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  1. I live in Aussie... I have no problem supporting my new local team of West Sydney Wanderers - but then they are in the same league (physically or metaphorically!) as Norwich. When I''ve moved to different places in the UK, I''ve always had a soft spot for local teams (i.e. Brighton) - always want them to do well, but I never "support" them - because Norwich will always be number 1, and they are technically rivals. It''s easier when you move abroad as WSW are hardly ever likely to play City... :)
  2. "An FA Cup win does not make us an "Arsenal" " True. It makes us better than an Arsenal! ;)
  3. Don''t know if anyone could answer this, but is there anything in the rules again women playing professionally in the men''s league, if they were good enough?
  4. I''m of the camp that doesn''t think he is as good as everyone here thinks. He''s a very good keeper, but not as good as the myth suggests. And I think £10m (or even £8m) is a great price for him. Just my tuppence. :)
  5. Crofts was terrible, BUT strangely had a knack of beating his man, despite no application of skill whatsoever. Most of the time, the ball would bobble up from a bad touch, hit his shin, his chin, the other player, his arse, the back of his head - or all of the above - and still *somehow* - against all odds, and against all logic - would come away the the ball. It would happen time and time and time again... almost by sheer will did he actually get round fullbacks... bizarre!
  6. I have a FB group here, if you are interested in how it develops... http://www.facebook.com/groups/340711049325874/
  7. Hi there. I''ve been writing a Football Management game since sometime around the dawn of man-kind. While it''s not complete, and a long way from being bug free, I''m just starting to get people to give it a go. It''s free etc. Please be gentle! :) http://www.otbcs.co.uk/tacs (apologies that I can''t make it a link - my browser isn''t catered for on here) Mini-instructions ‎1) Click facebook login button and login via facebook 2) Click ''Create'' under your games (left side) 3) Next, next, finish 4) Select your league and team from the drop downs, and the click ''select'' 5) Do stuff; select team, bid for other players etc. 6) Press ''continue'' and move the game on a day
  8. If we do get this guy we can all sing The Clash''s ''Rudi Can''t Fail'' in the stands, which would be worth it! :)
  9. Actually I find the coverage of City on the Bleacher Report better than most...
  10. Inconsistent? They seem consistently cr@p to me...!
  11. * I meant to add - unless they are from a well-known reputable company.
  12. Pete once explain this to me as; 1) it''s our site and we can do what we want. 2) Archant has sponsors and advertisers that have conflict of interest with, not just illegal streams but also legal streams. Both these points are totally valid, if a little annoying. On a side note; NEVER, EVER PAY FOR STREAMS! If you have already, if it were me, I''d cancel that card.
  13. If you fine the reserves everytime they loose, players would refuse to play in them...
  14. Actually lovin'' some of the Fox Sports analysis over here in Oz. Dunno if it''s the same guys you have on Sky as I never had that in the UK... There is a plump American chap who totally has his head screwed on, and gives superb analysis (on Fox Sports Soccer Press Pass or something...) Says a lot about UK coverage that I prefer a yank talking about the game that anything the UK can offer...
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