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  1. Good I am glad they have dropped them .As I never intend to have any of the jabs I stayed away from the last two home games .Hopefully now I can go to the Palace game .
  2. I am sure that they did a good job and here I believe you but that is not the issue .I want you to take a look at the gov yellow card scheme and see the damage the vaccines are doing .It is all there clear as crystal or maybe you can't handle the truth . What about the players themselves ? how many do you think are really vaccinated ? A lot of sportsman are dropping like flies due to heart problems , this can't be ignored .
  3. So what have the conspiracy theorists got wrong since March 2020? they have been spot on in their predictions every step of the way. I suggest you back off on the boosters from now on , they are clearly affecting your brain .
  4. You can't blame the hospital staff , they are just following orders from the top and have protocol.I think you will find that a lot of nhs staff have refused the jab ( a huge number )...now why is that ? maybe they know something we don't .Tell you what..... you produce court worthy evidence of covid's existence then maybe I'll start listening to your experimental vax passport nonsense .To date not one court has received this proof anywhere .Let's face it these vaccines are useless. You keep taking your boosters every 3 months , I am sure they are 100 per cent safe ....just like asbestos and being hit by a train .
  5. you wrote "And the way to increase your chances personally of staying healthy is to have the jab" really ?you know that for sure .You don't know the long term side effects so how can you write that ? Vaccines take at least 8 years to develop .
  6. you wrote "And the way to increase your chances personally of staying healthy is to have the jab" really ?you know that for sure .You don't know the long term side effects so how can you write that ? Vaccines take at least 8 years to develop .
  7. The ones who you hear about in the msm probably have been paid off, Doctor Shillery for example .If they do decide to lay off all those nurses next year then a lot will whistle blow on an epic scale to what is really going on .That's why think they will probably keep extending the deadline by 3 months or so .
  8. "Choice and consequences" Yeah you said it , time will tell .I want everyone to stay healthy... vaxxed and unvaxxed
  9. I loved Saint and Greavsie as a teenager , much better than woke football focus . Listen I am sure you are a decent person but I wanted to watch my team at the Arsenal game .I couldn't because I am unvaccinated and I was gutted because I have always gone to boxing day games as long as I can remember . Can't you see how wrong this is ? can't watch a football game unless you submit to experimental chemicals pumped into you .They have been forced by the corrupt Premier League to implement these idiotic incomprehensible rules so I can't really blame the club .
  10. You do realize you can buy Scientists/pay them off? So you trust Boris , Van Tam , Whitty and the rest of them with your health ? Seriously? We have a health secretary who knows as much about health as your pub landlord. How many jabs will you have until you say enough is enough ? I assume you have had at least two?
  11. I am sorry about your friend but I deal with facts , logic and statistics .Considering covid hasn't even been isolated in its purest form how do you know that he succumbed to it ? the gaslighting emotive language you use isn't working .I am more concerned about the cancer operations which have been cancelled /delayed due to this disgrace .Did you check out the gov yellow card scheme about vaccine injuries like I suggested ? Jimmy Greaves nickname was Greavsie ,sorry for this oversight .
  12. Comments sections mainly Herman ........that is where you find the real truth and what I see with my own eyes .International news platforms on YT, independent citizen journalists like Rebel News which cover Australia and Canada because the same thing is happening worldwide , see for yourself .Russell Brand's channel , Alex Belfield , Aussie Cossack , Avi Yemini to name but a few ..You must admit by now that none of this makes any sense .Matt Le Tissier is copping a lot of flak about his outspoken views on the vaccines . There are anti vax protests all over Europe which have hardly any coverage on bbc /itv /sky news....they don't want you to know about them .There was a massive one in London recently in case you didn't know .
  13. Yes that is right, I think you are a liar , So you’d rather just watch the msm news and not look for your own information? Clearly this is why your heads in the sand.
  14. So Greavsie , what have I written which is a complete falsehood? what is unbelievable? I am all ears .Vaccinations are not a mandatory law which means anyone can choose to consent or refuse to be vaccinated. The experimental vaccines are under clinical trials until 2023 and so could only be licensed for emergency use only, to be given to the vulnerable and those who are exhibiting serious medical symptoms of an infection. They were NOT licensed to be administered to healthy adults, teenagers or children. It is generally acknowledged that these experimental vaccines do not cure the infection, stop you from catching or spreading it and will not save lives. The government do not have the power to legally mandate experimental vaccinations. That's why they have spent an inordinate amount of time, effort and tax payers money using military style psychological manipulative coercion techniques, scaremongering propaganda, threats and intimidation to pressure the unvaccinated into consenting to the jab. And, in so doing, they have already contravened the Human Rights Act and the Nuremberg Code/Helsinki Declaration .Do you know what The Number Ten Nudge Unit is ? They are getting desperate and are working overtime because about 23-5 million Brits are unjabbed .They don't want a control group .
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