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  1. Does anyone know the away allocation for this game?
  2. [quote user="Pabs"]Chris Martin = 9 What more can you ask for from a striker than tonight''s performance? Unless you are deducting marks for the fact we played a League 2 team. You can only beat what is put in front of you![/quote] Hear hear!
  3. Any golf fans out there think that Chrissy Martin is the spitting image of Martin Kaymer...?
  4. I think Boro will be mid table at best, i dont rate Strachan at all!
  5. 1. Holt/Doherty 2. Holt/Doherty 3. Hoolahan Cant decide between Holt and Doherty, both been excellent this season.
  6. The next bloke should be good, hes hilarious in his films!
  7. Dont watch that link people, its going around college at the minute, not the nicest of pictures!
  8. The people that try and sing ''Yarmy'' but actually are too lazy so they just randomly go ''arrraamyyy''....its YARMY for gods sake.
  9. We got 7 tickets and didnt tick the box, were going on the train, i think it is completely random!
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