picked them around being unble to pronounce W''s i.e Gwant Holt

    But Cawwoll and Wooney have blown that logic ! [:(]