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  1. [quote user="thebigfeller"](In ascending order of importance):3. The manager. He''s never convinced; he doesn''t know his best team or best formation. What was the point of going three at the back to tighten things up last season, only to throw this straight out and go back to being so soft it''s unbelievable, with a defence like a sieve? That means the entirety of last season was wasted. It must confuse the players hugely. It certainly baffles me.2. The players. When football fans search around for someone easy to blame, it suits them to overrate the playing squad, because it gives them hope of better things under a different manager. I don''t share that hope. This squad is the epitome of mediocrity. I look at much of it and think "who are these people?" Without Maddison, we''d have been in massive trouble last season. Well, we''re without him now... and sliding. Pritchard, Murphy and Gunn have gone too, and none of them have been replaced with better or equivalent players. That''s a comment on Webber''s poor recruitment - but it''s not all his fault either. Webber, the squad, and Farke are all symptoms of a much more fundamental problem:1. The board. The poorest owners in the Championship. A league which continues to change rapidly. Unlike in the past - think of the late 90s, when clubs like Swindon, Grimsby, Port Vale, Tranmere, Stockport, Crewe or Bury could all do perfectly fine at this level on gates of much less than 10,000 - there''s really only one club in this season''s Championship which doesn''t naturally ''belong'' here: Rotherham. And they have backing: like Barnsley in the division below.It probably needs re-emphasising just what a miraculous job Messrs Lambert, McNally and Bowkett did in getting us out of this league and, however briefly, establishing us in the Prem on such a low wage bill. In 2010/11, along with Derby, we were one of only two clubs in the whole division who maintained a wages/turnover ratio of below 60%. Most others were at a minimum 90%; many were well into three figures. But miracles don''t happen twice. Huddersfield, who many will point to, will almost certainly go back down this season and slide back into anonymity - but even they, built sustainably, have had substantial cash injections from their owner along the way. Burnley, a real model club at present, might struggle this year... and actually sailed very close to the wind before going back up and staying there. Almost everyone else are funded beyond their natural means.But our owners can''t do that. So we start each season, or under any new manager, with one hand tied behind our backs. It''s precisely those constraints which led Lambert to leave; he knew we couldn''t sustain it forever. At Brighton, meanwhile, Hughton prospers because he has real backing - from an owner with deep pockets who knows that the only way to profit in English football is, one day, to sell the club on having dramatically improved it through his investment.Yet are Brighton not a community-oriented club? Are Watford? Are Crystal Palace? Have any of them ''sold their soul'' - or just got real amid the most competitive football club structure in the world? But getting real is what our old, patrician owners steadfastly refuse to do. In a world in which little Barnsley can be bought by foreign owners, it is not even in the realms of plausibility that nobody with the means required is interested in Norwich. 25,000 gates each home game; an incredibly loyal support built up since the Centenary Season; passionate, yet understanding, remarkably so at times; just two hours from London in a city which has come up in the world over the last 20 years; spent four years out of five in the Premier League this decade... and no-one''s interested? Do me a favour.The problem is the owners have no interest in selling us. They''re hamstringing us; more than that, they''re overseeing close to inevitable decline. English football isn''t going to suddenly become less competitive: it''s uniquely popular globally, and more and more plutocrats and consortia want a piece of that action. The bubble isn''t going to burst - but the way things are going, NCFC will. Personally, I don''t think we''ll go down this season. I think we have a better squad than at least eight other clubs. But we''re heading inexorably downwards. On the pitch, we may be in crisis in a matter of weeks: there''s major shades of Peter Grant''s final month or so here in how things are looking. But off the pitch is where the real problems lie. This ''model'' isn''t working and was never likely to work; and in many ways, all it amounts to is an arse-covering exercise. For a pair of joint majority shareholders who cannot compete in a footballing world which has changed out of all recognition since they first became involved.They have to sell the club. And they have to go. If they don''t, we''ll be back in League 1 in no time... and highly unlikely to get as lucky again. [/quote]I remember when we dropped to League 1 some said it was the best thing that could have happened to the club, in hindsight were the Lambert years the Worst thing that could have happened?they made some fans think we were