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  1. Houston Canary

    Why aren't people more angry?

    So mork is saying he''s furious.
  2. Houston Canary

    WBA Team News

    On the ball, Albion.

    Come on you black and white stripes!
  3. I don''t think I need to prove that you''re an embarrassing moron, who solely posts here just to disagree with everything I say - mork

    You also think others post here solely because of you. You''re pathetic but think you''re important. A lot of drunks do.

    Why do you try to be first to respond to any thread? You have nothing of interest to say that is worth starting a thread, as the one ones you do start draw little response from anyone but your circle jerks. So you jump all over other people''s ideas usually with scorn. If this makes you only, try spending quality time with your kids. No beer!
  4. It proves you''re wrong............again.
  5. Houston Canary

    So we meet again...

    mork is too stupid and has his head so far up his own poop chute that he can''t see Reggie is attacking BOTH he and PK.

    He''s an embarrassment to the team and to this forum. Give it a rest, you simple minded blowhard.

  6. Hardly an obsession or a Norfolk thing. Maybe fans pay more attention to those they have become familiar with and when they do well elsewhere, their appeal increases.

    Just as likely, when non-connected names are suggested, too many loud-mouthed know-nothings attack the suggestion as someone worthless or too big for Norwich.

    Openly hating a former player is less likely to happen.

    Psych class is now over.

  7. Houston Canary

    Our best away performance of the season?

    This was very good but best of the season has to be at Stoke.
  8. Houston Canary

    This is made for Ricky.

    The foul was in the box so it should have been a penalty whether the ball was around or not. Very cleverly hidden by Turner.
  9. Houston Canary


    What joke?

    I was commenting on my frame of mind, you sad hypocrite.
  10. Houston Canary


    stewfil, I don''t need to cool down. My words at Lake and about Mork may come across as angry but I am laughing as I write them. Not that I don''t mean them, mind you.

    Reggie has it nailed on regarding the ridiculous predictions for safety which even if they were accurate and we survived doesn''t dismiss how bad this season was especially when almost everyone had us finishing mid table before it started.

    The shocking and depressing truth was soon evident and the "give him 6 games" crew kept extending their time yo give him as we continued to disappoint.

    He looked like he knee the jig was up as he crossed the field at ManC so must have been stunned when he wasn''t called in to be given his pink slip.

    No way do I think this forum has any impact on how the club is handled by the board. So I''m not naive (unless they do, in which case I''d be very wrong).
  11. Houston Canary


    Not a fan of those who refuse to see and hear so they can claim to be better supporters as they joyfully applaud our descent while belittling real fans who use their senses.
  12. Houston Canary


    Go kiss morty''s rear end, you tit.

    Mathematically we can catch more than Hull, so your ridiculous scenario isn''t our "only chance". There are more equally remote ones, Lumpy.

    If you were again hoping for a thumbs up from your antihero, it won''t happen with this flimsy effort.

  13. Houston Canary

    The board got it badly wrong

    Well put, Foghorn.

    Unfortunately it''s directed at a dim bulb who thinks he''s never been wrong, and despite working for weeks at a time thousands of miles from home, has suddenly become xenophobic. Hypocrites are stupid that way.
  14. Houston Canary

    We cannot be disappointed now

    Doesn''t matter if it''s called football or soccer does it? Fact is the team we all support hasn''t been playing either well enough this season! - JF

  15. Houston Canary

    We cannot be disappointed now

    Aw come on harman! Your national team are called the Socceroos, not the Footballeroos. ;)

    I''ll give you this: of all the brands of football, Association Football requires more ball to foot skill (by far) than any of the others I''m aware of. So calling it just plain football makes the most sense.

    What do you guys call Aussie Rules Football, in general? Are both games referred to simply as football?

    Seriously though, we all know the language evolves differently from place to plsce. My fries are their chips, but my chips are their crisps. I don''t get bothered by it and nobody else does for

    real. Mork is a mean drunk and gets bullish when he has no

    answer, but I doubt he fusses if someone else says soccer. He

    can''t be that big an a-hole, can he? It''s mere semantics.