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  1. Dare I say it but do you think having a player mop up at the back (libero) is worth trying when you consider our defensive frailty and current injuries?Who do you think would be suited to this role? It may give our fullbacks more licence to bomb forward and give us a bit more protection when they lose the ball and the opposition counter .
  2. In case you didn't know there is a rather prestigious men's football tournament starting today in Brazil...that's right the "Copa America " The South American Equivalent of the European Championship with a couple of guest countries invited in to make it more interesting.But you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be halfway down the main sports pages below the pig's garbage that is the woman's world cup. Women's football is absolutely awful, we know it, they know it, everyone knows it but no one is allowed to say it.... The FA and clubs spend millions on the women's game to make it professional and pretend they are on a level with men. If that was the case why are the grounds virtually empty when they play and why does no one except the PC mad BBC even give them any coverage? the fact that the FA choose to focus on their looks to try and raise some interest speaks volumes.
  3. In the middle of reading a book about his life . During his very successful time at Forest he was annoyed that their ground wasn''t full for important games when they were playing well,, so for a short period of time he banned the local radio commentary of the game to boost attendances .Do you think it would work for us ? I can''t imagine missing canary call .
  4. Just watched a Leyton Orient fan video when they got relegated out of League 2 , absolutely heartbreaking. Going for promotion to the championship not so long ago.The Italian chairman lives in a 25 million pound house in London and the players /staff/contractors haven''t been paid in months. Then there is the foreign ownership Blackburn shambles. Two famous clubs like that going down the swanny. We should be thankful .
  5. I remember reading that when Nottingham Forest played us , they had a couple of bullying thug centre halves called Kenny Burns and Larry Lloyd who could also play a bit . Between them they loved roughing up opposing strikers. Justin saw this as a challenge and systematically destroyed them using fists and elbows. Burns in particular was left crumpled up in a heap on the turf.
  6. at St George''s Distillery, Roudham, Norfolk. Anybody tried it ? any good? a future sponsor for the club maybe .
  7. LDC , I agree with you 100 per cent . Maybe If I had provided the photos myself then I would have had more joy, but I must point out, Don''t forget the season we have just had . The box office/admin can''t have a heavy workload at the moment with the logistics of supplying play off tickets with a possible trip to Wembley.Is the club that hard up that it can''t set aside photos of it''s squad players for fans who request them ? I bet even the likes of Dagenham Redbridge , Grimsby Town and even Wroxham would have a system where fans can receive signed pics.It''s called keeping the fans on side when things aren''t going so well.Look what Leicester city did for their supporters last season ..free beer and doughnuts .. what do we get ? and what about the fans who travelled to no shows away this season , don''t you think they felt cheated and out of pocket? not to mention the time they wasted.
  8. BroadstairsR ....why are you so hostile?
  9. Lessingham Canary ...I used to do this ....... when I was a kid but I am now in my 40s .In fact Liam Brady invited me onto the Arsenal team bus for a chat , the game when we won 2-1 and Roger Hansbury saved their penalty.
  10. BroadstairsR .thankyou for the compliment
  11. TCCANARY why should i blame myself? please elaberate
  12. I am a bit disappointed with the club to be fair.About a month ago I wrote to the club asking for a certain players autograph , addressed to the player himself and requesting 2 personally signed autographs for 2 people ( one was for a family member and one was for one of my friends ,a huge football fan overseas), they weren''t even for me.So far I have heard nothing.I don''t know who to blame , the player or the club.Maybe I was expecting too much , nethertheless , Norwich city football club , you owe me the price of a first class stamp on a self addressed envelope. What i find galling was that one of my workmates once wrote to Steven Gerrard at LFC and received a colour signed photo for his son no problem.
  13. The real sickener would be if the teams above us drop points and our rabble are just going through the motions thinking about their hols in Dubai or Florida and failing to capitalize on this stroke of luck.If our team is motivated enough to really go for it from now on then it would put enormous pressure on the teams currently in the play off postions.Fans won''t tolerate another no show against the Vile.
  14. Speaking of the international break , which team do you think we could be a match for , give a good game ? If Chelsea are Germany and say Leyton Orient/Newport are American Samoa. I can remember when we were going for the title in 1989 Arsenal played a friendly against France at Highbury and beat them 2-0
  15. Rob Butler..... he wouldn''t be that expensive and his knowledge of football is second to none .
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