better thn we were, an attitude which is still prevelant today. It led to a system the board still cling to in that bargain buys and freebies will bring success if you just keep at it.4 or 5 years of pottering around in the championship would have opened some eyes. now it''s simply a case of the owners never having to take a risk because it''s worked before.Webber is a chancer who got lucky at Huddersfield, Wagner played in the bundesliga and international football before becoming a managerial unknown at Dortmund reserves... Farke played amateur Football and was merely a coach for Wagner''s experience. A man who played against and with some of the worlds best had no time for a back room boy when he moved to Huddersfield.Huddersfield owner, Dean Hoyle, is the founder of Card Factory, a company he sold for £350 million to invest into his beloved boy hood team... Money the Smiths could never dream of having... a committed owner and a driven manager with vast Knowledge of his own league meant Webber could just sit in his office all day drinking tea... talking the talk whilst others walked the walk.Stuart Webber once called Huddersfield "A League 1 club in the championship, no disrespect but thats what is" as he claimed there was no infrastructure - https://www.examiner.co.uk/sport/football/news/stuart-webber-slams-huddersfield-town-12948282Constant Bull Sh!t after Constant Bullsh!t since day 1 at the club.. there''s no international top level manager to bale him out.. no multi millionaire business owner to splash the cash and cover him.This is a season of sleep walking.. there are people on a certain facebook group who beleive we can reach the playoffs with the squad we have... I''d wager this is a worse team than under Roeder, we still had a Dublin, Huckerby and a bit of.. something.. even if it was never enough.Newphew Tom will sell with us in league 1 as he''ll crack under the pressure.it will be too late by then.
  2. I remember seeing him and thinking he was the Goalkeeping Ali Dia (google him if you don''t know) and we''d been had.
  3. I''d take a draw... Team bottom of the league, yet to win this season, struggle to score.. then along come Norwich...We''ve seen it so many times before.
  4. [quote user="sgncfc"]As the pressure increases on Farke, it will be telling what he does about his number 1. Krul has been directly at fault for at least 3 goals so far and a better keeper would have saved another 1 or 2. He doesn''t actually seem to dive, and he parries everything back into play when he does get a hand on it; and yesterday, watching him try to get back up after pushing the header back out was like watching my old grandma get out of her chair. I would rather have had Matthews making these errors and learning - he would have received more sympathy. Krul is just going backwards. McGovern may be the better option going forward.[/quote]Remi Matthews is 24 years old... There''s no "learning" about it... if he is put into the first team at that age he needs to be ready to go. this isn''t some 20 year old kid.
  5. Hughton, Adams, Neil and now Farke...the fans have wanted (and got) all of them sacked.Look at getting what you want has left the team...maybe it''s time the fans shut up?
  6. I genuinely think McGovern will be number 1 come the end of the month
  7. Daniel Farke is the fall guy for Stuart Webber and the board.The problem''s at Carrow Road over the last few seasons haven''t been due to the managers...point the finger where it needs pointing.
  8. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]Snodgrass’ fault[/quote]much as we joke about it, Snodders pen was saved.. I Genuinely think RVW would have hit Row Z with it.I remember early in his first season against spurs, he was faced with an open goal and just needed to shoot, he took 4 touches before Lloris recovered and took the ball off him.I knew at that moment he was going to be plop
  9. God I hope they bottle it and get Pardew or McLaren!
  10. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Hardly a Ward/Newsome moment, when the sales kept us afloat; [/quote]there''s nothing in the bank....
  11. http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-pritchard-huddersfield-medical-transfer-rumours-1-5350386This will be our Ward/Newsome moment won''t it?Delia out.
  12. Anyone who thinks the players ''need a rest'' because of the number of games should have a look at an NBA or NHL fixture list..
  13. sad news. RIP JohnI remember Friday night reserve games at Carrow Road. John seemed a very nice man.
  14. Russ has lost his way a bit last couple of seasons, but been a fantastic servant for us in his time here.Surely bring him on in Injury time to say farewell on New Years day wouldn''t be too much?
  15. lincoln Canary, its tetty.Pritchard was involved in none of the 10 game run.When Fergie was manager of Man Utd he''d often say Schiles was the best player, in a team that at times had Cantona, giggs, Beckham, Ronaldo and RVN...The one season Scholes missed is the onlynone United failed to win a trophy in under Fergie in the prem era...Whilst not as good a player, Tettey is our ''scholes'' the one you''ll wish was in when out?
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