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  1. The guy has been an international football FFS people need to give him a chance, hopefully in a world cup year Chris can get the best out of him. There are rumours that he is being kept out of the team because he has a clause in his contract that will grant him an extention if he plays many more games. Newcastle are doing ok so why play him if he''s not required. Loan option is great deal for us.
  2. http://www.flashscores.co.uk/match/Uid27mCO/#match-summary true.
  3. As there is no other way of me connecting to the Internet where I am except throught a cr4ppy blackberry I have no other choice. Why the hell am I even explaining myself to you???? I repeated a post it happens every day on this website and sad individuals have to comment on it! I''m sure next I will have some gramma tw4t commenting on my lack of commas and poor punctuation!! What a joke, get a life
  4. First post in over a year, seriously won''t bother again much easier to watch the rest of you talking drivel Night everyone, what a wasted evening :0P
  5. Don''t post then you c0ck and it will drop down the list! Jesus why does a repeat post offend people so much?!? Fcking losers. Grow up
  6. My blackberry doesn''t allow me to scroll down, I posted some information that I thought was interesting seeing how I''ve just spent the last 6 hours waiting for anything to happen. Have you nothing better to do then to make stupid comment.
  7. On sky Brighton sign Stephen dobbie. Does that mean cms is coming here?
  8. If the league ends now we are in 10th, so no. Realistically with some of the games we have remaining I think 7th is ambitious. If we stay top half I''ll be happy as I put £10 at 20-1 us finishing in the top half
  9. I heard that on my way home! Nice one. The started with suggestions like Ricky Lambert and Hesky?! I honestly couldn''t believe that nobody was gonig to mention Holt until you came on the airwaves! Good on ya OTBC Holt for England Captain :O)
  10. I''m in league 6 but found that Slovakia is brilliant, they have three strikers that are all 76, 78, 79 and all over 6 foot 3! they are only three and a half stars so you end up taking on lower league teams (got Norwich last night) won 5 - 0 just kept punting crosses in for the headers easy... not sure what happens the further up the leagues you go? are there less people playing so you have to take on tougher teams?
  11. What about if we buy Naughton in Jan?
  12. So no central defenders then?? Considering we have had serious injury problems there, we haven''t kept a clean sheet yet and we are currently using a right back as cover (don''t get me wrong Martin has done a great job, and I know he has played there before!) What would a Scott Dann or Steven Taylor cost? Or if we are looking lower leagues what about Matt Mills was great at Reading last season, captain at Leicester now Sell Whitbread whilst we''re at it.
  13. If it wasn''t for the two red cards that we have received we would be very close to the top of the fair play league. You also have to consider a team’s ‘Positive Play’, Respect Towards Opponent, Respect Towards Referee, and finally Behaviour of Officials So (the question), if we are top exluding the top 6 teams in the premiership (who all gain entry to europe) and whoever wins the FA cup do we get an automatic ticket to the europa league?? Someone at work has said that it also depends on how England rank in Europe for ''Fair Play'' as to weather a place is given? Is this right?
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