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  1. Nee norr, nee norr, nee norr Grumpstead woke up in an aweful mood. The pickled herring must be running low.
  2. Let me guess its not liberal enough for you? We should fly them from libya,syria etc and save them walking. The poor souls that they are. Have you seen the pictures of them all?? Mostly young males or cowards id prefer to call them. Anyone who would rather run than fight for their country,children,parents grandparents is NOT welcome here. Also that demographic would sum up most isis fighters would it not?? weve let that many in that in some places "locals" are outnumbered, they imposing sharia law and abuse young girls at will with impunity knowing they can whip the racist card out at any point. Peoples hearts bleed for these people but they certainly wouldnt want a group of white paedophiles congregating in their area. We i.e BRITAIN makes a loss of BILLIONS supporting them so hows about you pay for them along with your liberal mates seen as you like them so much. Why should my kids and grandkids struggle to get on the property ladder for the sake of people whos families have contributed NOTHING to this country its a disgrace and so are you.
  3. Herman ". your ire should be aimed at the idiots whose inept foreign policy decisions over the decades have lead us into the current situation." Here here, nearly 4 million people can see how British society is being degraded by a certain "faith" group who cry victim victim victim, whilst quietly condoning these heinous acts around the world, abusing THOUSANDS of young girls in the very same country they or their families wished to enter for their own safety after managing to travel through numerous other safe countries to get here. Our own police force held back over 100 more allegations till after the election no doubt agreed with call me Dave as his immigration are even WORSE than the very worst years under labour (something I didnt think would be possible). Even after his "if I dont get immigration under control then dont vote us back in" speech, bedroom tax, about to hammer the working people on tax credits (they didnt say it before hand but had ring fenced everything else just about) and now to top it all off hes found an even more cowardly way to save some pennies by scrapping Disability Living Allowance as well, the lifeline for the very very most needy in society. While he dishes out benefits,houses,healthcare and free schooling to people who dont even wish to integrate. The good news is that Teresa Mays sent a 9ft fence to calais to keep the immigrants and isis fighters out, 9ft high, 2miles long........that''ll make them turn straight around and walk home wont it. Overall the government both present and previous have caused this mess but so do the MILLIONS and MILLIONS who keep voting them back in for more of the same.
  4. Cracking player, would be more than happy with us acquiring him.
  5. indy " hull players, losing mentality, THEN I know Mings is well over priced but he''s young and certainly motivated to push himself, the type of player we need " Is it his winning mentality that stands out for you?? He''s garbage. I really do not see what the hype is about him fullstop never mind our fans drooling over him. After Hughtons last season and Lamberts first then I''d suggest it''s the managers mentality that''s more important than the players. FWIW I fancy there being at least 3 teams with a manager and team less motivated than ours so 17th at worst and 8th at best. The players we had WOULD have kept us up last time without jokeboy Hughton''s p1ss poor tactics and the squad has improved imho
  6. Link- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-3107842/Sepp-Blatter-resigns-president-FIFA-amid-bribery-scandal.html
  7. He''s being investigated by the FBI, could top off a fantastic year for football to see him up on RICO charge and sentenced to 25+ years. The snake
  8. Fifa are saying they are going to make it so there will be a maximum term they can serve. So at least we can all pretend it may be better next time :)
  9. Be expecting to see him in his orange jump suit soon! The timing speaks volumes. CROOK
  10. Steve please note earlier thread "well done management,players, fans and delia"
  11. You jump ship, turn coat cnut! Would have been nice to see Neil Adam''s there today though in fairness. I feel I can say that now. He did make a contribution brought in some great players one of which scored today
  12. Here here, let me guess all the boro fans from the last few weeks have mysteriously evaporated???? We taught them how football should be played and they will do well to study that master class
  13. Also I hope we get one up in 10 minutes and our squad start rolling round on the floor with cramp for 80 minutes. They do say revenge is a dish best served cold let''s see how you like it cheating tw@ts
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