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  1. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"][quote user="crabbycanary"]When he scored yesterday, he then went and kissed the badge...................[/quote]   Who doesn''t.   OTBC [/quote]
  2. [quote user="SuperZakWhitbread"]If we stay up and leeds don''t go up i think we will go in for him, you could probably get him for £2m less in the summer than they would want now.[/quote]He is out of contract in june so why would we have to pay 2 million? and on that note why pay any money for him now if we don''t need to in 5 months? We will be fine this season 4 more wins is all we need we have the like of Bolton and Wigan at home to come so don''t see it being an issue.
  3. It would effectively look like this (east stand at Leeds) If you removed the top tier this would look very similar to our Jarrold stand.
  4. No major development work has been planned for 2012 or the following season. There is however plans to add more seats in the summer no idea where or how just know that the usual 4 weeks worth of games on Carrow Road for local teams and hospitality games once the season ends has been cut down to two weeks to allow for this.
  5. [quote user="swindoncanary"]Thanks for the info. It all looks like good news and the information on the Spurs match was amazing particularly as it was a televised game.   [/quote] Indeed although i have to say i doubt all the applications came from City fans. As to the empy seats the club do have a catchment area cover 1.5 million people and if you have a team worth watch people will come.
  6. Been a fair bit of talk on here for a while about the possible avenues for development of Carrow Road. I was talking to a member of the board recently and the subject came up about how the ground would be developed should we remain in the prem. He made a some very interesting points most notable i thought was the club would invest in a second tier of the jarrold stand adding 4k to the capacity before developing the city stand. The reasons given were quiet well thought out in my opinion these we''re the re-location of season ticket holders from the city stand when being developed, maintaining the highest possible attendance and of course price. Apparently its relatively cheap to add the second tier as all the foundations have been laid in the original build. When the city stand finally get face lift the nice raised flower bed will disappear from behind the city stand to allow. a stand the same size as the Jarrold to be built this would give us a capacity of 37''000 and a very smart stadium. Another thing he told me was for the Spurs game the club had 35''000 applications for tickets given we have 20''000 season ticket holders we could of easily filled a 55''000 seater stadium. This was also roughly the same for Arsenal. and i would assume will be for Chelsea, Man u, Man city and Liverpool. Exciting times ahead should we stay up i would think.  
  7. God your full of Cheer Slim remind me never to invite you to a party!
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"] Blackpool and Burnley were both promoted via the play offs. If I remember rightly Blackpool were only the 6th best side in the Champs and Burnley the 5th. The more comparable clubs from those seasons are Newcastle, WBA, Wolves and Birmingham. But none of them were relegated which can be the only reason they are not used for comparison[|-)]   [;)] [/quote] Last time i checked Birmingham are near enough propping up the Chump not the kind of role model i would want to emulate.
  9. Lump on then mate nothing like getting behind  your team and sticking a ton on them getting relegated hey ;) I guess it would be win win though. stay up happy go down made a few quid. Personally i never bet on Norwich its bad enough sometimes when no money is involved.
  10. Our team doens''t begine with B so we are fine. Blackburn and Bolton both to go down statistically and alphabetically. It shows year on year more teams begining with B get relegated. 10-11 - Birmingham & Blackpool 09-10 - Burnley
  11. Thanks i''ll call him now see if he is up for playing for my sunday side
  12. Bergkamp or Cantona for me in the flesh. On TV Messi with out any hesitation at all best player of our generation possibly ever.
  13. Good Luck to him always seemed like a nice lad hope he does well for himself
  14. He played ok against a poor Burnley side which had given up we shouldn''t get too carried away or too down beat.
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